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I am sixth generation Native Blackfoot and Scottish Celt. My Grandmother was one of my mentors her being a shaman, and my other mentor was my Druid Celtic Aunt. I was raised pagan and my education started at the age
of seven and formally after my first moon lodge ritual at 12. I am also trained as a voodoo priestess
I have one son now coming into his native shaman training and 4 beautiful grandchildren.

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Balance Spell


To Regain Balance in Your Life
For this spell we’re going to use the energy of the two of pentacles. This card has often showed up in readings when my querent was not well grounded, when aspects of his/her life were unstable, when a renewed sense of equilibrium was needed.

The pentacles of the tarot are tied to the element of Earth, and with the energy of Earth we will rediscover how to ground ourselves. By doing so, we will bring back to our lives solidity and stability on all levels, often in surprising and unexpected ways.

Moon Phase: waxing to full moon
Day: Choose a day desirable for you, when you will be uninterrupted and able to spend some quiet time alone.
Planet: Earth
Colors: green or brown
Herbs: sage
Stones: mossy agate
Oils: uncrossing oil
Incense: patchouli
Tarot Card: two of pentacles

What to do:
1. Cast a circle.
2. Light the incense.
3. Have assembled on your altar all the items you will need—your candle, herbs, oil, etc., and with this include two sheets of paper and a pen, as well as the two of pentacles tarot card.
4. Seat yourself in the center of the circle and get comfortable. You’ll be here for a while. Perhaps bring a soft cushion or two with you.
5. As you sit within your circle, light your spell candle. Take three cleansing breaths, clear your mind and center yourself. After a few minutes of quiet time, take both sheets of paper and write upon one of them those thing in your life that feel balanced and ‘right’. On the second sheet of paper, list those things in your life that feel unbalanced or ‘wrong’ in some way, where the energy is ‘off’, but maybe you can’t quite put your finger on why. List even those small things you may not think are important. Take both sheets of paper and burn them in the spell candle.
6. Now we’re going to begin grounding ourselves by deliberately relaxing each part of our body. Before we begin, get comfortable with your cushions…

Start with your toes, your feet, your ankles, concentrate and consciously relax the muscles in each area. Next, move up to your calves, your knees, and then your thighs. As you do, feel the sense of relief and release as the muscles loose their tension. Notice the pleasant sensation that envelops your body as you climb higher.

Next, relax your pelvis, release the tension, loosen your grip, feel the muscles relax and the pleasant spreading sensations this brings. Keep climbing…your tummy, your solar plexus region, your back—your spine. Allow these muscles to go limp, to sigh with relief, to relax.

We are to your shoulders now, your neck—concentrate here, deliberately loosen the tensed muscles, feel the wave of relaxation enter this area of your body.

Go back to your shoulders, let that tightness go, release it, allow the warmth and the pleasant sensation of relaxation to slowly spread down your arms to your elbows, to your forearms, to your wrists, and finally, feel it flow down to the ends of your fingertips.

Come back to your head now. Relax your brow. Feel the sensation of relaxation in your neck spread up to your jaws, your mouth, your eyes—up to your brow, until you feel it flow up to your scalp through your hair, and puddle out around your crown chakra.

7. When you have rested as long as you feel comfortable doing so, slowly sit up. You might feel a bit light-headed, or even physically light and ‘floaty’. Take some time to adjust.


8. Open the circle and eat something.
9. Later, gather together the remnants of the spell, especially the ashes from those sheets of paper. Take these items to a favorite outdoor spot and scatter them to the wind.

Blessed Casting,
~Elder Airwolf~


Blessed Tiu's Day Legionnaires!

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The Monthly mailer will include events for that upcoming month, announcements, up coming classes and registreation times, spell of the month, articles, and announcements plus much more. 

We hope this will interest you to sign up.

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The Art of Hypnotism

The Art of Hypnotism, Self Hypnosis and Hypnotizing others

By Donna Morgan on Monday, May 19, 2014 at 4:56pm

1. Sit on a couch in the upright position and close your eyes and your arms at your side or in your lap. Do not move around. Just sit there and relax for a minute.

2. Clear your mind of all thoughts. How do you do this?.... simply imagine a big Dumpster or a very large metal box on your mental screen. Then see it open and put all your thoughts and worries in it one by one.... bills... your lovelife.... problems.... your children.... your job... everything you can think of. Then close the lid and lock it! Then push it off your mental screen.

