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I am sixth generation Native Blackfoot and Scottish Celt. My Grandmother was one of my mentors her being a shaman, and my other mentor was my Druid Celtic Aunt. I was raised pagan and my education started at the age
of seven and formally after my first moon lodge ritual at 12. I am also trained as a voodoo priestess
I have one son now coming into his native shaman training and 4 beautiful grandchildren.


Well the wheel is turning once again and here are some important dates to remember for this month of February.

Important February Dates

Herb of the Month - Chamomile
Stone of the Month - Jet
Rune of the Month - Algiz
Tarot Card of the Month - The Hierophant
Correspondence of the Month - Elements
Spell of the Month - Lust Enhancing Spell

February 2 - Imbolc (Cross quarter February 3)


Animals/Mythical Creatures - firebird, dragon, groundhog, deer, burrowing animals, ewes, robin, sheep, lamb, other creatures waking from hibernation
Gemstones - amethyst, garnet, onyx, turquoise
Incense/Oil - jasmine, rosemary, frankincense, cinnamon, neroli, musk, olive, sweet pea, basil, myrrh, and wisteria, apricot, carnation
Colors/Candles - brown, pink, red, orange, white, lavender, pale yellow, silver
Tools/Symbols/Decorations - white flowers, marigolds, plum blossoms, daffodils, Brigid wheel, Brigid's cross, candles, grain/seed for blessing, red candle in a cauldron full of earth, doll, Bride's Bed; the Bride, broom, milk, birchwood, snowflakes, snow in a crystal container, evergreens, homemade besom of dried broom, orange candle anointed in oil (see above)can be used to symbolize the renewing energy of the Sun's rebirth.
Goddesses - Virgin Goddess, Venus, Diana, Februa, Maiden, Child Goddess, Aradia, Athena, Inanna, Vesta, Gaia, Brigid, Selene (Greek), Branwen (Manx-Welsh)
Gods - young Sun Gods, Pan, Cupid/Eros(Greco-Roman), Dumuzi (Sumerian)
Essence - conception, initiation, insight, inspiration, creativity, mirth, renewal, dedication, breath of life, life-path, wise counsel, plan, prepare
Dynamics/Meaning - first stirring of Mother Earth, lambing, growth of the Sun God, the middle of winter
Purpose - honoring the Virgin Goddess, festival of the Maiden/Light
Rituals/Magick - cleansing; purification, renewal, creative inspiration, purification, initiation, candle work, house & temple blessings, welcoming Brigid, feast of milk & bread
Customs - lighting candles, seeking omens of Spring, storytelling, cleaning house, bonfires, indoor planting, stone collecting, candle kept burning dusk till dawn; hearth re-lighting
Foods - dairy, spicy foods, raisins, pumpkin, sesame & sunflower seeds, poppy seed bread/cake, honey cake, pancakes, waffles, herbal tea
Herbs - angelica, basil, bay, benzoin, celandine, clover, heather, myrrh, all yellow flowers, willow
Element/Gender - earth/female
Threshold - midnight

A Solitary Sunrise Imbolc Ritual

a separate bowl of water and a candle (to receive the blessings of Brigit)
offerings for Brigit (see below for suggestions)
offerings for the Outsiders (food or drink)
For purifications: mud or red ochre; salt water; incense or smudge stick
a straw "dolly" or rowan stick to represent Brigit, and a straw bed for her (optional)
For the return blessing: red, white, and black ribbons attached to the frame of a doorway (optional)

[Irish words used in the ritual:
Brighid/Bríd [brizh]
Bhrid [vrizh]
Biodh sé [bee sheh] -- let it be so!
Failte romhat [failcheh rowat] -- be very welcome
Go raibh ma agat [GO ruh ma A-gat] -- thank you (singular)
Go raibh ma agibh [GO ruh ma A-giv] -- thank you (plural)
Slán agat [slan A-gat] -- go well (singular)
Slán agibh [slan A-giv)] -- go well (plural)
--a is pronounced [ah] for the most part.]

(Are you sick of these parenthetical comments yet? Me too! Let's get going.)

[When we begin a ritual, first we purify the space and our selves, placing ourselves between three realms. Find the center of your working space, or of the traffic pattern of your home if you wish to see the whole thing as a microcosm of the sacred universe. In my house, there is a place where the steps up, the steps to the basement, and the traffic pattern between rooms, all meet. The corner of that wall is my center point.]


Go to the center and place a dab of red ochre or mud from your local area upon your forehead and wrists, or toss upon the ground a handful of seeds, dirt or salt, saying "Upon the firm and life giving land I stand."

Then take some salt water, walk the boundary of your space sprinkling it—preferably in nine splashes—and say "The sea surrounds me, separating the wild from the tame."

Third, light a stick of incense or a smudge stick and wave it in an arc over your head, saying "Above me the sky, realm of order and of wonder, that shall not fall as long as time endures."

Consecrating the Shrine

Pour water into the Well, saying:

"By the Goddesses of Waters
By the Gods of Waters
By the Powers Under the Earth
I give thanks for the Waters of the Well.
Let this vessel be as the Triple Well of Blessing in this Sacred Grove of Druidry."

Light the Fire, saying:

"I kindle this Fire
To be a Flame of Magic
To be a Flame of Claiming
To be a Flame of Inspiration
To welcome the Gods and Spirits to this Sacred Grove of Druidry."

Walk around the ritual space three times, clockwise.

(We begin the ritual by defining our sacred space, and preparing ourselves for ritual. The walking-in-a-circle may seem silly, but I've found it to be an effective way to get into a "ritual mindset". Besides, I like doing silly things.)

Opening Prayers

[From this moment, everything we do and say will be done and said in the place and the presence of the gods and spirits. Therefore, first we ask the blessings of inspiration, that our words will be a fit offering:]

(We start off by asking Brigit to inspire us, to make our voices and our words as beautiful as possible. You may not want to invoke a deity this early in the rite, so feel free to substitute you own invocation here. In general, we start off by invoking those powers which are most visible in our lives, and work our way toward the ones who are least visible. Our Grove Liturgists tried to make all of the invocations as Brigit-specific as possible, for this rite.)

"Thus do I call and name the Brilliant one; Queenly Bríd, - brings the smith's fire, the healer's fire, the hearth fire, the well of vision, the well of inspiration, the well of healing, - midwife and baker, brewer and weaver, singer and wise one, giver of all great gifts. I call upon Brighid of the blessings, Brighid of the graces, giver of the blessings of inspiration- fire in the head that enflames us with holy words, silver on the tongue that shall fall sweet as honey on the ears of the gods and non-gods this day, grace of eye and hand, grace of voice and carriage, grace of intention and action, so that all that I do here will honour Her this day. Biodh sé!"

(Our next invocation is to the Earth Mother, who is all around us and sustains our lives every day. We make an offering to the Outsiders, and ask them not to disturb our ritual. We then use the Two Powers Attunement to align ourselves with those powers, before opening the portals.)

Invoking the Earth Mother:
"Earth Mother, Mother of Peoples, Source of Waters. Your child thanks you for bringing the life to the land, for giving me a place and a foundation upon which to place my hearth, and I honor you."

Outsiders Offering:
Take an offering of food or drink and set it outside the ritual space, saying:
"Outsiders, forces of chaos, you who choose not to be part of our workings, you dwell beyond our firelight and our gates, in the dark places between, you who are primal and unbounded, raw and untamed. I make you this offering, and ask that you not disturb us during this rite."

Two Powers Attunement:
(by Ian Corrigan)

(You shouldn't read this section out loud while doing it, since it wouldn't work well with the deep breathing you're supposed to be doing. If you can, record a tape of yourself reading this, then play it back during the actual ritual. If you can't, then you can read it from a script and do the best you can with the visualizations. Of course, if you can memorize the whole thing, that would be the best way to handle it!)

Begin, O seeker of wisdom, with your breath... breathe deeply, from your belly... in... and out... make your body comfortable... stretch if you need to, settle in place... and focus on your breath... observe your breath as it flows in and out of your body... and with each breath, allow your body to relax... let your breath carry away tension from your flesh.. relaxing your feet and legs... letting your belly soften and relax... breathing away tension from your shoulders and arms... from your neck... relaxing your face and mouth, your eyes... with each breath your body becoming warmer, comfortable and relaxed... your mind alert and prepared for magic...

Now, with your body still and calm, imagine that from your feet, or the base of your spine, roots begin to grow downward... roots reaching and growing into the earth, down through soil and stone... deepening and spreading... reaching to touch the waters under the Earth... the Earth current... the dark, cool, magnetic power that nourishes and sustains life... as your roots touch this current it is drawn in and up toward your body... your breath draws the Earth power upward... into your body... the invisible, magnetic power fills your legs, energizing and strengthening... waters rise from the earth, into your legs... rising... into your loins... and pooling in your loins, a cauldron of Earth power... You breathe the power upward... rising from the earth, through your loins, rising up your spine... into your heart... pooling and filling a cauldron in your heart with healing, restoring energy... power rising from the deep, through your loins, through your heart... rising up your spine and into your head... filling a cauldron of wisdom and vision behind your eyes... and rising still, filling all your body and flowing out again through the crown of your head... through your hands... flowing out around your body and back into the earth... the power under the Earth flows in you... grounding you in the source of life...

Now imagine the sky overhead... The sun and moon and, far beyond them, the stars... imagine a single star at the center of the sky, shining directly over your head... the center of your inner sky, your own pole-star...see a flash of light shining down from that star... streaming down between moon and sun... gold, silver and blue-white light... the bright, warm, electric power of the sky... the light touches your head, filling and illuminating the cauldron like sun on still water... shining from above... filling your head with warm, awakening power... flowing down into your heart... warming the cauldron... shining down through head and heart, illumining the waters... downward to reach your loins... The cauldron shines with sky power in your loins... Tingling, electrical light in head, heart and loins... the light flows downward into Earth, and you are shining and flowing with the mingled powers of Earth and sky... the raw material of magic... the chaos of potential and the world order...

