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I am sixth generation Native Blackfoot and Scottish Celt. My Grandmother was one of my mentors her being a shaman, and my other mentor was my Druid Celtic Aunt. I was raised pagan and my education started at the age
of seven and formally after my first moon lodge ritual at 12. I am also trained as a voodoo priestess.
I am a retired MSW, Psychotherapist/Hypnotherapist, and a Dr of Ministries. I provide individual and family counseling.

Winter Solstice Prayer by Elder Airwolf

My Blessed Goddess, in silvery ice,
watching over us as we sleep,
a layer of shining white,
covering the earth on each night,
your frost on the world and in the soul,
we thank you for visiting us.
Because of you, we seek warmth
in the comfort of our homes,hearths and hearts.
Blessed Goddess, so wise and kind,
we seek your love and wisdom on this night,
as we stand front our altars in praise of you,
we pray your guidance and strength in our coming days,
as we seek solace in your comfort of snow and ice,
and soon will arise anew as your devout loving son's & daughters.
Blessed Be!
Copyright ©12212015
Legion of Pagans Spiritual Ministry
Coven of Witch Mountain Wolf Run
Covenshead/Proprietor~Elder Airwolf

Solstice Time & Yule Ritual

I have been getting a lot of questions today on when is the Winter Solstice. Well it is different times depending on your geographic and hemispheric location. So here is a link for you to plug in your closest city, state and/or country for exact times.

Yule: Winter Solstice - Dec 21st/22nd

The origin of the word Yule, has several suggested origins from the Old English word, geõla, the Old Norse word jõl, a pagan festival celebrated at the winter solstice, or the Anglo-Saxon word for the festival of the Winter Solstice, 'Iul' meaning 'wheel'. In old almanacs Yule was represented by the symbol of a wheel, conveying the idea of the year turning like a wheel, The Great Wheel of the Zodiac, The Wheel of Life. The spokes of the wheel, were the old festivals of the year, the solstices and equinoxes.
The winter solstice, the rebirth of the Sun, is an important turning point, as it marks the shortest day, when the hours of daylight are at their least. It also the start of the increase in the hours of daylight, until the Summer Solstice, when darkness becomes ascendant once more.
Cycle of the Year

Yule is deeply rooted in the cycle of the year, it is the seed time of year, the longest night and the shortest day, where the Goddess once again becomes the Great Mother and gives birth to the new Sun King. In a poetic sense it is on this the longest night of the winter, 'the dark night of our souls', that there springs the new spark of hope, the Sacred Fire, the Light of the World, the Coel Coeth.
Fire festivals, celebrating the rebirth of the Sun, held on the Winter's Solstice can be found throughout the ancient world. The Roman festival of Saturnalia was held on the winter solstice, boughs of evergreen trees and bushes would decorate the house, gifts where exchanged and normal business was suspended. The Persian Mithraists held December 25th as sacred to the birth of their Sun God, Mithras, and celebrated it as a victory of light over darkness. In Sweden, December 13th was sacred to the Goddess Lucina, Shining One, and was a celebration of the return of the light. On Yule itself, around the 21st, bonfires were lit to honour Odin and Thor.
The festival was already closely associated with the birth of older Pagan gods like Oedipus, Theseus, Hercules, Perseus, Jason, Dionysus, Apollo, Mithra, Horus and even Arthur with a cycle of birth, death and resurrection that is also very close to that of Jesus. It can hardly be a coincidence that the Christians, also used this time of year for the birth of Christ, mystically linking him with the Sun.
That Yule is another fire festival, should come as no surprise, however unlike the more public outdoor festival of the summer solstice, Yule lends itself to a more private and domestic celebration. Yet like its midsummer counterpart, is strongly associated with fertility and the continuation of life. Here the Goddess is in her dark aspect, as 'She Who Cuts The Thread' or 'Our Lady in Darkness', calling back the Sun God. Yet, at the same time, she is in the process of giving birth to Son-Lover who will re-fertilise her and the earth, bringing back light and warmth to the world.