3. Now sit there quietly with no thoughts for a minute. When you are ready to start... do not forget to tell yourself as you go through each part of the body that you are becoming more and more relaxed as you go. YOU MUST TELL YOURSELF THIS!

4. Now... start with your head.... imagine every part of your head relaxing... start with your eyes.... then go to your ears.... the mouth... all your facial muscles. spend time with each part to make sure it is fully relaxed.

5. Now go to your neck and do the same.

6. Now go to your whole chest and stomach region and start with your heart... slow it down and make it at peace. Relax all you chest muscles and then your stomach area.

7. Now relax your arms feeling them going limp. Relax every muscle in  your arms one by one including your fingers.

8. Next go to the groin area and relax all the muscle there.

9. Now it is time to do your legs.... start with the thighs and work your way down to the feet relaxing each and every toe.

By this time you should be like a big lump of silly putty... totally relaxed and and at peace. Now here comes the fun part. This is where you will get to hypnotize yourself and see if it really works.....

1. Site there with you arms in you lap and or at your side and tell yourself that your right arm is getting very light. It is getting very, very light. Keep telling yourself this and feel how it is getting lighter. Tell yourself that it is getting so light that is is staring to raise up off your lap. Feel it it getting light as you keep telling yourself this and feel it raising up off you lap. It is getting lighter by the second and it is raising up higher and higher until it is up in the air.

2. Once you have achieved this and your arm is up in the air you may tell yourself it is getting heavy again and lower it to your lap. You will now tell yourself that you will awaken fully refreshed with energy and a clear mind.

3. Open your eyes and evaluate what you have done. Write down your experience in your magical journal. If you did not have success... try again later that day and keep trying until you are satisfied. If it never works for you.... you may be one of those who cannot be hypnotized.

Now.... this method can be used on someone else. Try it on your best friend... except you are the one who will be telling them to relax each part of their body. Then do the arm raising stunt with them and see if it works. Remember.... as you go through each part of the body with them... tell them they are getting more and more relaxed and sleepy. If this works then you can try more difficult things like making them do funny things...


 You can also use this method to remember things and program yourself to lose weight or study better or what ever you so choose!

 If you have been successful.... Congratulations! You now know how to Hypnotize!


Herb Substitutes - Cross Reference


*Rosemary can be substituted for any other herb
*Rose can be substituted for any other flower
*Frankincense can be substituted for any gum resin
*Copal can be substituted for any gum resin
*Tobacco can be substituted for any poisonous herb

ACACIA-Gum Arabic 
ACACIA, GUM-Gum Arabic 
ARABIC, GUM-Frankincense; Gum Mastic 
ASAFOETIDA-Tobacco; Valerian 
BALM OF GILEAD-Rose Buds; Gum Mastic 
BENZOIN-Gum Arabic; Gum Mastic 
CAMPHOR OIL-Eucalyptus Oil; Lavender Oil 
CARNATION-Rose petals anointed with a few drops of Cinnamon Oil 
CASTOR BEANS-A few drops Castor Oil 
CINQUEFOIL-Clover; Trefoil 
CITRON-Equal parts Orange Peel and Lemon Peel 
CLOVE-Mace; Nutmeg 
COPAL-Frankincense; Cedar 
CYPRESS-Juniper; Pine Needles 
DEERS TONGUE-Tonka Bean; Woodruff; Vanilla 
DRAGON'S BLOOD-Equal parts Frankincense and Red Sandalwood 
EUCALYPTUS OIL-Camphor Oil; Lavender Oil 
FRANKINCENSE-Copal; Pine Resin 
GALANGAL-Ginger Root 
GUM BDELLIUM-Copal; Pine Resin; Dragon's Blood 
HELLEBORE-Tobacco; Nettle 
HEMP-Nutmeg; Damiana; Star Anise; Bay 
LEMON PEEL-Lemon Peel 
LEMON VERBENA-Lemon Grass; Lemon Peel 
MASTIC, GUM-Gum Arabic; Frankincense 
NEROLI OIL-Orange Oil 
NUTMEG-Mace; Cinnamon 
ORANGE-Tangerine Peel 
PEPPERWORT-Rue; Grains of Paradise; Black Pepper 
PINE RESIN-Frankincense; Copal 
RED SANDALWOOD-Sandalwood mixed with a pinch of Dragon's Blood 
RUE-Rosemary mixed with a pinch of Black Pepper 
SAFFRON-Orange Peel 
SULFUR-Tobacco; Club Moss; Asafetida 
TONKA BEAN-Deerstongue; Woodruff; Vanilla Bean 
VANILLA-Woodruff; Deerstongue; Tonka Bean 
WOOD ALOE-Sandalwood sprinkled with Ambergris Oil 
WOODRUFF-Deerstongue; Vanilla 