These powers are balanced in you... yours to shape and use... always with you in some degree...

But for now, allow the powers to recede... waters to the Earth, light to the sky... knowing that each time you attune to them you become more attuned, more at one with the powers... breath deep... and allow your awareness to return to your common senses... as you open your eyes...

Opening the Portals

(The Tree is aligned with the "World Tree," the center of our cosmos and the axis connecting all three Realms. The Fire when opened as a "gate" or portal carries our words throughout the realms on its smoke; and the Well or shaft becomes the portal to the Underworld and the connection with the primal waters of life. Once the portals are opened, we call upon Mannanan mac Lir in his role as a psychopomp (a fancy Greek word for "god who escorts the spirits of the dead") to guide and protect us in our rite.)

Go to the center of your space and stamp a foot or tap a staff upon the ground, or thump a fist upon the wall if that's the center for you, or sprinkle water from your well upon the branch if you are using one, and say:
"Here I declare sacred center, where all times and places meet. Let it be as the world tree, the central axis of the world, so that all spirits and beings of good will may be welcome here to share in this rite!"
"World Tree, sacred center of the universe. Your roots delve deep into the earth, your branches reach the heights of the sky, and your mighty trunk connects them. May you be the strong center around which this rite revolves."
Visualize the roots of the tree growing deep into the earth, and the branches reaching up to the heavens.

Place the silver in the Well, saying:
"Sacred well, whose waters flow and swirl beneath us. May your depths connect my spirit to the great underground sea and the ageless powers below."
Visualize the bottom of the well connecting to an ocean in the depths of the earth.

Place some incense in the Fire, saying:
"Sacred fire, carry all offerings to the gods and the beloved dead. May you warm all my spirit and my life."
Visualize the smoke and flame connecting to shadowy, stylized places where graceful and dimly seen beings receive the smoke as if it were solid.

Invocation of Mannanan:
"Mannanan mac Lir, Grey Walker, Keeper of the Gates. You guided the Ancestors to the Isle of Avalon. Open now the way and convey my welcome to the Queenly mother, hearth goddess, and to all those others I would welcome at this hearth, that we may share in this celebration together.

Invoking the Kindreds

(We invoke each of the three kindreds, inviting them to be with us during the rite. You may want to visualize them as you invoke them.)

Ancestors Invocation:
"At this altar, with this candle, in this sacred place, I call to you o ancestors.
We welcome you to join me here, and to welcome as of old, Brigit, the hearth mother, who taught you - as you teach me - the ancient arts of brewing and baking and many great gifts. Ancestors, be welcome!"

Nature Spirits Invocation:
"Spirits of Nature, you who dwell within the land, gently waken to the steps of Bright Brigit.

Be welcome here, You oystercatcher bird and hearth cat, honey bee and milk cow, you serpent coiled to do no harm - you companions of our highest queen, I honor and welcome you
Among all that I welcome here today. Nature Spirits, Failte romhat!"

Deities Invocation:
"High and Shining Ones, gods who are dear to me, be welcome here this day, be honored and join in welcoming Brigit, honored among you as warrior-smith, poet-teacher, weaver and healer and giver of plenty- gifts that each of you may share: Oh divine ones, share in the feast of Brigit."

Deity of the Occasion

Brigit Invocation
(We use a much longer invocation for Brigit - it is her day, after all!)

Beside the hearth or the ritual fire, you will have placed a "Bride's (Scottish spelling of Brighid) bed" - a small straw or wood bed, made up nicely. Open your door, or go to the threshold, or stand by the hearth if you have one. Take a straw "dolly" or rowan stick to represent the goddess, or feel for her presence, and say:

"Brigit I invoke this day,
In the high places and the low,
Beside the hearth fire and at the sacred well.
The gentle queen I call to her hall,
The place where the bed is prepared.

"By her many graces I call to Brigit who graces us this day;
Grace of eye and grace of hand,
Grace of word and grace of will,
Grace of caring, grace of birthing, grace in mourning,
Grace of carriage, grace of courage,
Comforter and mother,
Brigit of the Blessings I name the one
Who blesses us this day!

"Let us greet her, we who know her blessings.
Come weaver and poet,
Come brewer and baker,
Come mother and healer,
Come blacksmith and wordsmith,
Beekeeper and hearth-keeper.

"Thus I call to the Mother and Queen; A bed is prepared at the seat of honor, Come grace the hearth seat, Brigit I invoke this day!"

Place the dolly or stick on the bed, or gesture to the bed by the hearth and feel for the presence of the goddess nearby.


You might place some bread and mead or ale beside the Bride's bed. A good offering would be preparing and kneading bread within the ritual. Write and recite some poetry, sing or tell a story to the goddess as you might do to entertain any guest. Spin or weave a small piece of work and offer it to the goddess- don't burn this one; put it on her shrine if you have one or give it to the next visitor who needs something comforting. Enjoy the sacredness and complexity of domestic work. Make a promise of hospitality to all who need it, or dedicate yourself as a healer, or vow to help a friend in childbirth. These are all the gifts and work of Brighid.

Omen of Return

(We ask the Kindreds, especially the Deity of the Occasion, whether our offering is pleasing to them.)

Using your preferred method of divination, ask Brigit if your offering is acceptable. Since Brigit is a hearth goddess, fire scrying is an appropriate method. She is also sometimes associated with wells of vision and of healing, so you might choose to scry in water.

Return Blessings

Take water from the bowl and anoint your head, hands, and feet, saying:

"I take of the water of Brigit, to be cleansed and blessed."

Take your candle and light it from the Fire, saying:
"I ask the blessings of the triple Brigit.
Blessings of inspiration - silver on the tongue;
Blessings of hearth and healing - golden riches of honey;
Blessings of courage, wisdom and strength.
And the light of her flame to guide me this day, as I go forward to rebirth."

Take your candle and go to the doorway, at which you will have placed long coiled ribbons in red, black and white. Uncoil and tape the ribbons around the door frame to make a sort of hoop. This is called the "críos Bríd"- the girdle of Bríd.

Step through this circle, with your left leg first, and feel yourself being reborn. If you are able to go around and come back in by another door, go through the Críos three times. This is a charm for health, plenty and fertility. Then place the candle some place where it can burn safely.

(In exchange for our offerings, we ask Brigit to give us a symbolic rebirth. The water washes us clean of those things we wish to be rid of, the flame represents the spark of life and inspiration, and stepping through a circle... well, I'll let you figure that out. The traditional ritual involved stepping through a large woven hoop, called a "críos" (pronounced "crish"), that was held by two other people. You might not have two other people to help you hold a real hoop, and I wouldn't want you to try contorting yourself through a hoop by yourself while holding a candle, so I suggest using a facsimile or a visualization instead. Also, the traditional manner of stepping through the críos was for the men (wearing pants) to step through, left side first, while the women (wearing long skirts) would have the hoop lowered over them and down to the ground, where they could step out of it. You can choose whichever method you prefer.)


Thanking the deity of the occasion:
"Bríd have I welcomed this day, to my hearth, to my home, to my life. May she go from here refreshed and made more joyous, as her blessing has renewed and uplifted me! Slán agat, a Bhrid!"

Thanking the kindreds:
"You shining ones, nature spirits and ancestors, I thank you for your presence in this rite and in my life! As I return to ordinary time and the daily world, your blessings travel with me. So to, let my blessings and love go with you. Slán agibh!"

Thanking the Outsiders:
"Outsiders, you whose ways are not ours, I thank you for your forbearance. Without you there would be no change, yet in this moment, your absence was as welcome as once your presence was needed! Go raibh ma agibh!"

Thanking the Earth Mother:
"Earth mother, I do not leave you, nor do you go from here, but as this rite comes to a close, once again I thank you for giving firm foundation to this hearth, for providing sustenance and life, that your child can give you love and honor. Earth mother, Go raibh ma agat!"

Closing the portals:
"Here have we met, gods and spirits, ancestors and I. But now the sacred well becomes once again a simple bowl of water, the ancient bonfire once again a candle, and this tree may no longer touch the very arch of the heavens nor its roots be those which hold the worlds in their embrace. Biodh sé!"

Ending statement:
"By Land, Sea and Sky, By Fire, Well and Tree
I end this rite.
I go forth with blessing, to bless the world in turn.
Biodh sé!"

Variations can be made for a coven or group and I like to follow the sunrise ritual with a pancake breakfaast.

February 14 - Valentine's Day, 5:53 pm - Full Moon

Snow Moon

In colonial America, February's Full Moon was known as the Snow Moon, a time when fierce blizzards would sweep across the land.  To some, it was the Quickening Moon, a time when nature began to reawaken.  Even though early snow crocus may bloom, most regions are blanketed with snow.  Now is the time to ask the Snow Moon to assist you in making positive changes in your life.  Just as nature is poised to awaken from its winter rest, we can also awaken to a new purpose or calling.  The Snow Moon is when you should plant your "seeds" for change, then let them take root.  Make a plan now and stick to it.  Anything is possible--a new career, going back to school--you decide.  On this night, announce your magical intentions to the Snow Moon.  As a token of thanks, light a violet candle and speak to her.

As the Earth wears a cocoon of white,
In icy splendor Snow Moon, you guard the night.
Let me make changes, let me be reborn,
Now I plant the seed of magic; I am transformed.

