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Here at LEGION of PAGANS, we are bringing back the old traditions that our ancestors of the forest, plains, and waters have been honoring for generations. We have a lot to offer new generations that may need knowledge and guidance in a world of hurt and confusion. Within the site, there is also area for links for members to purchase supplies or gifts from our growing list of vendors.

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~***Actual Student Testimony***~
Rogue Storm: (Basic Witch Course)
The best money I have ever invested was in this course. Here is a nurturing and enthusiastic place to learn and grow holistically. I found out so much about not only the craft, but myself too. If any of you have not begun your journey with this course, you are greatly missing out. Thank you for such an enlightening experience. xxx

Rogue Storm: (Intermediate Witch Course)

I have learned SO much on this course, and followed on from the first course too. My outlook is much much more positive, and I am re-affirming daily, several times now. I was only really interested in Tarot, and when I was a young girl I naturally read them very accurately. I have yet to get that inner voice back with regards to tarot, but, I have extended my reach to many more decks now, and I am fine tuning my readings to a much better degree now. 
Also, after having learned what empathy is on the first course, and going into more depth on this course and receiving the guidance from both you and Falling Star, my whole being is so different. I can better understand my feelings and my oddball illnesses, and my actions too. I am at a point now, where I am pre-feeling these feelings, so, I am getting an insight into what is about to come - much like deja vu - and I know that something good or bad is about to happen sometimes minutes before, sometimes a day before. I used to hate flying off the handle without reason because I did not understand it, now, I understand it and I love my gift. I know for a fact that my empathy is much much more potent than most other people, and I would say many other witches too. As you said not too long ago, this trait may become my downfall, but I also believe it is also my key to unlocking my potential. Obviously, I have a LONG way to go.....but I have come a very long way too. 
Added to that are my signs, my messages, my relationship with the divine. This course has turned the key another notch in my craft for both reading the messages, and for my own personal walk with Goddess and the angels. I KNOW in my heart (I get that little flicker that tells me so), that I am protected, looked after, and that all I have to do is be and believe, and everything will work out the way it is supposed to be, and it will ALWAYS be for my good, even the painful bits. I never knew this before, I never believed it. Once things went wrong I was always thinking ahead and looking at ways out, and ways for me to change my outcome - worry, worry, worry.....negativity, it plagued my thoughts, always. What if....what if this bad thing happens, how will I resolve it.....always thinking of the worst that could happen so that I was prepared to fight my way out. Whereas now, I re-inforce the good, the blessings of the days, and deal with the bad only when it arrives at my feet. I still have down times - as we all do - such as my dad recently, and negative thoughts. Yet, the difference is, through learning about the energies around me, and how to work with them, and indeed move them around, I am safely removing these negative things around me, and doing it PROPERLY, and dispersing it, or sending it back. Ultimately, I am using exactly what I have learnt on this course EVERY.SINGLE.DAY, and that in itself is magic. :-). 
Also, on my last little insight, I have re-learnt something I had forgotten. I can hear the trees again. I used to runaway to the woods or the parks regularly to get away from my mum and her men, I remember this as just a way to get away. However, since I have started hearing the winds call again, I have remembered exactly why I used to run to where I did. The trees. I knew they were my friends, and I used to tell them all of the bad things that happened, and they used to heal me, used to give me strength, and used to emotionally hug me. I remember this now, I had completely forgotten. I wonder now many other things I have forgotten. Thank you for the help with all aspects of life and the craft; for the time that both you and Falling Star put in to really help us, and let us grow as we should and guiding us. Also, thank you for making these courses, because I know for a fact that I would be less than half way to where I am now without them, and I am truly grateful for them, and for you and Falling Star, because my life has been COMPLETELY changed around for the better. This is my light at the end of a dark tunnel, and it is light shining on a huge meadow that I want to explore in every way, every day.  Thank you. Blessed be. xxx

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