Voodoo Myths & Core Beliefs

Voodoo is a folk practice in which deities are celebrated and asked for guidance. Unlike other spiritual practices, the structure of deity can be a bit more complex, causing new practitioners to be a bit confused as to who to pray too. What’s more difficult with this spiritual practice is that the Voodoo beliefs have been changed and altered as the belief system spread. There are many different types of Voodoo practiced now, and each has its own ideas of what is ‘right’ and what is not.The basic idea of deity in Voodoo is this – there are many deities, but only some can help the humans who contact them. There is a supreme being who is not one who concerns themselves with the affairs of men and women. They simply are there to run the universe as they see fit to do so. Lesser deities are helpful in connecting with the humans on earth, allowing the humans someone to talk to and to pray to. In giving offerings and in giving energy to these gods, the prayers may be answered. Pleasing the gods is always a good thing in any practice, but especially in Voodoo. By building colorful altars, leaving offerings, and being respectful of the deities’ needs, a person can enhance their luck, banish bad things, and bring good opportunities to them.Within the practice of Voodoo are clear ideas about the notion of greed. When a person is too greedy, they will not be able to get all they want – and the deities may become angry with them. There is a clear understanding of right and wrong within the practice of Voodoo. Those who are simply trying to better themselves without doing anything in return will not be pleased with the results they see in their lives. The gods are angry and swift in their anger, so bad things can happen if things are done in their name without proper guidance. In addition, if a deity doesn’t like the way a person is handling their spell work or rituals, they might not be able to help others in healing. Being able to practice Voodoo without having a self-centered focused is essential. One can not do the work of the Voodoo deities without making sure to honor them at all times, reciting their names, having sculptures of them, etc.That said, the idea of Voodoo sounds scary to make people because most people have no idea what it is and what it encompasses. Though this might seem to create a mood of fear, Voodoo is a very celebratory practice as well. With hours of prayers and dancing, the person who is practicing Voodoo can be ecstatic in their devotion to the deities, helping to please them as they witness the actions of those on earth. Practitioners are able to create vibrant altars and ritual dress, helping to please the deities as they do their Voodoo work. Many people don’t realize that a lot of Voodoo is about healing and about asking for spirits to be removed from the bodies, as it is thought that sickness is caused by evil spirits and not necessarily by germs or viruses.Within Voodoo are many practices an everyday spiritual seeker can use. Though many people shy away from the idea of using Voodoo in their life, many Voodoo love spells are effective, even more so than other spells which might be available. Voodoo is a practice which gets results, but only when a person is respectful of the deities and seeks to please them.


Voodoo myths and Voodoo misconceptions are plentiful. Voodoo, or Vodun as it is more accurately known, is one of the world’s oldest religions. It originated in Africa and goes back at least 10,000 years. One of the largest Voodoo myths is the name itself – Voodoo. Some believe it means something sinister or malevolent. In truth, Voodoo is just the African word for ‘spirit’, nothing more and nothing less.

In order to examine Voodoo myths and Voodoo misconceptions properly it is important to look at the history of Voodoo. Why? The reason is because many of the Voodoo myths you hear about, even today, are the result of inaccuracies reported over 120 years ago.


Voodoo myths truly began when African slaves were taken from their homes to the New World. Slavers hoped to break the ties of religion that various tribes still held after their arrival to North America, South America and the Caribbean. Instead, these tribesmen who practiced Vodun came together and the new religion of Voodoo began. Voodoo myths started not long after because white settlers failed to understand the ancient religion.

In 1884 the Voodoo myths began to travel worldwide and back to Europe because of a book called. "Haiti or the Black Republic” written by an author named S. St. John. In this book St. John reported on activities he claims to have witnessed in the West Indies. From that point began the Voodoo myths, which many people have even today when they hear the word Voodoo.    


One of the Voodoo myths that evolved in part because of St. John’s book involves human sacrifice. Even to this day there are people who insist that this Voodoo myth is real - that anyone who practices Voodoo engages in human sacrifice. This simply isn’t true.