February 17 - Presidents' Day

Herb of the Month

Chamomile - Water/Sun; Gender - Masculine; Parts Used - Flowers; Magickal Properties - Prepares body and mind for magick, Healing and Prosperity wishes; Uses - Drink as a tea, place small amount in the bath to prepare for magick, use as an amulet for prosperity, burn for restful sleep, visualize your desire.

Stone of the Month

Jet - Jet is a stone of grounding and balancing, and as it carries a negative electrical charge, is good for drawing power and knowledge to the bearer. Made of burned, then fossilized trees, it helps to tap into the ancient wisdoms and transformative powers of the Earth. It is also helpful in stabilizing finances, and is said to soothe migraines.

Rune of the Month

z Algiz (Z or -R: Elk, protection.) – Protection, a shield; The protective urge to shelter oneself or others; Defense, warding off of evil, shield, guardian; Connection with the gods, awakening, higher life; It can be used to channel energies appropriately. Follow your instincts. Keep hold of success or maintain a position won or earned. Algiz Reversed or Merkstave: Hidden danger, consumption by divine forces, loss of divine link; Taboo, warning, turning away, that which repels.

Tarot Card of the Month

The Hierophant - The Hierophant is a symbol of moral law and convictions. He is also a welcomed advisor and spiritual guide. Positively associated with advice, wise counsel, spiritual consolation, knowledge, identification, faith, conformity, and traditions. Negatively associated with misinformation, lack of faith, deviousness, bad advice, confusion, and disorderly conduct.

Correspondence of the Month


Earth – Earth is the element that rules the north and that is most stable and dependable. It represents abundance, prosperity, and wealth, and is creative but in a practical, physical manner.  Earth is that which sustains all life and on which the other elements rest.  Types of magick: gardening, grounding, magnet, image, stone, tree, knot, binding.  These types of spells should be preformed when the moon is in one of the astrological signs governed by this element: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.
Air – The element of air rules the east and is associated with mental processes and the mind. It is creative and is that which causes magickal intentions to manifest. It is also associated with higher consciousness and wisdom, divination, and purification.  Types of magick:  divination, concentration, prophecy, visualization, wind magick, karma.  These types of spells should be performed when the moon is in one of the astrological signs governed by this element: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.
Fire – The element of fire rules the south and is associated with change and passion. It is both physical and spiritual, being related to sexuality and to divinity. Fire magick is quickly manifested and filled with primal energy.  Types of magick: candle, storm, time.  These types of spells should be performed when the moon is in one of the astrological signs governed by this element: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.
Water – The element of water rules the west and is associated with the subconscious mind, intuition, and emotions. As the primal substance of life, it is symbolized by the womb and is related to fertility.  Types of magick: magick involving the sea, snow or ice, mirror, magnet, rain, cleansing and purification.  These types of spells should be performed when the moon is in one of the astrological signs governed by this element: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.


Spell of the Month

Lust Enhancing Spell

one large fresh red rose petal
red sewing thread

Place the cinnamon in the center of the rose petal, and tie the petal shut with the red thread. Chant:

Red of life,
red of spice,
bring to me,
the spice of life.

Place the rose petal pouch under your pillow. This spell is best cast on the new to waxing Moon.

So pagans remember to make it true, make it real, and always make it magickal everyday!

~Elder Airwolf~

Humbly serving my Goddess!

Daily Forecast for January 31st, 2014

Friday 31st January 2014

Moon 22° Aquarius squares Saturn 22° Scorpio

Moon 23° Aquarius trines Mars 23° Libra

New Moon
(waxing/8% illumination)

The New Moon is a time best suited for new beginnings! For the first 48 hours following the exact time of the New Moon each month, a window of opportunity opens for making wishes that, if noted, come true in the days and months ahead. There is a tremendous amount of enthusiasm in the atmosphere, making it a great time to go forward and begin projects that you feel instinctively attracted to initiating. Follow your impulses and let yourself make new starts in areas that are important to you.

Sun in Aquarius

20th January => 18th February 2014

Sun in Aquarius - is the time of the year - when inspirational ideas will assist you and ensure you're able to overcome and solve all your problems - but you will need to be adaptable, flexible and OPEN to possibilities - before you realize with clarity - what the RIGHT way forward is for you - and without hesitation - you'll easily be able to move your life forward.

The current 12 month Zodiac cycle began on 20th March 2013 Sun in Aries and defined a new "beginning" in the history of mankind - each month of this cycle is a vital ingredient to the whole cyclLast Months "Sun in Capricorn" showed everyone in the world the problems now Sun in Aquarius solves all the problems - and gets the world moving forward. Anyone wishing to remain in the "past" - creating obstacles for others - will find themselves - pushed and moved forward by inexplicable and surprising events.

New Moon in Aquarius

Everyone will be receiving an "Unexpected Surprise" - EVERYONE !

Each and everyone New Moon has something specific to give everyone - and the Aquarian New Moon - does to Aquarian thing - and SURPRISE - "what" the surprise will be for YOU - I have no idea - but it is a SURPRISE and defined by destiny for YOU to have - and nothing or no-one in the world will block it from happening.

In fact, if anyone has been blocking your destiny - the New Moon will actually eliminate "them" and "their" negative energies from your life - to allow you to have what is destined to be yours. However, I can see that in a funny and ironic way the actual unblocking of the blockage - will be generated from WITHIN you - you will be unusual clear, adament and determined - to GET what you know is yours and to GET what you know you need in your life - that you will THINK the words you want to say in a "prayer" or "mantra" in your head.

For the truth is "prayers" are thought energies that you put into your aura - and when you really use your head and think - you can PUSH things to happen - because your thoughts and words - PUSH the blockages out of the way.

For example, when you're stuck in traffic or when you're trying to motivate yourself - you always say "come on - come on - come on" - repetitively - because you know these words PUSH things to happen - so say them either as a mantra or a prayer - and you'll see things will happen.

The astrological reason you'll wake up and want things to happen is because the New Moon has "talked" to you and told you to be determined - because NOW is the time for your success - NOW is the time it's going to happen - NOW is the destined time to push forward to get what you really need in order to have a meaningful life - a life that you know is yours to have.

Friday morning you'll wake up and be ready to live life - no more excuses - and the only astrological aspects of the day will define that destiny wants you to USE the power of communication - the power of speech - emails - phonecalls - even hand-signals .... to unblock the blockages and get things happening and moving forward in your life.

Moon 22° Aquarius squares Saturn 22° Scorpio although it creates a square - it only wants to test you - to see if you are prepared to overcome the blockages - you will have to SAY something - the power in your words - will then show you your determination and be able to move any blockages.

Moon 23° Aquarius trines Mars 23° Libra - this is the reason why you have power - "Moon trine Mars" - uses the power of communication to PUSH things to happen. No physical effort - no mental effort - no effort at all - except OPENING your MOUTH and using it - motivate yourself today - with a mantra of "come on - come on - come on" and it will work!

It will be a good day - and even though you see the red lines on the astrological chart - you won't see them in real life - because any opposition - any trouble - any negativity - any blockages in your life - you will either ignore as if they don't exist OR obliterate them with a "mouthful" - indeed you will see many people saying to others what they really think of them - as nothing will be holding anyone back from talking - hence expect the best to come out of people's mouths and the worst too - and that's when they will reveal a TRUTH amongst the flow of words - a TRUTH will come out - it will shock and surprise - but once the TRUTH is out - they can't take it back. That's when changes will begin to happen - adjusting and dealing with the TRUTH.


New Moon in Aquarius uses Words to Get things Done

Use the mantra of "come on - come on - come on"

This is going to be important fact to remember into motivating yourself to DO something - because the power of this liberating New Moon in Aquarius defines that it is through the power of WORDS - COMMUNICATING - CONVERSATIONS that will make things happen in your life. The first step is to feel ABLE to TALK - for many of you it comes naturally - especially when you're amongst the right people you love talking to - but when you are ALONE - do you feel the same powerful energy in your words ? Usually you don't - and that's why you don't waste your time praying - however - now that you've just had the Aquarian New Moon - NOW is the time to talk - even to yourself - talk to the empty ether - talk to your own aura - even prayers will now work - sing songs that have inspiring words - START NOW - talk to yourself - to your aura - and use the words you need to use to motivate yourself and define the life you want.

Then soon - you will find yourself communicatijng to other people - then having good conversations with other people - then having powerful moments in your communicating with special people - that will change your life. The Aquarian New Moon is going to becoming stronger and stronger in everyone's lives until the Full Moon of 14th/15th February 2014 - it is all about WORDS - COMMUNICATING and CONVERSATIONS.

We’re in such a period of change that it’s challenging to get a handle on our current feelings. Our fantasies run rampant now that cerebral Mercury is in imaginative Pisces. Meanwhile, the emotionally detached Aquarius Moon shifts into Pisces at 10:44 pm EST to further amplify our dreams. And Venus, retrograde since December 21, turns direct today, freeing our desires from the past. However, it may take a few days to notice any real progress.

Aries Horoscope
(Mar 21 – Apr 19)

There is no need to stress about whether or not you are appreciated by your peers. If you have been meeting your obligations without stirring up too much trouble, then you will likely receive accolades for your efforts. But don’t obsess about being noticed because your desire for immediate recognition could spoil your success before it arrives. Just keep up the good work without engaging in any attention-seeking behavior; your contribution will be acknowledged sooner than you think.

Taurus Horoscope
(Apr 20 – May 20)

Your drive to step beyond preexisting boundaries continues to motivate your current choices. However, there’s no guarantee that impulsive behavior will pay off. To the contrary, it’s accomplishing the long-term goals that should be in the spotlight now because this can bring you the most happiness. Don’t succumb to the temptation of shortcuts. Your most reliable strategy today is to stick to the tried and true when it comes to your future.

