Blessed Day Pagans!

I know I have come on late today but was up burning the midnight oil until 3:30 am. I find I can get a lot more work done at that hour when most are sleeping. I have sent an all members e-mail with my thoughts, gratitudes, and information, so expect a monthly bulletin from the LoP the first of each month. If you receive one during the month it probably is improtant news, so make sure you check your mail and/or junk mail.

Well I got my April Fool's this morning....SNOW!  Oh well, here's a bit of All Fool's Day history for you.

All Fools' Day

The practice of playing tricks on April 1st dates back to 15th century France, when the New Year was moved from March 25th and the beginning of Spring, to January 1st.

This was so unpopular that people began sending officials on "fool's errands" in retaliation. However, this is a good day to consider the nature of the Fool and his associations with The Craft.

Fools have long been considered to be blessed by the Gods; indeed it used to be thought lucky to meet one on the way to work. The Fool is the first card in the Tarot where he represents the start of the magical journey and the step into the unknown. He is also still represented in decks of ordinary playing cards by the Joker or Jester.

The Fool is also linked with the Jester in his role of storyteller, or Bard, who travelled around taking news from place to place. Not ony that but with connotations of riotous frivolity he is associated with fertility festivas and may appear as the Teaser in midsummer Rites.

His staff or wand with bells relates back to the sticks which were used to beat fertility into the population at the festivals of Pan. Hence he is linked with the trickster Gods Puck and Loki.

To gain a greater understanding of the Fool take this card from a Tarot deck and place one green and one red candle on either side. Light them and focus on the image before you. As you meditate on it, consider the journey of the Fool:
Where is he going?
Who will he meet?

From: The Real Witches' Year

I also have this link for those of you that do not have a witches date book and it updates every month.....very Kool! 

At this time I just would like to ask each of you to take a moment and read the post in the current activity wall and reflect of the feeling that comes from it. As I was reading all the posts for the last few days I noticed a shift in the energy here at the LoP. Please post if you have noticed it and what type of energy you feel now as opposed to a week ago or just earlier in the week if you were here then that is, and lets see how intuned our witches are with the flow of energy.

Have a Magickal Day Pagans!

Airwolf-humbly serving My Goddess.