Radical, fundamentalist Christians and Muslims who kill in the name of god are a minority in those religions. The same is true of Voodoo followers - the majority of people have never killed anyone. The Voodoo myths of ‘witch doctors’ killing humans to perform spells or make potions are an exception, not the rule, when it comes to Voodoo. Like a Christian who bombs an abortion clinic or a Muslim who highjacks an airplane, Voodoo followers who kill anyone are a small percentage in relation to the millions of Voodoo practitioners worldwide.  One of the biggest Voodoo myths is thinking human sacrifice is the norm.

One of the other Voodoo myths around today is that Voodoo followers practice cannibalism, the eating of human flesh. The reason this is still one of the largest Voodoo myths most likely stems from the fact that Voodoo followers will engage in animal sacrifice. But even that sacrifice isn’t without purpose.

In Voodoo the sacrificed animal is used and consumed in a feast to honor the different pantheon of spirits called Loa. If you think about it, this behavior isn’t far from eating a ‘Christmas Goose, Turkey or Ham’. The key difference is most people get their meat from a butcher shop.


Knowledge is power. The more people know about any religion the less biased about it they become. It’s a burden that all religions of the world face on a daily basis. But the more people learn about Vodun and its practices, the more Voodoo myths will be dispelled. So education, as with all things in life, including Voodoo myths, is the key to greater understanding.



The Doctrine of Signatures or Natural Magic

(general outline of how to use Natural Curios)Herbs and RootsMineralsZoological Curios

Personal Concerns

Fluids: Menstrual Blood, Urine, SemenSolids: Feces, Hair, SkinTouched by the Body: Dishrag, Socks, Shoes, Underwear, Foot Track Symbolic: Photos, Name Papers

Laying Tricks and Disposing of Ritual Remnants

Burial in Earth in the Home YardDeployment in Food or DrinkDeployment in Clothing or on ObjectsDeployment or Disposal at a CrossroadsInterment in a Quincunx Pattern in a BuildingBurial in a GraveyardDeployment in a TreeDeployment or Disposal in Running WaterDisposal in Fire

Tying, Wrapping, and Folding

Folding Toward and Folding AwayWrapping and Tying

Altar Cloths

Sewing or Placing in a Bag

Red Flannel Lucky Mojo BagBrocade "Chinese Fortune Bag"Fringed Leather "Medicine Bag" PouchVelvet Bags and PouchesNation SackJomo Charms

Doll Babies Bottle and Box Spells

Bottle Spells (Vinegar, Honey, and Ammonia jars)Honey Jar Spells (and Red Apple or Onion spells)Ice Box and Freezer Spells (tongue, pickle, paper packet)

Foot-Track Magic

Spoken Charms (contrast chants (very few!) and relative lack of spoken charms w/ Euro-magic)

Invocations (Father, Son, Holy Ghost; J the C; King Solomon)Recitation of Psalms"Hitler and Hell" by Rev. J. M. Gates, a call-and-response sermon-curse

Written Charms, Petition Papers, and Inscribed Wishes

Seals and SigilsChalk MarksInscribed Papers and Marked MoneyFeather Quill Pens for Magical WritingMagical Scented Inks

Talismanic Objects

Silver Mercury Dimes Indian Head CentsLucky Tokens


BibliomancyThrowing the BonesJack Balls and Queen Elizabeth Root pendulumsCartomancy, Reading the CardsLucky Numbers given to one:

Hyatt's informant, numbers given out in commercial incense and candles

Dreaming Lucky, Dreaming True, Dream Books

"Aunt Sally's Policy Players Dream Book" and others"Billy Bing's Dream Book""Kansas City Kitty Dream Book""Madam Fu-Fu's Lucky Number Dream Book""Pick'Em Dream Book" by Rajah Rabo (Carl Z. Talbot)Professor Konje, Professor De Herbert (Herbert G. Parris)"Rajah Rabo's 5-Star Mutuel Dream Book" by Rajah Rabo (Carl Z. Talbot)"Rajah's Lucky Number Dream Book" by Rajah Stanley"Stella's Lucky Seven Star Dream Book""Stella's Success From Dreams: Number Interpretations""True Fortune Teller" by The Gypsy King (Ralph Anderson)

Lottery, Policy, and the Numbers Game Rundowns and Work-Outs

"Billy Bing's Red Book of Relative Numbers""Billy Bing's Work-Out Book: Work-Outs That 'Work'"