Ritual for Yule

SUPPLIES: Yule log (oak or pine) with white, red and black candles on it (set it in the fireplace), chalice of wine, small piece of paper and pencil for each person.
The altar is adorned with evergreens such as pine, rosemary, bay, juniper and cedar, and the same can be laid to mark the Circle.
After casting the circle say:
"Since the beginning of time, we have gathered in this season to
celebrate the rebirth of the Sun.
On the Winter Solstice, the darkest of nights,
The Goddess becomes the Great Mother and once again
gives birth to the Sun and the new yearly cycle,
Bringing new light and hope to all on Earth.
On the longest night of winter,
and the dark night of our souls,
there springs the new spark of hope,
the Sacred Fire,
the Light of the World.
We gather tonight to await the new light.
On this night, the Maiden, who is also Mother
and Crone, prepares to welcome the Sun.
Let's now prepare to welcome the new light within."
~Invocation to the Goddess and God:

"I light this fire in your honour Mother Goddess
You have created life from death, warmth from cold
The Sun lives once again, the time of light is waxing.
We invite you, Great Mother, to our circle
Bring us new light, the light of your glorious Son."
( light the white candle on the Yule log and say):
"I come to you as Maiden
Young and free, fresh as springtime
Yet within me a yearning stirs to create and share
and so I become...
(Light the red candle) The Mother
I bring forth the fruit of my creativity
Yet an ancient prophet once told me, as I stood with my son,
A sword shall pierce through thy own heart also
And I knew that I must become...
(Light the black candle) The Crone
The ancient wise one, Lady of Darkness
We three - in - one who brought forth that special child
as long ago, also anointed him for burial-
A bright light that grew and was sacrificed to be reborn
as a new light."
"Ancient God of the forest, we welcome you
Return from the shadows, O Lord of Light.
The wheel has turned. We call you back to warm us.
Great God of the Sun
I welcome your return
May you shine brightly upon the Earth."

~Consecration of the Yule Log
"Yule is the end of the old solar year and the beginning
of the new one. Traditionally, the end of the year is a time
to look back and reflect. It is a time to look ahead
to the future, to make plans and set goals."
On your piece of paper, write something you hope to accomplish during the coming year. When you are finished, attach the slip of paper to the Yule Log.
Priest picks up the chalice and says:
"We toast the new year (sprinkles wine on the log) and in token
of its promise, we consecrate this sacred wood as a focus for the
energies through which we accomplish our tasks and manifest our
desires during the coming cycle."
~ drink from the chalice.
"You who have died are now reborn. Lend us your light through
the winter months as we await the spring. Let us now light the Yule Log.
Once having burned with the Yule fire, these candles will contain the luck
of the log throughout the coming year."
(remember to save a small piece of the log for next Yule or save the ashes or the candles.)
~2 or more light the Yule log together or just yourself.
(extinguishing the God taper) 
"Thank you Bright Lord
for the light you have brought to us this night
May we carry it within us throughout the coming year."
(extinguishing the Goddess taper) 
"Thank you most gracious Lady
for your freshness of spirit, your nurturing care
your infinite wisdom
Live within us throughout the coming year.
So mote it be."
~Close the circle the way you usually do.

Be Blessed This Yule!
~Elder Airwolf~

Herb for Today Poinsettia

During the Holiday season many of us will have a poinsettia or two laying around, and they can be found most anywhere this time of year. Poinsettia is not only the perfect decoration for your holiday festivities such as the Winter Solstice, it also lends remarkable energies to any positive work that you may be doing. The leaves and flower petals can be dried or even used fresh to help promote happiness in a time of year that many may need a boost. Just having them around the home during the season exposes their positive energy to all and brings you the cheer for the holiday season. Poinsettias can be purchased in a variety of colors to suit your needs and after they have dropped their leaves can lay dormant until the next year. You can also place them outside for the spring and summer months, but bring them in once the temperatures drop in the fall.