Gemini Horoscope
(May 21 – Jun 20)

Make a commitment to explore the intensity of your shadows; it’s the uncomfortable places within your mind that could offer the most growth now. Given the choice, you often steer clear of the darkness, yet there is a powerful attraction drawing you into your subconscious today. Courage is the key; remember, you will be changed by what you discover. This journey into the unknown can transform your fear into love.

Cancer Horoscope
(Jun 21 – Jul 22)

Acknowledging the expectations that others place upon you raises old relationship issues, tempting you to escape from the jaws of commitment. Unfortunately, you might not be in a position to sidestep the promises you made. Thankfully, the tide is turning; if you honor your obligations with a positive attitude, love just might be closer than you think. Don’t let your past define your future.

Leo Horoscope
(Jul 23 – Aug 22)

Although you might feel a sense of urgency to resolve a conflict with a coworker, it’s smarter to let the dynamics play out naturally. Fortunately, you can minimize the pressure by remembering that the current deadlines are arbitrary. Even if your nerves are frayed, the energy will calm down if you fill your day with productive activities. Focusing on the details won’t fix any underlying issues, but it improves your chances of enjoying yourself over the weekend.

Virgo Horoscope
(Aug 23 – Sep 22)

Whoever says that you can’t loosen up is missing an important part of your natural expression. While it’s true that many Virgos have difficulty pretending that they are having fun if they’re not, you do know how to kick up your heels when the opportunity arises. Over the days ahead, take a chance and demonstrate another side of your personality; impress others with your spontaneity and charm.

Libra Horoscope
(Sep 23 – Oct 22)

Family obligations seem to be your top priority these days, perhaps even to the extent of avoiding the work that’s expected of you now. Thankfully, you can clearly see the light at the end of the tunnel, motivating you to follow through on your promises. Your willingness to jump in without reserve enables you to get results faster than you expect. More than anything, you want peace at home and this is your chance to make it happen.

Scorpio Horoscope
(Oct 23 – Nov 21)

Your interest in your immediate surroundings continues to grow. Perhaps you have already invested in household items that increase your comfort and beautify your environment. Now it’s time to take the pleasure principle to the next level; give yourself permission to further indulge your senses while the cosmic energies are cheering you on. Taking care of yourself empowers you to make other positive changes in your life.

Sagittarius Horoscope
(Nov 22 – Dec 21)

Although you Archers aren’t typically known for having issues with low self-esteem, sometimes you still face the same insecurities as everyone else. If you have struggled with your self-worth recently, it’s time to complete your process of transformation now so you can get on with your life. Undervaluing your contribution to others limits your development. Take a realistic look at what you do best and focus on that for the next few weeks.

Capricorn Horoscope
(Dec 22 – Jan 19)

It’s time to step out from the shadows and let your love light shine now that Venus is turning direct in Capricorn. Thankfully, the Goddess of Love brings the sweet pleasures that were denied or delayed while she was retrograde in your sign over the last six weeks. Review your recent experiences to see what you can learn from them. But don’t linger in the past; follow your heart’s desire as it reveals the numerous possibilities ahead.

Aquarius Horoscope
(Jan 20 – Feb 18)

You might not be able to clearly express what you want with sensual Venus hanging out in your 12th House of Secrets. However, now that the planet of love turns direct, you may begin to feel the urge to open your heart wide enough to share some previously hidden desires. Don’t rush the process; giving yourself enough time to get comfortable with your disclosures increases the likelihood of your message being well received.

Pisces Horoscope
(Feb 19 – Mar 20)

You are being shown again and again how important your friends are now and you really appreciate their unwavering presence in your life. However, if you’re seeking new connections, it’s a great time to reach out and make overtures to others to build a network of support. Remember, being friendly is a conscious choice. Going out of your way to create community continues to bring blessings in the weeks ahead.

Today's Tarot: Wheel of Fortune

The central theme of what is traditionally called the Wheel of Fortune card is cyclical change. The Wheel keeps on rolling, churning events in a ceaseless progression of ups and downs, either way freeing us from the past. No one can escape its cyclical action, which can feel somewhat terrifying — no matter whether we are rising or falling. When one is balanced on top there is a moment of crystal clarity, but the only part of the Wheel not going up and down is the hub, which is your eternal Self, the Source of Freedom.

Every one of us will occupy all the points on the wheel at some time or another. The cycle of the wheel is its lesson — and we can learn to take comfort in it (as we do when we celebrate our birthday). If you don’t like the look of things right now, just wait — things will change. Of course, if you do like the look of things right now, enjoy it while it lasts, because that will change too!

Today's Rune: Thurisaz       

Thurisaz embodies the polarity of life and death and the struggle to keep them in balance. Expect conflict, hardship and obstacles, but be assured that remaining focused and in touch with your inner strengths will see you through whatever comes your way. This Rune may also represent protection from your enemies, which is never a bad thing.

Today's I Ching: 

18: Repairing What is Spoiled

Something is starting to rot and it is time to repair the damage. In the world of human affairs, indulgence and corruption grow like weeds in an untended garden; they must be faced squarely, and rooted out through bold action. Eliminating corruption — and the sloppiness that leads to it — is one of the most ennobling of all human enterprises. Correction of flaws in the system clears the way for fresh, new beginnings.

The time has come to become lean and efficient. The weeds must be rooted out now, before the garden is overwhelmed. Fighting decay, sloppiness and corrupt agendas is not a simple matter; all steps must be evaluated carefully. Planning must precede action. Resist the temptation to strike out prematurely. Gather strength behind you, and summon your inner resources, because arresting decay is no simple task. When you do act, make your strike as precise and clean as the path of the surgeon’s knife.

Today's Faery Oracle:
The Faery who was kissed by the Pixies

This card is all about pure, unconditional love and is recommending that you open your heart to this now. 

We're not necessarily talking about romantic love here, this encompasses all types of love and committed relationships. 

Sometimes, it is a bit scary to open our hearts in this way, as it leaves us vulnerable to loss and grief - once bitten, swice shy and all that - but this card assures you that there is no pain that is not balanced by the greater joy of love.

So, if you have closed your heart down for fear of being hurt, now is a good time to open up again. Know that it is totally safe and by doing so, you are, in effect, inviting in and welcoming changes for the better to take place in all areas of your life, but especially in relationships.Today's Spirit Animal Oracle:

That Which is Behind You
Beautiful butterfly has fluttered into your reading to remind you of the powerful transformational energies at work in your life. If something important seems to be stagnating, know that transformation is at work just below the surface—and just like the caterpillar, the “cocooned” situation you're fretting about is about to be freed. 


Your Current Place
This masked bandit can make you laugh with his antics, or make you angry when you realize he’s made off with your food! Raccoon is incredibly curious—to the point that he’ll walk into a potentially dangerous situation just to see what’s up. Like Raccoon, are there situations you’re barging into before you have all the information? Might want to re-think this one. 


That Which is before You
Phew! Everyone knows Skunk's power—that's why people (and other animals) get out of his way! If you're lacking self-esteem, Skunk is there to help. You are worthy of a happy life—and if someone is making you miserable, look to Skunk as a confidence builder. Remember, though, Skunk doesn't have to spray to be powerful—his reputation precedes him! And, like Skunk, you don't need to spray either-but you do need to stand your ground calmly, and with Skunk's confidence. 

~Elder Airwolf~

The Kitchen Witch Herb List

In the old days, herbalists and midwives didn't use textbook botanical names for herbs. Medicinal and magical plants had colorful descriptive names. Often, old books about magic and herbal healing use the folk names instead of the names commonly used today, and it can be confusing. So, here is an alphabetical listing of those names, along with the common and botanical names in current use. You'll notice that some plants have a variety of names, and some names refer to a variety of plants
A Hawk's Heart: Heart of Wormwood Artemisia absinthium
A Lion's Hairs: Tongue of a Turnip Brassica napus
A Man's Bile: Turnip Sap Brassica napus
A Pig's Tail: Leopard's Bane Arnica montana
A Titan's Blood: Wild Lettuce Lactuca virosa
Aaron's Rod: Goldenrod Solidago Virgaurea -or- Great Mullein Verbascum thapsus
A Bone of an Ibis: Buckthorn Rhamnus cathartica
Absinthe: Wormwood Artemisia Absinthium
Adder's Fork: Bistort Polygonum Bistorta
Adder's Mouth: Chickweed Stellaria Media
Adder's Tongue: Dogstooth Violet Erythronium multiscapoideum
Alison Alyssum Alyssum spp
Angel Food: Angelica Angelica archangelica
Angel's Trumpet: Jimsonweed / Datura Datura Stamonium
Apple of Carthage: Pomegranate Punica Granatum
Archangel: Angelica Angelica archangelica
Artemis Herb: Mugwort Artemisia Vulgaris
Ass's Ear: Comfrey Symphytum Officinale -or- Coltsfoot Tussilago Farfara
Ass's Foot: Coltsfoot Tussilago Farfara
An Eagle: Wild Garlic Allium sativum
Auld Man's Bells: Bluebells Scilla Nutans, Scilla non-scripta, Hyacinthoides non-scripta
Bad Man's Oatmeal: Hemlock Conium Maculatum
Bad Man's Plaything: Yarrow Achillea millefolium
Bastard: False or White Dittany Dictamnus Albus
Bat's Wings: Holly Ilex Aquifolium
Beard of the Monk: Chicory Cichorium Intybus
Bear's Foot: Lady's Mantle Alchemilla Vulgaris
Bear's Grape: Poke Root Phytolacca decandra -or- Uva Ursa Arctostaphylos Uva-Ursi
Bear's Paw: Root Male Fern Dryopteris Felix-mas
Bear's Weed; Yerba Santa Eryodictyon californicum
Beggar's Buttons: Burdock Arctium Lappa
Beggar's Lice: Houndstongue Cynoglossum officinale
Bird's Eye: Germander or Speedwell Teucrium chamaedrys
Bird's Foot: Fenugreek Trigonella Foenum-graecum
Bird's Nest: Indian Pipe Monotropa Uniflora
Bishop's Elder: Betony Stachys Officinalis, Betonica Officinalis, Stachys Betonica
Bishop's Leaves: Water Figwort Scrophularia Aquatica
Bishop's Wort: Betony Stachys Officinalis, Betonica Officinalis, Stachys Betonica
Bitter Grass: Ague Root Aletris Farinosa
Black Sampson: Echinacea Echinacea purpurea, Echinacea pallida, and Echinacea angustifolia 
Blazing Star: Ague Root Aletris Farinosa
Blind Eyes: Poppies Papaver Spp. & Somniferum
Blood: Elder sap (or another tree sap) Sambucus Nigra
Blood from a Head: Lupine Lupinus perennis, Lupinus polyphyllus
Blood from a Shoulder: Bear's Breach Acanthus spinosus
Blood of Ares: Purslane Portulaca sativa
Blood of a Goose: Milk of the Mulberry Tree Morus nigra
Blood of a Snake: Hematite mineral form of Iron oxide (Fe2O3)
Blood of an Eye: Tamarisk Gall Tamarix orientalis
Blood of Ares: Purslane Portulaca Spp.
Blood of Hephaistos: Wormwood Artemisia Absinthium
Blood of Hestia: Chamomile Anthemis Nobilis
Bloodwort: Yarrow Achillea Millefolium
Bloody Butcher: Valerian Valeriana Officinalis
Bloody Fingers: Foxglove Digitalis Purpurea, Digitalis Lanata
Blue Bottle: Bachelor's Buttons Centaurea Cyanus
Boy's Love: Southernwood Artemisia Abrotanum
Brain Thief: Mandrake Atropa Mandragora
Bread and Cheese Tree: Hawthorne Crataegus oxyacantha
Bride of the Meadow: Meadowsweet Eupatorium Purpureum
Bride of the Sun: Calendula Calendula Officinalis
Brown Dragon: Wake Robin Arisaema Triphyllum, Arum spp.
Bull's Blood: Horehound Marrubium Vulgare
Bull's Foot: Coltsfoot Tussilago Farfara
Bull's Semen: Egg of a Blister Beetle beetles (Coleoptera) of the family Meloidae
Burning Bush: White Dittany Dictamnus albus
Buttons Tansy: Tanacetum Vulgar