The Basic Tricks

Drawing: How to Enhance Luck and Draw What you Want in Love, Money, and Work

Mojo Bags and Conjure HandsNation SacksJomo CharmsHoney Jar Spells

Hurting: How to Harm Others, Drive Them Away, or Give Them an Unnatural Illness

Negative or Harmful Foot-Track MagicJomo Work as a term for Negative Foot-Track Magic"Live Things In You"Tying the Nature

Dominating: How to Get Your Way, To Rule, and Succeed

Female Spells of Domination

Protecting: How to Protect Your Self and Your Home from Tricks

Protection Spells

Cleansing: How to Free Your Self and Your Home from Crossed Conditions

Bathing and Cleansing the Self, Home, and Business Chinese Wash Van Van Spiritual Supplies Uncrossing Spiritual Supplies

Contacting Supernatural Entities:

HagsThe Dead (Ancestors and Others)Who Are the "Saints" in Hoodoo?Crossroads Rituals



How to Make a Mojo hand ("What's In a Mojo" section only)How to Make and Use a Doll-BabyGoing Down to the Crossroads ("Oral History" section only)How to Use Dressing OilsHow to Use Sachet PowdersHow to Use Baths and Floor WashesHow to Use IncenseHow to Burn Candles How to Use Spell Kits Candle Magic

The History of Candle Burning in the Hoodoo Rootwork TraditionColour Symbolism in Candle MagicThe Symbolism of Figural CandlesDressing, Marking, Measuring, Lighting, and Extinguishing CandlesHow to Read Divination Signs from Candle-BurningHow to Burn Candles in SecretHow to Ritually Dispose of Used Candle WaxSimple Candle Spells for You to Try

Practical Hoodoo Spells for Various Conditions

Opening the WayLove SpellsReconciliation SpellsTying the Nature Break-up and anti-loveMoney-drawing and Drawing Customers to a BusinessGambler's LuckJob-gettingSuccess in Career or SchoolDomination and Bend-OverProtection SpellsLaw Keep AwayHot Foot and Drive-AwayJinxing and CrossingJinx-Breaking and UncrossingBlessing, Purification, and Healing

Improvisation within an Oral Tradition: Playing the Riffs

(an upbeat, encouraging "release" that allows beginners to feel free from the constraints of "cookbook" magic, but stresses the tradition and its integrity)

Some Aspects of the Material Culture of Hoodoo in the 20th Century

Blues Lyrics and Hoodoo supplementary transcriptionsHoodoo Candle ManufacturersThe Clover Horn Company, Baltimore, Maryland Double Fast Luck brand soapThe lucky aspects of commercial hair care preparationsHoyt's Cologne, a lucky perfumeHarry M. Hyatt's African-American informantsLucky Brown beauty productsLucky Heart hoodoo productsLucky MonGol brand curioslucky room spraysEgypt Candle Store, Oakland, California



Materia Magica: Roots, Minerals, and Herbs

Intro to Natural Herbs, Roots, Minerals, and Zoological Curios Around the Home and Farm


Pins, Needles, NailsRailroad Spikes


AmmoniaAshesBluestoneGunpowder Lye SaltSaltpeter


Ants and TermitesBlack CatsBlack DogsBlack Hens, Hen Eggs, and Frizzled FowlBonesCow dungFeathersSnake Sheds

In Trade and Commerce

Alligator FootAlligator ToothAngelica RootBadger ToothBat-Nut (Devil Pod, Chinese Horn Nut)Buckeye NutDevil's Shoe String RootDragon's BloodFive Finger GrassGoofer DustGraveyard DirtJob's TearsJohn the Conqueror RootLodestoneLucky Hand RootMagnetic SandNutmegPyriteQueen Elizabeth RootRabbit FootRaccoon Penis BoneRattlesnake Skin and RattlesRed PepperRueSaltSulphur


Condition Oils, Powders, Incenses, and Washes

History of Mail Order Spiritual Supplies of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries

How to Use Dressing Oils ("History" section only)How to Use Sachet Powders ("History" section only)How to Use Baths and Floor Washes ("History" section only)How to Use Incense ("History" section only)How to Burn Candles ("History" section only)How to Use Spell Kits ("History" section only)

Descriptive Selection of Commercial Spiritual Supplies (Condition Formulas)