Santa Claus

There are many different systems of belief floating around our complex world. There is no right or wrong as long as we are true to our heart’s beliefs. Today, many of you might be celebrating Christmas, and we wish you and everyone else a very happy holiday, regardless of your religious stance. As mentioned in the previous newsletter about Yule, many of the traditions of Christmas had come from the Pagan midwinter holiday. Today, we will particularize this notion by tracing the origins of the jolly gift giver we know as Santa Claus.
You probably have a picture in your head of a plump elderly man with white hair and beard in a red and white suit, flying his sleigh of reindeer with a sack of presents over his shoulder. Candidly, this image of Santa Claus has been relatively consistent throughout the course of human history. The initial evidence of the Santa Claus figure stems from the Greek and Byzantine Legend, Basil of Caesarea. Attributed with many titles such as Great Hierarch, Doctor of the Church and the Cappadocian Father, Basil was a Bishop in the 4th century A.D. renowned for his philanthropy and donating his earnings to charity. In modern day Greece, individuals exchange gifts on January 1st, Basil’s Feast Day, rather than on Christmas.
Around the same time period as Basil of Caesarea, there was another notable Greek Bishop whose charitable work had a large impact upon society. Saint Nicholas of Myra dedicated his entire life to Christianity, Charity, and gift-giving to the impoverished – you might know him better as “Jolly Old Saint Nick.” Deriving from both Saint Nicholas and Basil of Caesarea came the Dutch folkloric figure of Sinterklaas, which in the United States and Canada has become Santa Claus. From here, many different tales and attributes have been credited to Santa Claus, differing from culture to culture. Did you know that in the Netherlands, Sinterklaas is said to fly a white horse named Amerigo, rather than the original eight reindeer and Rudolph to follow. The Reindeer were not even part of Santa Claus’s legend until Clement C. Moore’s 1823 poem, “A Visit from St. Nicholas.” Though these flying creatures, Elves’ workshop, and chimney antics give Santa Claus a larger than life persona, the purpose of his actions does not actually differ much from the accounts of Basil and Nicholas.
WitchcraftThere is also a widespread belief that the figure of Santa Claus was in existence well before the spread of Christianity. There are many parallels between the Norse All-Father Odin and Santa Claus, both in appearance, personality, and actions. To cite a few examples, both have long beards, both have flying horses (or reindeer), and it was an old Asatru belief that children should leave their boots filled with carrots, straw, or sugar by the fireplace for Odin’s horse, Sleipnir, to eat. Odin would then reward those children for their kindness by replacing Sleipnir’s food with gifts or candy.
Where does the legend of Santa Claus go from here? We all play a part in the answer to this question. But why is Santa Claus important to those of us who do not practice Christianity? Because we all must learn of charity and kindness to make the world a better place.


Mistletoe as Medicine:

In 50 C.E., the Greek physician Dioscorides wrote his Materia Medica, establishing himself a place in medical history. As one of the ancient world's most knowledgeable herbalists, Dioscorides found that mistletoe helped cure his patients of external tumors. He wrote that it “has the power to disperse, soften, drawing and assisting tumors of the parotid gland and other lesions…” Some forty or so years later, Pliny the Elder wrote of the treatment of sores and epilepsy with mistletoe in his Natural History.

He also described its use in magic and ritual.

The Druids and Abundance Rituals:

Pliny wrote that Druid elders performed rituals in which they harvested mistletoe -- a botanical parasite -- from oak trees with golden sickles. It was collected under a waxing moon phase, and then fed to animals to guarantee their fertility. As part of the rite, a pair of white bulls were sacrificed, and if prayers were answered, prosperity would be visited upon the villages.

Those Wild Romans and Saturnalia:

No one loves a party like the ancient Romans, and theirfestival of Saturnalia is one of the most well-documented celebrations of the Winter Solstice.

This week-long bacchanal included exchanging of gifts, lots of food and wine, dancing and music. Slaves got the week off work, courts were closed, and all kinds of debauchery took place. This festival honored Saturn, of course, and he was an agricultural god. To keep him happy, fertility rituals took place under the mistletoe. Today, we don't quite go that far under our mistletoe (at least not usually) but it does explain where the kissing tradition comes from.

Jesus and the Naughty Mistletoe:

As the Roman Empire crumbled and Christianity spread, a rumor began in France that the cross upon which Jesus died was made of mistletoe wood. As punishment for its involvement in the crucifixion, the plant was forbidden to grow out of the earth, and was demoted to being a botanical parasite. It now has to have a host plant, such as the oak or the ash, apparently more well-behaved and virtuous trees.

Mistletoe as Medicine Once More:

During medieval times mistletoe was again recognized for its medicinal properties, and appears in several folk remedies. To ward off demons, twigs of mistletoe could be hung in bundles over a door.

In some countries, springs were placed in the stable to protect livestock safe from local witches. Mistletoe was also known to rural people as the best cure for barren women; in fact, mistletoe seems to have been a cure-all for any problems with conception, because early societies were baffled by its method of propagation. Interestingly, the Cherokee people used the North American strain of mistletoe as an abortaficient.