Imbolc Recipes

Imbolc Food - Ideas & Recipes

Because Imbolc was a celebration of the milk that began to flow forth from the sheep, dairy is a huge recommendation and also a tradition for Imbolc meals. Cheeses, milk, butter, cream, and yogurt could all be incorporated into your Imbolc meal(s) - be it for Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner. Here are some simple and inexpensive ideas for all three meals that involve dairy:

Breakfast - Egg Omelette with cheese and a pitcher of organic milk or cream in coffee, yogurt on the side
Lunch - Grilled cheese sandwiches with home-made slices of bread
Dinner/Supper - Option 1: Cooked Ham, cheesy potatoes (or baked potatoes with shredded cheese) and sour cream & butter, and a leafy vegetable
Dinner/Supper - Option 2: Beer Cheese Soup & Braided Bread

Bread is also another great food to include in your Imbolc meals, as it is a traditional Imbolc food. Use it with your sandwiches for lunch and as a side or appetizer for Imbolc Dinner.

Here is a great recipe found online at

Braided bread is found in many forms, in many cultures. This one is a simple one, and is perfect for serving at your Imbolc feast. The braid symbolizes Brighid in her aspect as the bride, representative of her fertility and position as a hearth goddess. Serve this tasty braided bread with warm butter for dipping.

Prep Time: 1 hour

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 1 hour, 30 minutes


3 loaves frozen bread dough, thawed (this is in the frozen foods section at the grocery store)
1 egg
Sesame seeds

Allow the bread loaves to defrost at room temperature. Before it begins to rise, cut each loaf in half with a large pizza cutter or a knife. Roll each half out until it's about 18" long, and about an inch thick. You'll end up with six of these long strips.

Take three of the strips, and braid them together, trying not to stretch them out too much. When you've reached the end of the braid, tuck the ends underneath themselves. Repeat the process with the other three strips, making a second braid.

Place the braids either on a baking stone, or on a pan that has been sprinkled with cornmeal.

Beat the egg in a small bowl, and add 2 Tbsp. water. Lightly brush the egg and water mixture over the braids, and then sprinkle with sesame seeds. Let them rise in a warm place for about an hour, or until doubled in size.

Bake at 375 for 30 minutes, or until a light golden brown color. Remove from baking sheet, and allow to cool for 15 minutes or more before serving.

** Note: if you want to really jazz this up, use different types of bread, such as white and wheat. The end result is visually very appealing, with the different colors braided together.

Imbolc Crafts

Imbolc Crafts

Brigid's Cross
a handful of long wheat stalks
thread and needle 

1. Soak wheat stalks in warm water for about half an hour until theyre pliable.

2. Fold one stalk of wheat in half, leaving the kernels sticking out.

3. Fold another one the same way and thread through the first one. (It now looks like a long "L".)

4. Fold the third the same way and insert through the second wheat stalk. (It now looks like an L with a tail.)

5. Fold and insert the fourth stalk through the third.

6. Use the clothespins to help keep the shape as you weave more wheat.

7. Continue folding and threading the wheat stalks until you have several stalks of wheat woven through each "arm".

8. Allow it to dry with the clothespins in place.

9. Using the thread and needle, sew the stalks together. 

Kid Friendlier Version of a Brigids Cross
pipe cleaners
string or yarn 

1. Make a bundle with 6 pipe cleaners and bend them in half. Tie the ends all together with a piece of string.

2. Lay the pipe cleaner bundle on the table in a vertical position, with the tied end on the top.

3. Make a second bundle, again using 6 pipe cleaners, and bend them in half.

4. Before you tie the ends this time though, slip it through the middle of the other bundle so that they're linked.

5. Now tie the ends and lay this second bundle down in a horizontal position with the tied ends pointing to the right. If you did it right your shape should look like the letter "L".

6. Now you're going to repeat the procedure. Make a bundle with 6 pipe cleaners, bend them in half and, before you tie them, slip them through the middle of the horizontal bundle, just to the right of the first bundle. This batch should be in a vertical position, with the tied ends on the bottom.

7. The last step is to make one last bundle, slipping it through the middle of the batch you just laid down, only this one goes horizontally to the left. Now tie the ends. You should now have an upside down "L" linked through your right side up one. 

Priapic Wand 
small tree branch
brown thread
yellow, green, and gold 1/4" ribbon
small gold/silver jingle bells 

1. Select a small branch about 1/2" to 3/4" in diameter. Cut top end flat.

2. Approx. 1/2" below top score a groove with a sharp knife.

3. Take 1' long piece of string/thread and tie in groove.

4. Take another 1' piece of thread and tie in groove on opposite side of branch.

5. Place acorn at top of branch (at the flat end) and adhere with some glue.

6. Now pull the string up over the cap and wind once around acorn. Repeat with all 3 other pieces of string.

7. Pull strings back down to the groove in the branch and tie off. This will hold the acorn in place.

8. Decorate the branch by wrapping it with the ribbons, leaving enough length at top for streamers. Tie gold/silver jingle bells to the ends of the ribbons. 

Candle Wheel 
craft wreath
eight white candles
ivy leaves or vines
glue gun 

1. Either drill thick holes into the wreath so that candles can be placed inside or just secure them with screw-bottom candleholders or using the glue gun.

2. Place the ivy leaves around in a decorative fashion. 

The eight candles are symbolic of the eight spokes of the year, and spinning the circle into motion at Imbolc is important. In ritual, the candles can be lit with a cauldron or bowl placed in the middle of the candle wheel. 

Brigid's Bed 
basket, box, doll cradle or similar item
padding to make receptacle like a bed
figure to represent the goddess Brigid
figure to represent the God (optional) 

1. Dress up the basket, box, cradle or other item youve selected to make a bed. Make it comfortable and decorate it as you wish.

2. Make a figurine to represent Brigit. This can be made with a bundle of oats, rushes, straw, or any grain or craft material fashioned into a loop or slightly human shape. You can even use a doll. It can be simple or ornate, and can even can dressed, preferably in white (to represent the Maiden). If you like, you can make a god figurine as well. 

Start a new tradition in your home. Place the Brigid's Bed in the most inviting, warmest place in the house and imagine that Brigid will really visit on Imbolc. Leave an aromatic, hot snack out for her by the bed. Invite the spirit of the Goddess to inhabit the bed and ask for her blessings of fertility and healing. Put the dolly in the bed and if you wish, offer the company of the God. Add nuts to the bed to stimulate fertility. In the morning, surprise your children with a small gift that Brigid has left for them. The Bride can also be placed outside then. There she forms an amulet of prosperity, fertility and protection, which can remain till after Samhain. In her book, Ancient Ways, Pauline Campanelli suggests you return The Bride to earth before Yule.
May the fruit of our lives be bound and sealed to Thee,
O Mother, O Woman Eternal
who holdest the inmost life of each of Thy daughters
between the hands upon Her Heart


We swear by Peace and Love to stand,
Heart to Heart and Hand to Hand.
Mark, O Spirit, and hear us now,
confirming this, our Sacred Vow.
~Druidic Prayer of Unity~


February 1, 2012

Imbolc Sabbat

While the northern ground is still covered in sparkling snow-scapes, and the temperature hovers around twelve degrees, the first sprouts of life are emerging through the hard, frozen earth. As the Crocuses and Daffodils push forth toward the growing sun, their vigorous determination is a promise of re-birth and renewal.