Abramelin (an Old Testament formula for Heavenly blessings)Adam and Eve (for primal, unmediated, sensual love)African Ju JuAlgiersAttraction (to bring in what you want; also used to bring in money)Aunt Sally's Lucky Dream (to bring lucky numbers through dreams)BanishingBat's Blood (for pacts, for gambling, for dark arts)Bewitching (adds mystery, fascination, and sexual allure to love spells)Black Arts (to aid in destructive spells and pact-making rituals)Black Cat (to bring back a lost love, for gambling, for dark arts)Blessing (for purification, blessing, healing, and comfort)Boss FixBreak Up (for splitting up a couple, for divorce or separation)Buffalo Ammonia (for purification, spiritual cleansing, and protection)Cast Off Evil (to break bad habits or drive away evil companions)Chinese Wash (to clean away crossed conditions in a home)Clarity (put an end to confusion and unknowing; for insight and true vision)Cleo MayCome To Me (to draw a lover of the opposite sex closer)Commanding (to rule, control, dominate and lead others)Compelling (to make someone do as promised or pay what's owed)Confusion (to drive someone into a state of mental disarray)ControllingCourt Case (to influence judge and jury to decide in your favour)Crossing (to mess someone's life up by jinxing their luck in all ways)Crown of Success (for success in school, career, or on stage)Crucible of Courage (to increase personal determination, courage, and bravery)Cut and Clear (to Fall Out of Love and Open the Way for New Love)DestructionDixie Love (an old Southern Love formula for men or women)Dove's Blood (for love spells directly from the heart)Double Cross (a sneaky twist to wreck and enemy;s love and money)Double luckyDragon's Blood (for power, luck, protection, and magic)Essence of Bend-Over (to subjugate someone to your will)Fan Laundry Soap (for Uncrossing and Jinx-breaking)Fan Medicated Soap (for Purification and Protection)Fast Luck (for immediate sexual and money luck)Fear Not to Walk Over Evil (for protection from tricks and crossing)Fiery Wall of Protection (for protection from enemies and bad people)Fire of Love (to engender passionate desire)Florida Water and Kananga Water (for purification and spiritism)Follow Me Boy (to dominate and control a man with sexual allure)Follow Me Girl (to dominate and control a woman with sexual allure)Four Thieves Vinegar (to protect yourself and drive off enemies)Good Luck (for general good fortune in love, money, and games of chance)Goofer Dust (to wreck someone's life up or kill them)Graveyard Dirt (to kill someone or bring them under your control)Healing (for relief of sickness and sorrow; to mend emotional and physical problems)Hot Foot (to drive someone out of your life or cause them to leave town)House Blessing (to cleanse, bless, and protect your home)Hoyt's Cologne (for gambling luck)Indian Spirit GuideInflammatory ConfusionIntranquility (to force a wandering lover to return)Jezebel (for working women and for female renegades)Jinx (to steal someone's luck in love or money)Jinx Killer (to kill a jinxing spell that was laid fown)John the Conqueror (for strength, mastery, love, and money)King Solomon Wisdom (for intelligence, wise decisions, and occultism)Kiss Me Now (to rapidly bring about a sexual affair)Lady Luck (for dice-play and risk-taking ventures)Lavender Love Drops (for drawing gay and lesbian love and sex)Law Keep Away (to keep off the police, IRS, DEA, and other agencies)Lodestone (to attract and draw luck, money, and love)Look Me Over (to attract admiring attention to one's physical body)Love Me (to attract a new lover or turn an old friend into a new lover)Lucky Buddha (for good luck in wealth, health, money, and gambling)Lucky Hand (for a "helping hand" in money matters and gambling)Lucky Mojo (for all around good luck in love, money, and gambling)Lucky Number (for betting in any game that involved Numerology or Numbers)Lucky 13 (to "dress the house" and fix one's money when gambling)Magnetic Sands (to feed the lodestone for love or money matters)Marriage (to get married, to bless a new marriage, for wedded bliss)Master (for skill, self-discipline, and leadership ability)Master Key (for occult power, strength of will, and insight)Money Drawing (to bring in money through business or general good luck)Money House Blessing (to bring in money through business or general good luck)Money Stay With Me (to bring in money through business or general good luck)Moses (to honour or petition the great Prophet, Law-Giver, and Leader.)Peaceful Home (for a happy marriage or domestic relationship)Peace Water (to ensure that only good people and spirits enter the home)Power (to increase your personal strength and spiritual power)Prosperity (for better business and financial ease)Psychic Vision (to enhance spiritual insight and induce prophetic dreams)Reconciliation (to repair lovers' spats)Return To MeRoad Opener (to break blockages and open the way)Safe Travel (for a happy journey and a safe return)Special Oil No. 20 (an all-purpose candle-dressing oil)Stay At HomeStay With Me (for conjugal fidelity and marital faithfulness)Steady Work (to get a good job and hold it)Stop Gossip (to stop back-biting and slander)Three Jacks and a King (for luck at gambling and card games)Uncrossing (to break jinxes and remove crossed conditions)Van Van (to open the way, drive off evil, and anoint amulets)VictoryWealthy WayWar Water (to declare occult war on enemies and cause trouble for them)