Mistletoe as a Parasite:

The plant we know today as mistletoe has no roots of its own. What it does have is tiny extensions called holdfasts, that grip onto the bark of the host plant. They also serve as a sort of umbilical cord, and suck the nutrients from the host. Because of its dependence on the host, mistletoe is only found on living trees. Mistletoe plants can be either female or male; only the female has the beautiful but highly toxic berries.

Grow Your Own Mistletoe:

Because mistletoe is a parasite, you can grow your own fairly simply -- as long as you're willing to sacrifice another plant as a host. The kind available in the stores at Christmas is harvested while immature, so don’t bother trying to use those berries as starters for your plants. Instead, wait until spring, when you can pick some plump, white, mature berries.

Be sure to get one from a host plant similar to the one you wish to use as a host for the new growth. Choose a hardy branch on a healthy mature tree, and make a few small incisions in the bark. the further up you can go, the better -- it allows for more sunlight to reach your seedlings. Remove the skins from the seeds, and place them inside the tree bark. Cover the seeds with some jute or other protective covering, or you'll end up with a big bird feeder and no mistletoe.

Plant lots of seeds, because you need both males and females to propagate the new growth, and only about ten percent of seeds actually germinate properly. It takes about five years, but eventually your mistletoe will reach berry-producing size.
Remember, mistletoe berries are poisonous. Consuming large quantities of leaves or berries can be fatal – especially to young children, who have been known to ingest berries. If someone is suffering from mistletoe poisoning, get them to an emergency room -- do not try to treat this yourself. Mistletoe should not be used by nursing moms or pregnant women.
The great thing about mistletoe is that if you use it magically, you don't have to worry about taking it internally. Considering all of its wonderful magical properties, it can be used in many different ways.
Place leaves in a pouch for an ill person to carry on their person.
To draw love to you, hang mistletoe over your door.
Place leaves in a sachet for a woman having trouble conceiving.
The Norsemen laid down their arms if they met beneath a growth of mistletoe -- why not use it in a working to end strife and discord in your life?
Follow the ways of the Druids, and hang mistletoe to bring abundance your way.
Blessed Be this Yule Season!
~Elder Airwolf~

Herb for today!

Herb for today~

Thyme (Thymus vulgaris)

This groundcover’s delicate stems and tiny leaves belie the tremendous power attributed to it by Europeans in the Middle Ages. Many believed in the herb’s ability to heighten bravery and ward off nightmares.

Modern herbalists rely on the antibacterial and antiseptic properties of thyme’s oils to prevent winter colds and flu. Many cultivars exist beyond the straight species, including sweet-tasting citrus varieties that are perfect tummy remedies for children.

Stone for today!