Meanwhile, the birds are engaging in boisterous mating rituals at my feeder. They can't possibly know how long it will be until the warmth of the sun overrides the bitter cold of winter. Or can they?

It seems that we ALL have an instinctual need to prepare for the coming cycles of the year. Whether we're Pagan or not, we share a spark of excitement at the first signs of spring, and we're driven to rid our lives and homes of the dull and dusty old clutter, and to brighten our surroundings with ritual cleansing. We take note of those resolutions we made at the start of the new calendar year, and vow to follow through with our goals of self-improvement. Without even realizing it, we all seem to follow the same instinctual patterns centered around the natural events during the wheel of the year. Imbolc provides an opportunity for purifying the physical, emotional, and spiritual areas of our lives.

Imbolc (known also as Brighid's Day or Oimelc) is one of the four fire (or solar) festivals of the year. Imbolc means "in the belly of the Mother". It is the time (between January 31st and February 2nd in the northern hemisphere) best used for initiations and re-dedications, casting off the negatives of the past, and preparing the "seeds" - within ourselves and for our gardens - for a more abundant year ahead.

The ewes are giving birth to the first lambs of spring, just as the wild rabbits are beginning their 9-month long mating season. Imbolc is also known as Oimelc, which is translated as "ewe's milk". Symbolically speaking, Imbolc is the time of year when the Crone of winter departs making way for the spring Maiden. The Earth Mother's milk begins to flow, complemented by the growing God of the sun - together nurturing, in synchronization - the reawakening and birth of new life; of every bud, every blade of grass, and every baby creature seeing the world for the first time.

Imbolc is the best time to sort out any outstanding matters, such as making peace with those you're in conflict with, returning borrowed items, and reconnecting with family and friends. Rituals include those for manifesting desires, casting away the destructive or old patterns, opening oneself to positive enlightenment, consecrating tools and agricultural tools, and celebrating the conscious strengthening and renewal of self.

Incenses and Oils: Lavender, Cinnamon, Iris, Myrrh, Sage, Rosemary, Sandalwood.

Herbs and Flowers: Coltsfoot, Primrose, Saffron, Snowdrop, Heather, Iris, Myrrh, Tansy, Violets, Daffodils, Crocuses, and all white or yellow flowers.

Gemstones: Amethyst, Bloodstone, Garnet, Ruby, Onyx, Turquoise.

Colors and Candles: White, red, yellow, light green.

Decorations and Symbols: Candles, yellow or white flowers, Brighid's Crosses, priapic wands (acorn-tipped), seed packets, besom.

Food and Drink: Honey, dairy products (especially milk), breads, herbal teas, lamb, pork. 

Fire Dance by Mother Tongue
Come now flame of passion,
burning, writhing in the depth of night;
take me from the realm of darkness
through the veil that cloaks my sight;
turn me inward toward my power,
passion burst and winged flight;
now I ride the flaming frenzy
dancing toward the searing light

Activities for Imbolc may include Imbolc Crafts such as constructing a Besom, making a Brighid's Wheel (or Cross), making a Bride's bed and Brighid doll (or use the Corn Doll from Lughnasadh instead), or any of the following ideas for celebration:

Loosely tie bits of ribbon or torn fabric to tree branches for the nesting birds. Scatter the clippings of hair about the yard after a home haircut. Birds will use these materials when building nests.
Be sure to keep the bird feeders filled - especially in January and February in the colder climates of the north. Beginning a feeding ritual in early winter creates a dependency on this resource and birds may starve if the food sources they have grown accustomed to are suddenly unavailable.
Provide suet and salt blocks to the animals. If weather permits, place saucers of fresh water for the birds.
Buy a small cube of compressed Timothy or Clover Hay (available wherever Guinea Pigs are sold), and spread some out on the snowy ground near a bird-feeder for the rabbits. It is this time of year when the rabbits are actively searching for food. You may have already noticed their tracks near bird-feeders where the seeds have fallen.
Start an herb or seed garden indoors with seeds blessed during Imbolc ritual. For those in warmer climates, planting directly outdoors may be an option as well.
Find a suitable space (preferably outdoors) and burn the greens from Yule to assist in sending winter away.
Clean and re-consecrate your magical cabinet of supplies and craft tools. Check your supplies of oils, incenses, and herbs to be sure they are well-stocked and sealed tightly in glass containers.
Have a walk outdoors and search for signs of spring. Collect natural "treasures" such as stones, sticks, feathers, pine cones for use in the rituals, decorations, and crafts through the year.
Perform a cleansing ritual of the home, sweeping out all the negative energies and de-cluttering. Involve the children in helping to donate unwanted items to shelters, the Salvation Army, food banks, the local Department of Human Services, or prepare items for a spring Rummage Sale and set them aside.
Place a candle in each window of your home on Imbolc eve and let it burn until the morning. Be mindful of nearby items which may catch fire (curtains, shades, etc) or the possibility the candles will be knocked over by pets and young children living in your home. Alternatively, you may choose to use battery-powered candles instead.
Create your own tradition of making candles at Imbolc each year. 

Finding a Lost Object Spell


Orange candle
Black candle
Small Magnet


Cast your circle and invoke the Elemental Guardians. Light the black candle (for solving mysteries, and drawing away the negativeness of the loss), and then the orange candle (for luck and precious objects). Visualize the lost object(s) in the mirror as already being found. Place the magnet between the two candles and stroke it towards you as you say the following three times, substituting the name of the lost object for "(lost object)":

By the wavering flame of this black light,
Grant to me of my (lost object) a sight.
By the power of this orange flame,
Give me luck to find the same.
In this mirror the (lost object) I see
Make the magnet draw them to me.

Close the circle, but leave the candles burning with the magnet between them until the candles burn down.

Dark Moon Introspection

Blyssful Dark Moon Thor's Day my Lovely Crone Sisters!

When is the Dark Moon?:

Also known as the "dead" Moon, this is the time when there is no solar reflection, leaving the lunar face in darkness. The dark lasts about three days before the new crescent appears.
Is this the same as the New Moon?:

For many, the new Moon begins at the moment of the Sun-Moon conjunction, but for others it remains the dark Moon until that crescent is in view. As the Moon wanes toward those final days of darkness, there's often a turn inward. In those contemplative moments, the inner reality is presented through dreams and waking visions. It's fertile ground for the new Moon intentions to be conjured.
How does the Dark Moon differ from the New Moon?:

The dark of the Moon is the most powerful time psychically. It seems to lure us toward the deepest self, the longings of the soul, and restful listening is a great way to receive these messages. It's been compared to the dormant seed under the winter snow, or the cocoon holding the butterfly. You might feel tired, or crave quiet solitude. It's important to make space for the unfolding of the spirit at this time. Like death itself, it's preparation for the new beginning that begins with the crescent.
The Dark Moon and Women's Cycles:

You've probably heard about the "menstruation hut" of matriarchal and so-called primitve cultures. The dark of the Moon was one of those times when women gathered together to draw wisdom from the powerful psychic energy afoot. Often there was a merging of women's cycles -- as there is now when women live in close quarters -- and this created an amped up collective power. In the hut, women could share visions, divine messages and open to higher wisdom.
The Dark Moon and grief:

Whenever we experience a deep loss, we are changed profoundly, which is a kind of death. This is considered a dark Moon phase, and lasts as long as it takes to fully integrate the experience. Sometimes others are made uneasy by our personal confusion, melancholy, soul angst, etc, and try to prevent us from fully dwelling in the dark. But taking a cue from nature, we can see that everything dies for a time, before coming alive again in a new form. Just like that, there are times when we die to our old self and are reborn to a new life.
The Dark Moon and the Seasons:

During the Winter Solstice, when the days are short (in the Northern Hemisphere), it's an inward time with a cozy intimate feeling. It's always a surprise to see the green things come to life again after being stripped to such a bare state. The growth at this time is underground, hidden, but powerful because it's often the base, the roots.
The Dark Moon and Growing Older, Dying:

In our own lives, there's a dark Moon phase toward the end as we prepare to enter the mystery of death. Often there is a convergence of memories, making time seem to run together. So many traditions believe the spirit carries on, but to where? This is the great unknown, and a dark Moon period that is taken on faith, with the hope of new life to come. The dark Moon is associated with the underworld, a separate plane where the dead and almost born are together.
Are we living in a Dark Moon phase?:

In her book, Mysteries of the Dark Moon, Demetra George presented this concept. We live on a dying planet in the sense that her form is changing, from the rain forest floor to the air encircling her. Part of the dark Moon is a break-down of old systems, and letting go, and there's some review going on of how we've been living, what we believe, our relationship with the natural world. The new seeds are being planted, but there's still a lot of uncertainty and fear -- darkness. Seeing this time as a dark Moon period can put it in a broader perspective, with hope for a new beginning.
The Power of the Dark:

The dark Moon is private, intimate, richly renewing and full of depth. The waning Moon is a time of letting go, and as you're stripped of what you've known, there's a moment of standing naked, not knowing who you are. This might be what dying is like, an awesome mystery that makes us feel fully awake at that final moment. What comes next, we wonder?

I've found the dark Moon to be the most powerful time for organically unfolding soul-searching. The inner Self starts to grow in power, and make its presence known. Ideally, you can listen, integrate, and set intentions that will bring you into harmony with yourself during the waxing Moon.

Stillness is the key word for the dark Moon. Restful, rich solitude gives you the chance to hear that inner voice. With the lunar face hidden, the intuitive-psychic self takes over. Make space for a clearing of the mind and spirit, so that you can be ready to receive.