Popular Candles in Conjure

Seven-Day and Seven-Knob CandlesVotive Candles, Lux Perpetua Candles, and Tea LightsGlass Encased Religious Novena CandlesGlass Encased Vigil CandlesUnlabelled Plain Glass Encased Vigil CandlesPull-Out Candles (Vigil And Novena Candle Refills)Double Action and Reversing Jumbo Candles


~Elder Airwolf~


Wood Wisdom - Walking with the Sacred Trees


Wood Wisdom - Walking with the Sacred Trees

by H. Catherine Watling

You follow the path that winds through the ancient forest, or the marches and uplands beyond, in search of the tree whose wisdom you seek...

Is it birch, guide to new beginnings? The faerie rowan? Or willow, tree of moontides and poets? Be silent and listen to the whisperings of aspen. Find the courage of the holly warrior within.

Of course, all trees and plants are sacred and each offers its unique gift, but in Druidry and Celtic spirituality those associated with the Ogham alphabet are regarded as plants of particular power. Though the Ogham system is referred to as a ‘tree’ alphabet, it also includes climbers such as ivy and vine, and bushes such as heather and gorse. Each ‘tree’ represents the initial letter of its name in Gaelic, which is in turn represented by a symbol that can be used in divination like a rune.

The earliest examples of Ogham inscriptions are believed to date to the second century, AD, though Ogham tree lore, with its mythological associations, is likely to have existed as an oral system for centuries before symbols were carved in wood or engraved on stone. There are twenty trees in the original alphabet, with five added later which vary according to source.

We Druids are the men and women of the oak – the word is thought to mean oak-wise – and the Roman writer Pliny says that no Druid ceremony was conducted without the presence of oak. Trees have spoken with and guided our ancestors for thousands of years as they guide us now, if only we can stop on life’s frantic highway and hear with our spirit ears, open our spirit eyes.

When I was considering whether to study the OBOD course, I went out to commune with the trees. Meditating on whether Druidry was right for me, I walked between steep banks where exposed roots writhed from the earth in dragon form and the boughs of nature’s cathedral arched far above. I felt the caring guardianship of the trees, but also their otherness and mystery, and heard their dreaming words.

In celebration of my Druid path, I’ve planted many Ogham trees in the gardens of house where I’ve lived – groves of dryad guides, givers of gifts, spiritual and material. They’ve blessed me with freshly picked apples to share at the feast of Samhain, hazelnuts for the rite of poetic inspiration. My bardic silver branch is an apple bough, my wand is of willow. And every year I used to pollard the established willow at the back of my first Glastonbury cottage, using its pliable boughs for hurdle making, the heavier branches for firewood.

Leaf, fruit or flower placed on the altar when performing a ceremony, journeying or meditating brings the outside in, helping to awaken the visionary grove or forest as we walk through the portal of interlaced branches.

Ash, Nuin, Onnen, Lofty tree that bears the keys, unlocking the shaman’s secret journey. Companion, burning ever brightly, I come in peace and in search of wisdom. Is it your wish to share your knowledge and energy with me?

Before working with any tree, we must seek acceptance. Placing a hand on branch or trunk, I make the request and sense if it is appropriate to work with this tree. It is disrespectful not to gain permission, or to forget to give thanks for gifts received.

Towards the end of the Bardic grade I began a daily practice of meditating on one of the Ogham trees, exploring how its nature and symbolism related to issues in my mundane or spiritual life, how it offered solutions and showed new perspectives.

Grove book entry, Sept ’98: I used the word Coll as a mantra and found it had the rhythm of a heartbeat, which brought the realisation that the hazelnuts are heart-shaped. The heart is the central, vital organ of the body. The heart of wisdom is the focus from which true values radiate. In time, these meditations carried me across the bridge from the Bardic to the Ovate grade, to deeper learning from the trees.

