The Magickal Wand


Myrtle Wand - Dating back to Sumer, Myrtle is thought to represent immortality & is excellent w/matters of love & passion. Also it is popular with Dryads.

Katalox Wand: Hailing from the Yucatan, Katalox is a very neutral wood, assisting in objectivity. It is very grounded & helps one to find the middle path & see things as they are.

Orange Agate Wand: Exotic hardwood from Peru & Brazil, this wood has a rebounding energy cautioning that what goes out, will come back. Associated with shrewdness, cleverness & caution, look before leaping. Exellent in the hands of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius

Ziricote Wand: This exotic hardwood is a masculine wood and very protective. Ziricote would be a good choice for dispelling, wards and bans, and defensive spells.

Bamboo Wand - Bamboo, though not technically a wood, is often used as such and lauded for both its versatility and renewability as a resource. Very environmental, it symbolizes prosperity and long life. Having it in one's home is thought to invite good energy and it is thought to enhance calm.

Poisonwood Wand: Also known as Chechen. The sap of this wood is acidic to human skin. It is a great tool for protective and defensive magic, drawing on earth energies. Also useful for working with hexes and curses.

Willow Wand: Pale, genial wood; navy velvet bag. Willow is light as air to hold & sensative to emotion, intuition & associated with Awn (sacred Druidic word for inspiration).

Pink Ivory Wand - Smooth, dense hardwood from Zimbabwe & Mozambique, rosy-pink hue. Sacred to the Zulu as their Royal wood. Myth tells only true Royalty may weild it. Assisting powerful visions & ideas into reality, it also relieves tensions.

Holly Wand - Holly is one of the whitest woods available, fine-grained & hard w/masculine energy and is the wood used by the famous Harry Potter. Associated with holiness, protection from evil spirits & poisons, helps with business endeavours and progress, used in consecrations.

Purpleheart Wand - This wood has a rare, natural purple hue, clear polish and white bone insert in the base. Purpleheart is great for divination magic and enhancement of creative energry. Superior wood for dealing with spiritual healing and health issues.

Bloodwood Wand: This exotic hardwood has the unique characteristic of working easily with all elemental spheres, esp. whichever is tied to your personal sun-sign. Blood wood helps to uncover long lost secrets.

Kingwood Wand - is an exotic, true rosewood with a close grain and fine texture. It has a dark purple (almost black hue), attuned to feminine & masculine King wood is assertive & bold. It is associated with Jupiter & Venus w/leadership qualities of the Sun.

Red Oak Wand - Natural red-ish tint; Red Oak is hard, heavy and very strong. Oak embodies wisdom, strength & represents stability and protection. It teaches persitence and endurance. Noted for enhancing durability against counter-spells and increasing spell longevity. Oak is suited to the magic of kingship, personal sovereignty & authority.

Lignum Vitae Wand: Latin for 'wood of life', this wood is famous in Arthurian legend as that of Merlin's staff or wand. It is profoundly good-willed and positive. It can represent new beginnings & cycles and helps with making wise choices. Renowned for its healing properties.

Lacewood Wand - Lacewood is particularly beautiful with its intricate grain and red-orange hues. This wand is of a gambler’s wood, associated with luck and excellent for divination, receiving distant news and fate-related spellcasting.

Cocobolo Wand - Dark, very dense and fine grained wood. Cocobolo is of masculine in energy, igniting ambitions, desires, lust and even heated anger and rage. This wood tends to lead toward adventure and assist in the directing and achieving of goals, bringing strength and endurance to see through difficult tasks.

Alder Wand - Lightweight wood polished finish. Alder protects against drowning & acts as a shield against death curses and ill-omens & destructive emotions; cultivates visions of inner & outer worlds; bridging above and below.

Laurel Wand - Medium darkness, Laurel symbolizes victory, merit and accomplishment. It is associated with the arts, especially poetry and is often constructive in the warding against witches, the devil and lightning. Also associated with chastity, as the Greek story tells Cupid had shot an arrow into the fair maiden Daphne's heart so that she would not love Apollo.

Maple Wand - Fine-grained, very hard wood. Polished finish & walnut core; inlcludes black velvetine bag. Maple is a traveler's wand, helping to focus on the right choices in any situation. A strongly masculine wood, it is tough and well-suited spells of communication, binding, transmutations & revolution. It eases remorse for past mistakes.

Jatobá Wand - Russet hue, medium-coarse grain. Jatoba is an exotic South American wood with a litany of medicinal uses strongly associated w/relief and healing ailments. Jatobá resin is burned as incense in love spells, potion making & weddings.

Bubinga Wand - Smooth, medium weight, reddish-brown wood; inlcludes black velvetine bag. Originating in Africa, Bubinga is a very sensative wood w/superior powers of emotional & spiritual healing. There are no negative qualities associated with this wood, making it a true rarity. It will be esp. gregarious at spells involving intuition and nurturing.