Spirit / Akasha Element
Elemental Akasha Spirit Gemstones
The Akasha element is the binding force between all of the other elements. It’s the 5th Element, running through all matter, emanating and absorbing energy; the collective unconscious of life, the inner space of all elements.
Seasons – All
Symbols – Circle or Infinity
Direction – Center, North, South, East, West, Without and Within
Colors – White, Clear, Gold, Silver/ Black, Purple, Blue
Related – Transcendence, Transformation, Unification, Power, Time
Chakras – The Void and 7th, Crown Chakra
Magical Uses – Transformation, Power, Connection to All
Some Akasha / Spirit Stones – Danburite, Diamond, Quartz
There is an ethereal of collective knowledge called an “Akashic Record” which may essentially be accessed by those who have the natural ability or are able to train their minds to make that connection. It is not a simple task to access the collective knowledge of all things past, present and future that existed within the Divine, it is said to have been accomplished with success by the devout.
Scientific Gemstone Properties
Mohs Hardness of 7 with a orthorhombic crystal structure
Dumortierite occurs in granular or fibrous masses. Its primary colors are blue, violet-blue, pink, and brown, but have been found with deposits of white minerals mingled in as well. The blue coloring is due to the presence of manganese, iron and zinc. The differing levels of these minerals creating the divergent shades of color.
The majority of the gemstones seen in the market today are from Brazil and the United States.
Metaphysical Gemstone Properties
Dumortierite is said to promote a positive attitude in all life situations, provides one with courage and trust during personal times of hardship, as well as helping to gain control and understanding in one’s own life.
Some appreciate Dumortierite for its ability to quell panic and fear. But most often, it is used for its incredible organizational abilities. Known to enhance one’s self-discipline, orderliness, and organization, as well as clearing the scattered mind.
The ability to do so in one’s life gives Dumortierite a great deal of positive energy for those dealing with addictions. Assisting one to recognize the negative patterns and erase them at a core level, encouraging one to see and accept reality, as well as react to it in an intelligent manner on one’s own behalf. By enhancing calm, inducing relaxation, and a feeling of harmony, Dumortierite aids in making troublesome daily tasks more manageable.
This enhancement is believed to be due to the effect that Dumortierite may have on balancing the Throat Chakra and thus enhancing communication between lower chakras/physical energies and the higher chakras/mental/spiritual energies, creating a more balanced and organized life.
Healing Gemstone Properties
Dumortierite is said to relieve maladies of the stomach, including nausea and vomiting. This being an excellent stone for water travel if one is known to suffer from seasickness. If one has been overexposed to the sun, Dumortierite is also known to be helpful in the treatment of headaches as well as the burning irritation of the skin.
Said to be a particularly helpful stone for Healers as an aid in diagnosing initial health problems, it can illuminate the base issues and true causes of an ailment so the Healer is better prepared and able treat the initial cause.
When used in healing, Dumortierite should be rinsed once a week under warm running water then recharged by placing it among leaded crystals for a minimum period of two hours.
Magical Gemstone Properties
Energy: Receptive
Element: Water
Planet: Saturn
Deities: Isis, Neptune
Candle Color: Royal Blue
Magical properties for dumortierite have been difficult to come by. If any of our visitors has information they would like to share, please contact us Thank you ever so much!
Zodiac Gemstone Properties
Zodiac Stone of: Leo & Sagittarius
Associations: Jupiter
Birthstone: Not a Birthstone for any month
Stone of Sagittarius, Dumortierite symbolizes partnership and encourages tolerance towards other people.
Chakra Gemstone Properties
Dumortierite Dumortierite produces a deep feeling relaxation and equilibrium, during meditation.
When used on the 5th, Throat Chakra will help organize and balance the chakras and physical energies, thus enhance communication between the lower chakras and the higher chakras.
This work is also known to open one’s Third Eye, assisting communications with one’s angels and spirit guides.




Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Moon today is in a Waxing Crescent Phase. A Waxing Crescent is the first Phase after the New Moon and is a great time to see the features of the moon's surface. During this phase the Moon can be seen in the wester sky after the sun dips below the horizon at sunset. The moon is close to the sun in the sky and mostly dark except for the right edge of the moon which becomes brighter as the days get closer to the next phase which is a First Quarter with a 50% illumination.

Phase Details:
Phase: Waxing Crescent
Illumination: 37% 
Moon Age: 6.18 days
Moon Angle: 0.54
Moon Distance: 366,234.46 km
Sun Angle: 0.54
Sun Distance: 147,207,734.33 km

Moon 7° Pisces conjunct Neptune 7° Pisces
Moon 9° Pisces squares Saturn 9° Sagittarius
Moon 11° Pisces sextiles Mercury 11° Capricorn
Moon 14° Pisces trines Venus 14° Scorpio
Moon 14° Pisces sextiles Pluto 14° Capricorn

Thursday 17th & Friday 18th December 2015 - Moon in Pisces
Changes from "nowhere" suddenly created and forced upon everyone ...

This transit of Moon in Pisces will definitely NOT "peaceful" and quiet" - the Moon is energized and lit up by Sun 24° => 26° Sagittarius which is stronger than normal - as it is closing-in on the huge surge of energies located at 28°/29° Sagittarius - crossing over the Galactic Center means that this week - there's so much vibrancy - that will even wake the "dead" into doing something useful.

It will ensure that things that should have happened - will now happen - it will ensure that any uncertainty and indecision you've had - because you've not wanted to make a decision to change anything in your life - will in fact now - become clear - exactly what you need to do. Even and especially if you're the type of person that "NOTHING" happens in your life - you will can expect SOMETHING to happen.

Traditionally PISCES is the star sign that accepts everything and everyone - it never judges because it realizes with spiritual maturity and enlightened wisdom that there's a need for everyone in the world and an essential need for everyone to be different - and - most importantly to see the goodness in things that you see in other people - instead of destructively criticizing them or forcing them to change to become like you.