There's a historic pattern of fearing the dark, and denying death. But it's a fact of nature, and if embraced, can be met as the winding down before the next new beginning. The Moon is associated with women, and many Goddesses like Hecate, Kali, Lilith, represent her dark aspect. The dark Moon reminds us of nature's cycles of death and rebirth. The grave and the womb become the same place, a transition when you're held in the mystery beyond physical existence.

Each dark Moon is a chance to be renewed, to experience unknowing, and to gain timeless wisdom. The dark Moon opens a door to the past, and it reaches back far into the collective memory. Make it a sacred time for yourself each month, a time to connect to the great mystery of life.


I hope you all had a chance to embrace your dark moon and purge away negativities. I wrote and proformed a combo ritual of blood ritual to the Morrigan with special acknowledgments to Hecate. Was powerful and as soon as I released Morrigan the black feather FLEW off the idol. The snuffer was 8" away from the feather, no movement, no air candles all still except Morrigan's as the flame grew higher. Graywolf had a look of disbelief ans the feather flew...I told him that tha Morrigan must be real busy today and had to fly and we are blessed that she graced us with her presence for 20 minutes. Needless to say once again I love having a second dark moon ritual in a lunar month and know that the Morrigan will come to join us. Blessed Be!

OK, well we have a start date for the Basic Witch Class and orientation week will begin on February 10th, so those of you still wanting to enroll there is time. You can follow the directions from the Legion of Pagans World School of Magickal Education at:

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So pagan remember to make it true, make it real, and always make it magickal everyday!

~Elder Airwolf~

Humbly serving my Goddess )O(

Morrighan Meditation

Morrighan Meditation


You are within the green glow of the living earth,
Feeling the sphere of the globe
As the physical extent of your body,
The manifestation of your flesh.
The seas are the flow of your blood,
The mountains are your bones,
The winds your breath.
The roads and cities are your nervous system,
The dreams of humanity your mind.
And throughout this body
There is warfare and destruction,
An there is the making way
For the New life
There is anger and contention
And there is friendly competition
The cry of teams and players
There is negative conflict
There is positive competition
In the midst of both
There is crackling energy
There is the strength
The power
The Great Warrior Goddess
Who wears two faces
It is the Goddess who is the world,
It is she who fights in every battle
Who competes in every race
And in her rage and frenzy
Joy and ecstasy
You sense the defense of the good
And the opposing of evil.
In the ceaseless struggle of the people
Are the birth-pangs
Of a better future striving to be born.
In the revolutions are cries for justice,
In the wars are a reaching for peace,
In the violence a need for self-defense.
In all of this rough play
The mind of the world is striving
For better dreams,
And the heroes strive to defend what they love.
And this is Joy of Morrigan!
For we are all one world,
One life, one flesh;
And life is struggle, competition and joy
And from lesson you turn away,
Falling back to where you began,
To breathe in the healing and hope of the world
The energies of strength
And compassion.

Herbs For Protection

Herbs For Protection

The herbs that are most normally used for protection are those that have powers to disperse evil and create a protective barrier when burned, carried on your person, or hung wherever protection is needed.  Because these herbs contain positive energy they are able to repel, or bounce back negative vibrations or energy.

Angelica, Balm of Gilead, Basil, Betony, Dill, Elder berries, Fennel, Garlic (of course), Horehound, Hyssop, Mistletoe, Mugwort, Mullein, Rose Geranium, Rosemary, Rue, St John’s Wort, Tarragon and Vervain. 

One of the simplest protective spells is to make a charm using three of the above herbs, mix them together and place them in the center of a red or white piece of cloth. (One made of Elderberries, Rosemary and Tarragon has a really delightful fragrance if it is to be used indoors.)  Gather up the corners, tie and charge the sachet saying words like:


Powder the herbs you wish to use (use 3, 7 or 9 different herbs, or multiples of these) and make a purification incense.  As you charge the herbal mix, visualize a crisp, clean breeze blowing all the negativity out of the house. Then light the incense and carrying it through every room in the house. As you go from room to room, visualize the incense driving away any leftover negativity. This should be done with all the windows open and pets and other people out of the house.

It is good to purify a new home, before you move in, just to make sure the previous tenant didn’t leave any nastiness behind.  A favorite is to brew up some rosemary tea (nice and strong) and dip a branch of rosemary, rue or yarrow into the tea and thoroughly asperge (sprinkle) every room in the house. While doing this visualize washing away of all negative influences. The rosemary is a wonderful odor-chaser as well; it leaves a clean, fresh smelling house to return to.

Many people like to purify by smudging. Sage is a very commonly used smudge. If you can gather and dry your own wild sage for smudging, do so.  Just light a sprig of dried sage (You can carry a little tray or saucer under the lit sprig, in case some burning bit drops) and carry it from room to room, visualizing any negativity being replaced by the purifying fragrance of the sage.  One can also make a protective sigil at each window and doorway, thus purifying and protecting in one fell swoop!

Follow up your purification with a new protective charm, and you should be good to go for several months. Many witches and pagans do a purification and protection sequence every full moon, others every quarter and some only when needed.

Charm Bags

Making charms for a variety of purposes is both easy and effective. And what’s more, it is even fun!  Here are a few simple but powerful charms:   

Herbs For Purification 

"By Water, Earth, Fire and Air,

Protect ion be for all I love and care

Repeat the chant three times, with greater strength and authority each time.  Carry the charm with you.  To protect the home, place it in the highest point of the house or near the hearth (the kitchen if you don’t have a fireplace).  To protect you and your car while driving, place the charm under the driver’s seat. 


When you talk about illness and disease, scientists believe all chronic illnesses are accompanied by "nutritional deficiencies" and imbalances in the essential chemical elements that make up our bodies. Many think of nutritional deficiencies in terms of an inadequate diet and this is often the case. There are, however, other ways in which the body exhausts its valuable supply of chemical elements.


Excessive mental work, for example, can deplete the brain, nerves and glands. Stress can wreak havoc on our immune system. Sometimes we simply neglect our bodies or forget to get enough fresh air, sunshine and exercise. Bottom line, any abuse, neglect or overwork to our bodies can leave us with nutritional deficiencies. Once the body is depleted of needed chemical elements, the tissues begin to breakdown, weakening a particular organ, gland or tissue and disease ensues.


Symptoms of ill health may not express themselves for quite some time. Typically, the first symptom of disease to appear is fatigue. Next, we may get frequent infections, colds or the flu. Many times early symptoms we experience are taken for granted as a natural sign of aging. When left unchecked the underlying causes can grow and proliferate, creating chronic disease.


It's helpful to remember that the appearance of symptoms, such as arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis, mark the clinical stage of a disease. However, when our skin becomes dry, when we have shoulder pain, or excessive bloating, gas, constipation or diarrhea, each tell us something is wrong that healing needs to occur.


Over the past decade, the popularity of herbal medicine has exploded. Walk into any drugstore, supermarket or discount store and you can easily find herbal remedies on the shelves. Herbs are natural remedies derived from whole plants, their roots, leaves, stems or seeds. Herbs are available in a variety of forms, including fresh, dried, in tablets or capsules and even bottled in liquid form. You can buy them individually or in mixtures formulated for a specific condition.


Historically, the use of herbs to facilitate healing predates some of the earliest written documents known to man. These documents record dozens of medicinal plants, including myrrh, castor oil, garlic and their healing properties. Over the years, the curative properties of herbs and medicinal plants have not changed. Herbs that were used for healing thousands of years ago are still utilized by many herbalists today.


For those new to the world of herbal therapy, the most extraordinary and tantalizing thing about herbs are their proven action and incredible versatility. The actions of herbs are due in part to their active constituents. Active constituents are special chemicals and combination of chemicals and oils that are present in each particular plant that work together synergistically to give the plant its particular therapeutic value.


Therapeutically, the goal of herbal therapy is to help the body cleanse itself and heal naturally. In today's society, we have become accustomed to magic bullets and instant fixes. Herbs don't function that way. Herbs work to feed the body the nutrients it needs so our bodies can heal themselves. Herbs have three general functions in the body 1) they can be used to help the body eliminate or detoxify; 2) they can help the body "maintain" by counteracting physical symptoms, thus allowing the body to heal or 3) they can be used to help the body build or tone an organ.


When working with herbal remedies, some notice an improvement of symptoms within a few days. Chronic health problems, on the other hand, often take longer to resolve themselves. As a general rule, you should allow the body a minimum of three months to correct itself. Individuals suffering from long term chronic conditions should stay on their herbal program for an additional month for every year they have experienced their health concern. So for example, if you're working on a problem you've had for two years, give your body three months plus an additional two months to correct itself. This is obviously just a guideline, but it does tend to put a bit of perspective into the use of herbs.


So while we have talked about using herbal therapies to help the body rebuild itself from chronic illnesses, herbs can also be used to address a number of minor health concerns that we may experience as part of our every day lives. For example, herbs can be used to reduce pain and inflammation. They can be used to kill the bacteria and viruses associated with the common cold or flu. They can be used to calm us down, speed us up and even spice up our sex life.


Around the world, there are hundreds of herbs and medicinal plants that are currently being used to improve health. If you have never worked with herbs before, it is best to start off with a few herbs, work with them for a while and then expand your repertoire over time. To help you get started, I have provided you with a number of herbs that can be used to meet many health conditions you may experience. This should get you well on your way to working with herbs and herbal remedies.


Aloe Vera (Aloe Vera) Aloe Vera gel is considered one of the most effective healing agents for treatment of burns and injuries. It is also considered one of the best herbal laxatives available. Its soothing, cleansing properties help the body maintain healthy tissues.


Buchu  (Agathosma Betulina) Buchu is often used to treat inflammation of the urethra, blood in the urine, bladder infections and other chronic urinary tract disorders.