Grove book entry, July 1999: The solitary oak that stands in the meadow speaks: ‘My task is to show strength and stability. I stand alone, though I am one of the tree tribe, and linked also to all things on earth. It is the same with humans, you are alone, yet part of the greater whole. Look within, take respon- sibility for your own life and actions, as I show by example. I am neither swayed by the crowd, nor do I seek power over other beings. I am whole in myself.’ To conclude my Ovate studies, I chose to work closely with three of the Ogham trees in search of creative inspiration. After journeying with each, I wrote a poem and tale, and painted images of what I’d received. This developed and expanded, taking me down the forest path to all the Ogham trees, and the supremely sacred mistletoe – journeying, meditation, creating tree ceremonies and studying their lore.

I walk the woodlands, feeling the living land beneath my feet, my arms brushing against leafy branches, the pressure of 21st century life left behind. This is reality.

In Uplyme churchyard, on the Devon/Dorset border, I step beneath the canopy of an ancient yew, and enter another realm. At that moment the church clock strikes startling me, and the still air suddenly stirs into fierce gusts. Branches sway and creak as if they will be torn from the trunk. There is a sense of challenge, of powerful forces communicating their message.

In the grounds of Glastonbury Abbey, I walk through the orchard in May, the air scented with the blossom which floats around me on a warm breeze. I feel that I have slipped across the threshold from Glastonbury to Avalon, land of eternal youth and harmony.

Outside, or looking at a sprig on the altar, I study the detail of leaf, flower, fruit and seed. Feeling the dark power of the yew, I paint its needles and berries in a mandala-like design around the triple spiral of initiation, of life, death and rebirth. Feeling the otherworldly magic of apple, I paint its faery blossom, smelling again the gentle perfume. Bees gather nectar from red heather within a painted circle of honeycomb, buzzing round the sun at the centre of the image...

There are so many gifts that trees offer, through their guidance, healing and inspiration, and so many levels on which to work.

How to Make Spells

How to make spells can be a big issue for anyone new to witchcraft. The idea of making up your own seems odd and a little scary. How can a home-made spell be real? Just think about a spell like a recipe. Sure using recipes from a famous chef in a published cookbook is fine and will be almost certain to produce something tasty. But when you whip up something of your own creation, it doesn't mean it's not a real recipe. It is just a little tougher if you are new to cooking and it may run the risk of not turning out. With experience, you will probably ditch the book altogether and just cook whatever you feel like in the moment. Spells work the same way.

There is no hard and fast way to create the perfect spell, so you should plan on a little experimentation and these are just some tips to help you write your first spell.

[how to make spells in witchcraft and wicca] Your Purpose
First of all, you need to pin down what exactly you are trying to accomplish. It may not take much thinking on this but you do have to take this first step so you know how to proceed from here. Be specific too. Don't just think "love spell" because you may really want to find a new love or reconnect with an old love. A specific spell is more successful.

And if you are worried about your purpose being selfish, you should stop and think about doing spells for yourself. It's not necessarily a problem.

Once you have your intention set out, getting the right materials is the next step in how to make spells. A good list of "correspondences" is where you should start. Spell correspondences refer to a list of items and what purpose they correspond with (such as malachite for wealth). You can find a good list of magickal correspondences on this other website until I have one created here. I also have a specific list for spell herbs and one forcrystals.

Anywhere from 2 to 5 items is usually sufficient for a typical spell but even that can be adjusted to suit your preferences. If you like candles, work with colors and candles. If you prefer crystals, then stick with various stones. It's up to you.

The Words
Not all spells have to have words, but they do help you focus your energy on your intention when you are casting. This can be a hard part if you are not too creative. Just keep it simple and try to make it rhyme (though that is not necessary). There are a few genericmagic chants on another page to help get you started.

The Timing
This isn't as crucial as the other parts of how to make spells, but you can add extra power if you time your spell right. Pick the right day of the week or the right phase of the moon for a little magickal boost. Study some correspondence tables and see when is the best time for your purpose. If it really doesn't work for you, then anytime is fine.

Put it All Together
Here is where most people get a little weak. Going through the motions and reading off your words does not make a successful spell. Your mind has to be focused on what you are trying to do, and you need to take your time. That also means learning the spell before you start.

Visualize your intentions and visualize the energy around you being focused on your task. Picture everything vividly in your mind as you work. This is where experience and practice come in. It's the inner workings of your mind and thoughts that makes spells work, and that cannot really be taught.

And that is also why it's not a good idea to fall for free spell casting deals from other people or those bogus spell casting software programs.

~Elder Airwolf~