When you LOVE someone - truly LOVE someone - you accept them with all their faults - like they accept you with your faults - for no-one is perfect. Love and relationships means you ACCEPT wherever you are and with whoever you're with - because you simply don't see the negative faults - it's not important to see them.

The Sun & Saturn in Sagittarius - is defining RELATIONSHIPS - so if you find yourself NOT accepting anyone or anything in your life - means that you are wanting to END it. Whereas if you ACCEPT and LOVE - means you want it in your life.

During Moon in Pisces - there's a mixture of both accepting and loving everyone you love - and - simultaneously - if there's anything destiny needs to change - it will be changing now to create your future - all you have to do is - ACCEPT - that it's time for change.

The good side to - Moon in Pisces on Wednesday and Thursday - will be seeing how many changes happen - naturally and by "coincidence" - because destiny is moving pieces into place - the only emotionally negativity is created on Friday - when "some" people will refuse to accept the destined changes. But even "they" will have no choice - but - to accept the changes.

The best side to Wednesday, Thursday and Friday is the fact that Sun 24° => 27° Sagittarius coming closer to the 28°/29° Sagittarius - crossing over the Galactic Center means that specific events that NEED to happen now - will happen - in order to ensure "2016" can begin "right" for you - a New Year with new destined stability.

The current lunar cycle - defined by last week's New Moon - and defined on Thursday by Moon 9° Pisces squares Saturn 9° Sagittarius means that destined changes that must happen - will happen. Saturn in Sagittarius - defines - even things that have been completely stuck and stagnant as far back as December 2012 - and for some of you - as far back as December 2009 - will now be unlocked to happen - as Saturn in Sagittarius means something DESTINED has to happen in everyone's life - get your life moving forward to a NEW phase.

Irrespective and no matter whatever you thought and what you want - certain specific things that MUST happen will be happening - at least beginning to happen - to ensure that the new karmic destined stability for "January 2016" is prepared - all you have to do is "GO-WITH-THE-FLOW" as anything that happens now is a "sign" guiding you to what you should be doing in the future.

Which means for the next 2 weeks - "doing nothing" is NOT an option - it will ensure restlessness until you do whatever destiny wants you to do. All of which is about creating changes and "movement" to get you to the NEW karmic stability of Full Moon in Cancer on Christmas day.

I must add - one fact of Moon in Pisces and that is - SPIRITUAL RELATIONSHIPS - due to the fact that Sun in Sagittarius is lighting up all your relationships - as the Sun in Sagittarius shines on Moon in Pisces - many of you - who are spiritually minded - will indeed - be THINKING of SPIRITUAL RELATIONSHIPS - that is people you've known who have died - but you FEEL and SENSE them around you - that's because your destined relationship energies are forever present in your soul, in your mind and in your aura.

It will surprise some of you - when out of the blue - you get STRONG feelings of your SPIRITUAL RELATIONSHIPS - the sense of someone being with you - even though you appear to be "alone" - their energies in your mind and thoughts will give you reassurance and confidence that everything's going to be alright. It is their LIGHT rekindling and LIGHTING your soul up from within you.

Your Daily Horoscopes for Thursday, December 17th

Aries Horoscope

This is a good day for focusing on activities that promote emotional renewal, dear Aries. You can gain a better perspective on your financial picture as well as your relationships today with Venus and Pluto vibing and the intuitive Moon picking up this energy as well. Look to the talents and resources of others or a partner to see if these can benefit a business. Think strategically and draw on your imagination and past experience/wisdom to your plans and to better understand your connections. You benefit the most today through observation rather than direct action. You should also find ways to soothe nerves. Today and the next few are strong for healing relationship rifts.


Venus is your ruler, and when it connects well with your partnership ruler, Pluto, you tend to find yourself connecting well with others or reaching a pleasant agreement of sorts, dear Taurus. Today’s Venus-Pluto connection occurs in the morning, but the Moon picks up and carries these energies later on, and you may very well enjoy some special interactions and insights now. Venus happens to be in your partnership sector as well, further boosting possibilities of enhancing or attracting relationships. You’re also coming across with more confidence and personal power. The general vibe is friendly but not frivolous, and this becomes you well. If you want to express your commitment or passion, now is a good time to do so.