Verawood Wand - Dense, rare naturally green wood. Verawood does not give iteslf easily to those who weild it, but must be matured. In the proper hands it lends itself to the preparation of herbs, tinctures and potions, capitalizing on the natural and ambiant energies of the surroundings.

Cherry Wand - Smooth, light weight, pale wood; inlcludes red velvetine bag. Cherry is a very earthy wood, assisting in clear and present thought. This wood is very grounded and helps with keeping a level head.

Walnut Wand - Smooth, light-weight, dark brown-grey wood; inlcludes velvetine bag. Walnut is a thoughtful and serious wood, geared toward introspection & assists with inner clarity.

Madrone Wand - Creamy mocha wood; inlcludes black satin bag. Madrone is a resilient Pacific Northwest wood that is often burned for its aromatic properties or used as charcoal which lends to its association with spirit magic.

Black Mesquite Wand - Smooth, sturdy wood so named for its unique black on dark brown grain. It is associated with abundance, the feast and healing. Wands of this wood help with strengen the homestead.

Camphor Wand - Camphor is a slightly aromatic wood with a mellow, tan hue. Lightweight, it is often associated with chastity and consecration. This wood is also regarded as an excellent repellent and often used to reduce fever. In Arabia, this wood was used to lessen sexual desire

Rhododendron Wand: This wood has a particular affinity with water attraction, cleansing and consecration. It is urges the practitioner toward caution and is a symbol of womanhood, bring with it temperence.

Dogwood Wand: Pale w/a blush of pink, Dogwood is a charming & genial wood. Known for its reliant & well-grounded nature as well as its tendancy to help wishes come true. This is a true and steady, if laid-back wand.

Sweetgum Wand: American tree probably best known for its incredibly bright fall colors and star-shaped leaves. Early pioneers would scrape the bark and chew the resin. It has a protective and calming feel, good for inviting positive energies and keeping out the anxiety.

Apple Wand - Pale wood with polished finish, comes with black velvet bag. Apple symbolizes healing, love, and beauty. Esp suited for opening doors into Faerie, spells regarding travel, illumination, love, harmony, beauty, and detoxification.

Ancient Kauri Wand: Ancient Kauri is an incredible old-growth timber from New Zealand which has the extraordinary distinction of being a pre-historic wood and certified between 20,000 – 50,000 years old. To wield this wood is to seek understanding through deep and ponderous introspection over a prolonged time.

Yellowheart Wand - Resilient wood, this wand sports a bright yellow haze. Native from Florida to Brazil this wood asserts itself toward victory in combat and war, whilst leding itself to meditation and stillness; bespeaking enhancements to those studied in the true Warrior's Code.

Padauk Wand - Sturdy, very orange wood includes black bag for storage. Padauk is a difficult and chaotic wood, not recommended for novices; its engergies are in constant fluctuation but for an experienced practitioner the wood may lend itself well to healing.

Locust Wand - Mustard-tinted wood, Locust is renouned as one of the strongest, native woods there is. It relates to the ebb and flow of the ocean, holding depth, power and calm. Locust is also a patron wood for music and the arts.

Cedar Wand - Extremely lightweight, rosey hue, and a wonderfuly lasting aroma. Cedar from Lebanon was famous in the Bible and was a symbol of power and logevity.

Beech Wand - associated w/learning, lore and knowledge. Some of the first runes were carved into Beech wood and thus it has strong ties to powers of divination as related to runes. Helps w/spells regarding information, invocation of ancient guardians and research into old writings.

Plum Wand - Related to Fae magic, especially concerning the uncovering of dark omens. It is attuned to creative enhancement and the establishing or abolishing of boundaries and so is a handy tool for creative promotion.

Lilac Wand - Sacred to Gemini and brings the root energy of expansion and growth. It is sacred to bards and bespeaks erotic creative powers. It is well suited to the magic of union, attraction, sexual enhancement, imagination and mental concentration.

Pau Ferro Wand: Exotic hardwood from Brazil & Bolivia. This is a bright natured wood, playful even, lending itself to the illusionist, magician or trickster nature. This wand is good for transforming the average into the great and uncovering befuddlements or disguises be they blessings or otherwise.

Ash Wand - Fairly heavy, Ash is a traditional wood & represents Ygdrasill, the World Tree and is one of the three of the Fae Triad (Oak, Ash, Thorn). It is especially good for spells of protection (esp. from drowning) holding great sea-power and is excellent for absorbing sickness.

Hickory Wand - Famous for woodsmoking, rather light, extremely durable, Hickory is a popular choice for staves. It represents the power to direct action, presence, discipline and the finding of direction.