Cascara Sagrada  (Rhamnus purshiana) Cascara Sagrada is a popular treatment for chronic constipation because it is not habit-forming. It is used to increase the secretion of digestive fluids, create large soft bowel movements, and stimulate the peristaltic action of the colon.


Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) Chamomile is best known as a relaxing tonic for jangled nerves. Its oils also contain anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Chamomile may cause allergic reactions in persons sensitive to ragweed or daisies.


Cloves  (Caryophyllus Aromatices) Clove oil is highly antiseptic and a time-honored remedy for toothaches. It is also used to stop vomiting. It also has a history of relieving indigestion, controlling diarrhea and healing cuts and bites.


Comfrey  (Symphytum officinale) Comfrey is often used when rapid wound or bone healing is required. It can be used both internally and externally in the healing of fractures, wounds, sores and ulcers. Its astringent properties make it useful for stopping hemorrhaging, whether from the stomach, lungs, bowels, kidneys or hemorrhoids.


Damiana  (Turnera aphrodisiaca) Damiana stimulates the production of the male hormone testosterone. Often used by women for hormone balancing, hot flashes, infertility and menopause. Damiana is used for both frigidity in women and impotence in men.


Dandelion  (Taraxacum officinale) Dandelion has helped serious liver conditions such as hepatitis, jaundice and cirrhosis by stimulating the liver and eliminating toxins from the blood. Dandelion has also helped strengthen the kidneys and is used in combinations for high blood pressure and water retention.


Dong Quai (Angelica sinensis) Dong quai is considered the "female ginseng". Dong quai helps to regulate monthly periods, relieve menopausal hot flashes, eliminate cramps, as well as help a mother's recovery after childbirth. Avoid using during early pregnancy.


Echinacea  (Echinacea purpurea) Echinacea's traditional usage is as a topical agent to help the body repair skin wounds, and internally enhance the immune system and stimulate the activity of white blood cells, which destroy bacteria, viruses, and other foreign invaders.


Eyebright (Euphrasia officinalis) Eyebright has anti-bacterial and astringent properties that make if useful for cleansing the eyes  both internally and externally as an eyewash. It can improve vision; relieve intra-ocular pressure and protect the optic nerve in early stages of glaucoma.


Fenugreek  (Trigonella foenum-graecum) Fenugreek is one of the oldest medicinal plants and is known for its ability to sooth inflamed tissues and improve mucus and lymph system flow. It can be taken for bronchitis or fevers and gargled for a sore throat.



Garlic  (Allium sativum) Garlic is one of the most important herbs; it has a broad range of well-documented healing properties. It fights bacteria, fungi and worms. It supports the circulatory system by fighting against blood clots. It also stimulates bile, lowers blood sugar and cholesterol and improves the bloods LDL/HDL ratio.


Ginger  (Zingiber officinale) Ginger stimulates the circulatory system. It acts directly on the stomach and liver to reduce nausea and vomiting and is more effective than Dramamine for motion sickness. Ginger can prevent the onset of migraine headaches, especially if they start with strong nausea or vertigo.


Golden Seal  (Hydrastis Canadensis) Goldenseal's numerous uses are attributed to its antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. It soothes irritated mucus membranes aiding the eyes, ears, nose and throat and has been used to help reduce fevers, and relive congestion and excess mucus. Golden seal should be used with caution by hypoglycemic people because it is known to lower blood sugar levels.


Gotu Kola  (Centella asiatica) Gotu Kola is used for ailments of the nervous system. It builds circulation in the brain and lower limbs and is often used to help improve memory. Gotu Kola also exhibits antibiotic properties, where it helps to break down the cell walls of invaders so the body's immune system works more effectively.


Licorice Root (Glytcyrrhiza glabra) Licorice feeds and activates the adrenal glands for a higher, more even level of energy. Licorice helps destroy viruses and stimulate and clear the lymphatic system. It can also be used by hypoglycemics to improve blood sugar regulation.


Milk Thistle  (Silybum marianum) Milk Thistle is among the most ancient remedies used for liver complaints. It is used to improve liver function, protect against liver damage and enhance the regeneration of damaged liver cells and is often used in cases of cirrhosis, toxic liver and other chronic liver conditions.


Oregon Grape  (Berberis Aquifolium) Oregon grape is a powerful antibiotic that is best known as a lymphatic and liver-stimulating blood cleanser. It is particularly effective for skin diseases, which often occur when metabolic acids build up in the body. Oregon grape can be used as a substitute for golden seal.


Red Raspberry  (Rubus idaeus) Red Raspberry has a wide reputation as a female tonic for relieving excess menstrual bleeding. It strengthens and normalizes female organs. Pregnant women can use red raspberry throughout the entire term of pregnancy, where it is used to relieve nausea, prevent spotting, tone the uterus in preparation of childbirth and reduce false labor. It can also be used to lessen the pain and bleeding of child-birth and increase milk production.


Saw Palmetto  (Serenoa serrulata) Saw palmetto is an important glandular strengthening herb. In men, it is used for impotence, sterility, underdeveloped testicles and enlarged prostate. In women it is used for infertility, lack of stamina, ovarian dysfunction and underdeveloped breasts.


Scullcap  (Scutellaria lateriflora) Scullcap is a nervous system and muscle relaxant where there is excess excitement or uncontrolled movement. As an antispasmodic, it has a sedative action that contributes to formulas for asthma, seizures, menstrual cramping, and Parkinson's disease.


Slippery Elm  (Ulmus fulva) Slippery elm bark is a contact healer that coats, soothes and heals irritated or inflamed tissues including hemorrhoids, ulcers, burns and sore throats. It is a mild bulk laxative that absorbs toxins from the bowel. Slippery elm and marshmallow root are very similar.


St. John's Wort  (Hypericum persoratum) St. John's wort is known for its soothing, anti-depressant properties. It is often used to help improve the irritable, stressed disposition of individuals trying to break their addiction to tobacco and alcohol. St. John's Wort may cause photosensitization so be cautious of overexposure to sunshine. Persons taking anti-depressant prescription drugs should not take St. John's Wort at the same time.


White Willow  (Salix alba) White Willow Bark is best known for its ability to alleviate pain and reduce fever and can be thought of as an aspirin pain substitute. White Willow Bark is also beneficial for infections, heartburn, cancer, and neuralgia.


Yarrow  (Achillea milleforlium) Yarrow has been used extensively to stop bleeding of all kinds. It can be used externally and internally for wounds, sores, rashes and piles. Yarrow encourages sweating which can reduce fevers and take pressure off the kidneys and help remove toxins from the body. Yarrow can produce darkened urine.


Before you run to the store and stock up on some herbs, it is important to realize herbs have powerful ingredients and must be used appropriately. Although herbal remedies are less likely than conventional medicine to cause side effects, herbs nevertheless can be very potent. With that said, here are some guiding principles for safe use of herbs.


Do your homework. Investigate the herb or herbal remedy before using it. Whatever type of product you choose, the quality of an herb or herbal preparation is only as good as the quality of the raw herb from which it was made. Personally, I recommend using well-established brands of herbal remedies. This can save you the time and energy of investigating products and often increases your chances of getting reliable ones.


It is best to initiate an herbal program slowly. Start with one product at a time and build to the desired amounts so you don’t overwhelm your body.


It is also important to mention that when working with herbs, you may experience a "healing crisis" as your problem begins to work its way out of your body. A healing crisis is often experienced as a temporary aggravation of symptoms that can flair-up for a few days. If the symptoms last longer than that, discontinue your herbal regimen and visit your primary care provider.


From a practical point of view, it is best to work on only one or two health problems at a time. Focus on the most important problem first. What you may find is that your other health issues go away by themselves as the original problem is eliminated.


Check with your primary care provider before starting an herbal therapy program. As with all complementary therapies, individuals who considering herbal therapy should consult with their doctor to avoid harmful interactions with any of their current medications.


Do not take an herbal remedy instead of the medicine prescribed by your doctor without discussing it with him/her first.


If you are pregnant or breast-feeding it is even more important to investigate the action of specific herbs. There are a number of herbs that are contraindicated for pregnant or lactating women. If in doubt, it is best to just avoid them all together.


In addition to taking herbs to help restore your body, here are some additional tips to help you experience optimal health.


Drink lots of pure water. Get plenty of high quality sleep.


Exercise daily - take a walk, stretch or do yoga.


Try eating a diet rich in natural foods. Cut down on white and refined sugars, white flour, dairy products, alcohol, caffeine, fats and foods with additives.


Increase the amount of raw fruits and vegetables, whole grains and raw nuts in your diet.


Keep in mind, taking supplements is only part of the answer. At times emotional issues may inhibit our body's ability to heal itself.


Try to have a positive outlook on life.


Find ways to relieve stress and release pent-up anger or resentment whenever possible.


Become spiritually stronger! It has been scientifically proven that prayer or meditation have a positive effect on healing.


Most importantly, be patient. Don't expect instant changes. Your body didn't get that way overnight, so give it some time to heal. Building new cells and restoring the body's valuable supply of chemical elements takes time and a commitment on your part to get better. Although there IS a point of no return in tissue damage caused by severe long-term deficiencies, it is surprising to see how well the body responds to herbal therapies. It has been found that by combining herbal therapies with dietary and lifestyle improvements, you can work toward the remission of symptoms and the reversal of the disease process naturally. 



Dark Moon Incense


Blend the following dried herbs together: 1/4 cup sandlewood powder 1/4 cup patchouli 1/2 cup myrh This add the following essential oils and stir together: 10 drops of jasmine oil 4 drops chamomile (or lemon) oil 10 drops of Mugwort

Dark Moon Oil 

Into 1/4 cup of grapeseed oil, blend the following essential oils: 7 drops jasmine 10-13 drops mugwort 4 drops patchouli