There may be a project that you find especially absorbing and compelling today, dear Gemini, and you are likely interested in exploring things further. Today and this week are strong for investigation, getting to the heart of a matter, and discovering important truths. Research efforts can bring good results, and even if you don’t get somewhere, you enjoy the process. Doing some sleuthing is appealing now. This can also be a good time for looking into a health or fitness matter, for enjoying the process of getting healthier, and possibly finding a way to monetize a favorite activity. You’re likely expected to be on top of things today, and your quiet confidence goes a long way towards gaining respect or recognition.


This is a strong day for enhancing or attracting a partnership or close relationship, dear Cancer, particularly an affair of the heart. A connection made or a moment shared can be significant and meaningful now. For some, this is about a project or creative work that you love, and you’re ready to pour your heart into it. A relationship or project can fill you with a stronger sense of purpose. You might consider ways to improve or get ahead. There is good intuitive sense today, and your powers of attraction are stronger than usual. There can be a desire to share a belief, dream, or tradition with someone you care about.


This is a good day for looking at yourself and your needs or desires honestly, dear Leo, and benefiting from what you discover. You might thoroughly enjoy and throw yourself into a work, health, or home project now, as the motivation is there to do so. Your personal security and comfort with yourself can attract others to you now. There is more intensity in your interactions and/or your love and feeling nature today, such that you may skip over small talk and get to the meat of a matter. This can be a good time to recognize emotional blocks and finding ways to move past them. The Moon in your solar eighth house all day encourages observation and strategy. You benefit most from attracting things to you rather than chasing them just for now.


Virgo Symbol/Glyph

Conversations are especially rich and possibly even moving today, dear Virgo, and you may be able to bring a relationship or project to a new level now. You might come up with a good strategy for handling your money, or possibly even for converting a just-for-fun hobby into a money-making business. Others are truly listening to what you have to say now, and your powers of persuasion are at a high. Even so, a good idea you come up with now might better be kept to yourself just for the time being. Sharing an overview with a significant other can be fun, however. Passions and interests don’t always need to be shared, but respecting them is important in any relationship.


Libra Glyph-Symbol

You’re likely to enjoy warm and supportive interactions today that boost your basic levels of confidence, comfort, and security, dear Libra. Your ability to strategize, and even to hold your tongue, brings the most rewards now with the ruler of your sign, Venus, in beneficial aspect to Pluto. You can inspire trust now, and possibly even awe. Your strength of character is recognized by others and earns you more respect. Whether you’re clearing out your desk, your closet, or your brain, it’s a good time to get rid of what you don’t absolutely need. Progress and self-improvement are in focus. You can make some important changes in your image today, and with money, talents, and resources.


Scorpio Symbol Glyph

You’re on a roll today, with energy to spare, dear Scorpio. This can be a wonderful day for attracting positive people and energy into your life. You can find yourself naturally drawn to mutually beneficial or simply pleasing social situations, and your manner is especially attractive and appealing. It’s a great time for attracting or building/healing a relationship, and also for building upon and improving a pet project. You are persuasive and personally powerful. It’s a generally good day for making a commitment, particularly to a learning or communications project, or possibly simply purchasing equipment. You are seeing what you truly need and ready to put your heart into whatever moves you.


Sagittarius Glyph Symbol

Relationships with friends are supportive and pleasing today, dear Sagittarius. You might enjoy keeping a secret today as you hold on to something that makes you feel special and you are not quite ready to share it. This is your prerogative, and it may in fact be a good idea to keep things on the down low for now. There is a compelling quality to feelings of love now. Emotional longings can be in strong focus, but more easily understood. There is also good energy for recycling or repurposing resources such that they’re transformed. Your money sense is good now.


Capricorn Symbol/Glyph

You’re in a most expansive and expressive mood today, dear Capricorn. The desire to explore and learn is strong, and any activity that ties you to a desk, that seems stifling or limiting, or that feels lifeless and dull will have you itching to escape. Your powers of magnetic attraction are good right now, and you’ll find it rather easy to maneuver things the way you’d like them to be. Offering your expertise to colleagues can open up great rewards for you these days. You stand to gain the respect and appreciation of others, and self-respect as well. It certainly feels good to contribute and share.