Marblewood Wand: From South America, Marblewood is very grounded & resonates w/feminine energies & aid with endeavors associated w/intuition & emotion such as alternative learning styles, artistry and healing.

Brazilian Walnut Wand - Rich, chocolate brown, very hard w/exceedingly fine grain, native to South America. It is resistent to insects, decay, water and is a very sturdy, grounded wood.

Osage Orange Wand: Rich, honey-yellow hue. Orange is a popular for its strength and straight grain, known for repelling vermin & and resisting rot. Excellent for use in earth and spirit-totem magic.

Hackberry Wand: Hackberry is a strong and flexible wood, moderately hard w/a light, yellow-grey hue. It’s energy is simple and out-doorsy, with a woodsman feel to it. It is acts as a good, solid provider of energy for things of a forest or wildlife nature and is good for crop, gardening and hunting rituals or blessings.

Redbud Wand: Pretty, golden-hazel tint with warm grain design. Redbud is a wonderful wood for promoting new love and relationships. Associated with Spring, it assists with new ventures, especially emotional ones. It is used to bring a bit of lightheartedness and warm nature to people or situations.

Royal Empress Wand: It is said in China that the Phoenix perches in this tree, and its ability to regenerate from its roots after being cut has garnered it the name of Phoenixtree in Europe. The elemental associations for this tree are Water and Fire.

Hawthorne Wand: Cream hue, Hawthorne wood is sacred to Aquarius and is a tree of defense with the power of lightning. Some say it has the power to detect magic as well. Attuned to the violet spectrum it is good for strengthening one’s magick powers and spells of warding and control.

Birch Wand: Relatively light wood, Birch is considered the first tree, tied to spring and youth & all things new. It also holds great ability to purify & discipline.

Monkeypod (Raintree) Wand: Legend says that even when the air is bone dry, water may drip from its leaves. Wands made from this wood will be good for celebrations and festive blessings as well as a bit of riddle solving.

ShareThis Cypress Wand - Pale wood dealing w/death and mourning. Used in creating magic circles to deal w/spirits & enchanting containers to hold the spirits of things that have passed on. Good for ceremonial funeral rituals is a conduit to otherworldly entities.

Eucalyptus Wand - One of the strongest healing woods known, associated heavily w/Earth. Works well with healing rituals, possessing a good, pure energy and is recommended for combating illness or promoting good health. Promotes good luck with medical tests and knowledge.

Laburnum Wand - A gorgeous tree yet poisonous to both animals and humans. Laburnum is associated with the Air Elemental and good for spells to uncover hidden plots or schemes or to draw out deep-seated inner motivations.

Locust Wand - Mustard-tinted wood, Locust is renouned as one of the strongest, native woods there is. It relates to the ebb and flow of the ocean, holding depth, power and calm. Locust is also a patron wood for music and the arts.

Zebrawood Wand - Flashy, tan & black striped African wood has a very pleasant atmosphere and medium weight. It is very feminine, associated with the moon & brings excellent for love, beauty & creativity. Wonderful for all charms and love spells.

Wengé Wand: Exquisite grain, Wenge possesses a very laid-back energy, encouraging measured, even thought. It is perfect for centering & meditation as well as soothing the temper. Excellent for charm-magic, it also encourages learning and patience.

Lauan Wand - Light brown, Lauan is a stringy, porous wood from Indonesia, often used in the crafting of drums and carries with it a deep, steady rhythm. Good for exciting fervor & enhancing natural energies in an are.

Goncalo Alves Wand - Goncalo Alves is a fine-grained rosewood hailing from rainforest climates. Sometimes called Tigerwood it has a mystique to its mischeivous energy that lends to the uncovering of wild mysteries and the favours of the bold spirit toward the blessings of fate.

Apricot Wand - Lightweight, this wood has a care-free spirit about it excels with moon magic and intuitive work. It is wonderful for bringing positive energy and enhancing relationships with blood kin.

Yew Wand Peachy colored hue; powerful wood of death, orientating toward thought, communication, travel & bridging the gap between worlds. Superior as a psychopomp and wonderful with rune-work and necromantic spells.

Ebony Wand - Blackest of the black woods, Ebony is regarded as one of the most powerful and indiscriminate of all magical woods. It channels engery of all types freely, for any purposes. It is often used for potent protection spells or the making of amulets.

Black Palm Wand - Black Palm originates in Southeast Asia, and is a wood naturally inclined toward magical energies. It is an excellent tool for encouraging positive changes, creating opportunities and accessing spiritual pathways. It is also good for deriving knowledge and power from natural surroundings.

Redheart Wand - Possesses a bright & carefree energy assisting w/overcoming fears and focusing on the present. Red heart aids in finding personal truth & keeping clear judgment. This wood increases confidence and helps self-esteem, freeing the practitioner from worldly assumptions.