It’s a good day for expressing patience and employing strategy, dear Aquarius. You may be throwing yourself into something you truly love doing, and with this motivation, you can accomplish and uncover a lot. You’ll find that the conviction behind your desires and ideas attracts support from others. Past good deeds can bring rewards to the present. Others are putting their faith in you as someone who is discreet and professional – someone who can keep a secret if necessary, and who doesn’t need to take credit for everything. There is good money sense with you today, as you’re seeing things for their value and priority.


Conversations today tend to be intense but pleasant, dear Pisces, and you could be quite impassioned about an idea or a project. Some of you could feel more confident as a result of your involvement in a team, or for contributions you make to a cause or group effort. You might enjoy new opportunities to prove yourself and your effectiveness. Strong creative and/or romantic energies flow today, and you could find yourself attracted to a new idea or person, or interested in repurposing and rejuvenating a current project or relationship.

Tarot Card of the Day
Wheel of Fortune
December 17th, 2015

The central theme of what is traditionally called the Wheel of Fortune card is cyclical change. The Wheel keeps on rolling, churning events in a ceaseless progression of ups and downs, either way freeing us from the past. No one can escape its cyclical action, which can feel somewhat terrifying — no matter whether we are rising or falling. When one is balanced on top there is a moment of crystal clarity, but the only part of the Wheel not going up and down is the hub, which is your eternal Self, the Source of Freedom.

Every one of us will occupy all the points on the wheel at one point or another. The cycle of the wheel is its lesson — and we can learn to take comfort in it (as we do when we celebrate our birthday). If you don’t like the look of things right now, just wait — things will change. Of course, if you do like the look of things right now, enjoy it while it lasts, because that will change that will change too!

Your Rune For Today

Ansuz represents mankind’s spiritual connection to God and the universe. It is often referred to as the “God Rune.” This Rune embodies reason, truth and justice. It denotes the coming of knowledge and true counsel from a higher authority.

Additional information about Today’s Rune, Ansuz.

ansuz: Odin


Phonetic equivalent: a (as in ‘fall’)

DIVINATORY MEANINGS: authority figure, leader, mind & body
balance, justice, shaman, clairvoyant

MAGICAL USES: for wise decisions, success, leadership; to help in divination and magic


ANALYSIS: This rune represents the instinctive, primal energy of
uruz tempered with the discipline and experience of þurisaz. These elements are combined in the personage of Odin, who exhibits the characteristics of both chieftain and shaman – a god of wisdom as well as war. Odin is also a shaman, traveling between the worlds on his eight-legged horse, SleipnirAnsuz is a balanced rune.
As with fehu, many people choose to remain at this point in their journey. It represents power, both secular and magical, and this power can be quite seductive. Odin has learned the lessons of the first three runes, thus gaining the wisdom to rule wisely, but this is really only another beginning. He has only gained temporal power, and has only a few of the tools he will need to perfect himself spiritually. There is a certain lack of compassion and perspective in this rune. Odin sits high above his world, looking down and making decisions, but he doesn’t yet have the capacity to really care about or understand his people or himself. He still needs that emotional connection to become a truly great leader.

The Witches Rune for Today

The Sun

Keywords: Success, progress.

Meanings: The Sun is a rune of success and positive outcome. For a straightforward yes/no question it can be read as “yes”. It also denotes progress and personal enrichment in life. When it is the leading stone it equates to the outcome card in the Tarot.

Faery Oracle Card for Thursday ~ Celebrate the Mundane!

Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle by Lucy Cavendish

The Three Graces from the Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle want you to celebrate and have fun today. No matter what is going on, throw a little party – even if its just for yourself!

The message on the card reads “cooperative ventures with friends, joy, sharing, new partnerships that are fun.”

The emphasis is on fun today. Ask yourself just how much fun can I have today? If you have a dull day ahead (for example, going to work, sitting through meetings or talking with boring people), challenge yourself to bring a spirit of mischief, joy and celebration to it.

Maybe this means you will wear something flashy, like a hot pink feather boa? Or perhaps you will send your friends pretty cards just because (and include a heartfelt note inside). Whatever you do, remember that the mundane, everyday life is worth celebrating smile emoticon

Your Animal Spirit for Today

Has Snake slithered into your world today? If so, you are being asked to undergo a major transformation. Are you willing to shed your old skin? Are you willing to let go of people, places, and things that no longer have a place in your life? Snake will help you make the grand transformation, then slide into a new life that's brimming with possibility.

Be Blessed Today Pagans!

~Elder Airwolf~