Chestnut Wand - Chestnut is a great and sturdy wood with an excellent sense of justice and diplomacy. It is a very interested wood, seeking knowledge through experience and high intellectual thought. Very grounding, it can help with clarity of the mind and the flow of energy.

Macassar Ebony - Ebony is the blackest of the black woods but this particular style of Ebony, while just as dense and heavy, has an incredible streaked grain of solid black on lighter wood, interspersed with variant stipes. Not your typical zebra-stripes, these are almost reptilian. It chanels engery of all types freely, for any purposes. It is often used for potent protection spells or the making of amulets.

Birdseye Maple Wand: This wood has a fancy whorls in the grain, hence the name. Maple is a traveler's wand, helping to focus on the right choices in any situation. It is a strongly masculine wood, it is tough and well-suited spells of communication, binding, transmutations & revolution.

Tulipwood Wand - A member of the rosewood family & very powerful. This wood has deep ties to the moon & enhances intuition, creativity and is extraordinary for work that involves natural cycles. Tulipwood is also an apt tool for divination.

Pear Wand: Pear is a lightly hued wood and pleasant to weild. It bears a very feminine energy and is said to grow on the Island of Avalon. Pear brings a good energy and fortune and prosperity to hearth and home.

Canarywood Wand
This is an excellent tool to assist in decompression and rejuvination. It excites the imagination and has an adventuring spirit and will help to strengthen innovation.

Red Palm - This grain of Red Palm is rather wide and fancy w/a red-yellow hue. It has a fiesty energy and is valued for longevity and rejuvination. Good for athletes and increasing endurance and stamina in rigorous undertakings.

Makore Wand - Makore is principally from Ghana with an orange-brown hue. It is valued for beauty and durability and is a sturdy, dependable wand with consistent energy. Makore will help with organization and managing of affairs.

Olive Wand: Of outstanding importance in the old world, said to profer insight & deep inspiration an bring peace. It's energy is sexually neutral. It will help to promote generosity, encourage forgiveness & help to sooth the restless dead.

Macacauba Wand: Originates from the rain forest areas of Brazil and Suriname.This wood is a favorite of the goddess Huitaca, she is the goddess of happiness, pleasure and drunkenness and general merriment.

Greenheart Wand: The heartwood of this tree varies from light to dark olive. Greenheart helps to strengthen courage and resolve and is an excellent choice for working with the ocean and Merfolk.

Elm Wand: Ancient, feminine & wise. Elm is tied to the godess in her crone phase & heralded by the bard Taliesin as steadfast in battle. Elm is connected to elves & faerie mounds as Kipling warns: "Ailim be the lady's tree; burn it not or cursed ye'll be".
Bocote Wand: This wood is an adept tool for discerning the truth in the minds of others & persuading them to your will. In Shamanic medicine, it is used for protection & strength. It can assist in establishing an shielding energy or aura.

Juniper Wand: This tree has a strong connection to protective aspects and it is even said that it's fragrance can deter a hound and drive off snakes. Ancients would often burn it at funerals to deter malignant spirits.

Honey Mesquite Wand: Wands made from it will assist with good health, community, longevity and strengthening the homestead. Mesquite leaves were once used medicinally and such things as eye-drops made from water infused with the leaves.

Orange Wand: Bright & energetic citrus wood that calls to action! It encourages assertiveness & is tied to the planet Mars. Orange is protective of children & good for lifting depression and doldrums.

Fir Wand: Tied to the Yule season, Fir enhances spells of inspiration, wisdom & prosperity. Fir has a crisp, clear & far reaching vision and helps to sway the perceptions of others toward change.

Teak Wand: Teak will help bring money and act as a solid grounding point. This wood helps to weather misfortune and stand against striking odds.

Dalmatian Wand: Very little is known about this exotic hardwood as it is relatively new on the American market. Dalmatian hails from the Amazonian forests and is said to have acquired its name due to the spotty nature of the heartwood. **Since it is still being researched, this wood does not yet include paperwork.

Koa Wand: The Koa tree is deeply tied to the ocean. Natives believed that carving canoes out of the Koa trunk would imbue both their craft with the strong and warrior-like qualities of the wood. The tree is said to be sacred to Kanaloa, the God of the Ocean as well as Pele the Goddess of Fire.

Osage Orange & Hackberry Custom Wand: Wand features an antler pommel, two wood types and opens in the middle to reveal hollow grip.

Custom Verawood with Quartz & Purpleheart with Ulna: Wand features an fine quartz supplied to us by a customer and worked into the grip of the wand. The Purpleheart was fashioned with an Ulna bone shaft supplied by customer.
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