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Merry Meet Legionnaires~
I am sixth generation Native Blackfoot and Scottish Celt. My Grandmother was one of my mentors her being a shaman, and my other mentor was my Druid Celtic Aunt. I was raised pagan and my education started at the age
of seven and formally after my first moon lodge ritual at 12. I am also trained as a voodoo priestess.
I am a retired MSW, Psychotherapist/Hypnotherapist, and a Dr of Ministries. I provide individual and family counseling.

RIP Rikki

As some of you know the Legion of Pagans Spiritual Ministry & The Church of Pagan Freedoms were associates as we tried to assist their church out of  maham and attacks. Unfortunately the LOP was not successful and we parted houses in 2013. But I recently heard some sad news as follows:

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Rest in peace FAITH A. NYMEYER a.k.a Rikki Pendragon founder of the church of Pagan freedoms.

Posted by Traditional Church of Satan on 2015/10/04
Rest in peace FAITH A. NYMEYER a.k.a Rikki Pendragon founder of the church of Pagan freedoms.
Last night at 4.40 Am The founder of the Church of Pagan freedoms Faith Nymeyer took her last physical breath and passed onto her next journey.
On behalf of Reverend.Dr.Robert Fraize the Traditional Church of Satan sends its positive energy to  members of Faith’s real family and especially to her daughter Penny Halstead who has decided to continue her mother’s work with  the church of pagan freedoms as the new owner.

Regardless of our differences RIP sister!
~Elder Airwolf~

Conjuring Celestial Beings, Angels, Demons, and Elemental Spirits.


From the most heavenly of spirits to the monsters of the of the great abyss. These entities can all be summoned to do your bidding or answer your questions. Take warning to heart. These creatures are very powerful and you could end up doing your self more harm than good.~WARNING!~ This information is for educational purposes only! I do not suggest that you attempt to do any of the following. This is not a detailed set of instructions. This is a basic outline of certain things that are needed and performed. This is simply and example, nothing more.When a magician gets started he usually performs the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (Invoking version at the beginning and the banishing at the end of the ritual), and the Middle Pillar Ritual. These are the most important things he would do in order to protect himself from these Beings. Remember the attitude he gets from a spirit depends on the type of spirit he would so choose to conjure up! In this example the Sorcerer would conjure the Spirit "VAU-AEL". He is the spirit who will give thee all kinds of pleasant visions. He will serve you well in all that you wish to know. This spirit is taken from "the Grimoire of Armadel".In this example we would be conjuring this spirit on to the astral plane and not onto this physical plane. We would be able to see the spirit by gazing into the black mirror within the Triangle of the Solomon. He puts on his robe and lights the incense and the candles. He then sits in the middle of the magic circle. Here is the sigil of the entity... Seal of "VAU-AEL"Holding the Sigil of the spirit in your hands gaze into it and repeat the name of the spirit over and over for at least 10 min. Then gaze into the black mirror (or crystal ball) and concentrate while reciting the following...I evoke and conjure thee, O spirit "VAU-AEL" by the Supreme Majesty - the true God who is known by the names of YOD HEH VAV HEH (yod-heh-vahv-heh), ADONAI (ah-doe-ney), EHEIEH (eh-hey-yay), and AGLA (ah-gah-lah) to appear before me in this mirror (or crystal ball) in a fair and comely shape.Continue to gaze into the mirror until the image of the entity becomes clear to see. When you can see the entity then ask it "what is thy name?" If it gives the correct answer then ask it to sign its name in the space surrounding it. If the spirit turns out to be someone else then you can ask it to leave or ask what its purpose of coming before you. If it is the correct spirit then you must welcome it by saying...In peace I welcome you, O spirit "VAU-AEL",and in the name of the Most High I command you to stay within this mirror until you are dismissed, to speak honestly and to answer all questions truthfully that I put before you.Now you may ask the questions that you wish to put before him. Make sure that you are polite and not rude in any way, for you must treat these spiritual beings with the total respect. You may also command it do do certain tasks for you, but if you ask it to do things that might harm someone then you will at sometime suffer the penalties of KARMA. What goes around comes around. You don't want to have something bad come around and bite you in the ass now do you? Try to do only good tasks and things of a positive nature! Once you are done with the spirit, you must license him to depart. Take note that you must give this dismissal even if the entity does not show itself, for it could actually be there and you not know it and then you would have a spirit hanging around you which could be your demise.Here is the dismissal...Go in peace and return to your sphere of origin, O Spirit "VAU-AEL" by the authority of the True God, I command thee to harm none as you depart, and to be ready to come quickly if called upon again.*You will also want to do the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram and the Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram! This is a Must!*This ritual can be used to conjure Celestial, Demonic, Elemental, or Angelic entities to do your bidding.Afterwards you would need to write down everything that happened in your experience. You would need to keep a journal of all these events and what took place. You will want to memorize these conjuration's and not have to read them off a card. You will also need to make sure that you pronounce all the sacred names of God correctly in your invocations, and once again do nothing to harm anyone in your magical rites. Even if you are conjuring a demon you can still command them to do good for you such a a jenn.

Conjure with care!
~Elder Airwolf~

Feast of the Dead


THE custom of burying grave-goods with the dead, or slaying wife or slaves on the tomb, does not necessarily point to a cult of the dead, yet when such practices survive over a long period they assume the form of a cult. These customs flourished among the Celts, and, taken in connection with the reverence for the sepulchres of the dead, they point to a worship of ancestral spirits as well as of great departed heroes. Heads of the slain were offered to the "strong shades"--the ghosts of tribal heroes whose praises were sung by bards. 1 When such heads were placed on houses, they may have been devoted to the family ghosts. The honour in which mythic or real heroes were held may point to an actual cult, the hero being worshipped when dead, while he still continued his guardianship of the tribe. We know also that the tomb of King Cottius in the Alps was a sacred place, that Irish kings were often inaugurated on ancestral burial cairns, and that Irish gods were associated with barrows of the dead. 2

The cult of the dead culminated at the family hearth, around which the dead were even buried, as among the Aeduii; this latter custom may have been general. 3 In any case the belief in the presence of ancestral ghosts around the hearth was widespread, as existing superstitions show. In

p. 166

[paragraph continues] Brittany the dead seek warmth at the hearth by night, and a feast is spread for them on All Souls' eve, or crumbs are left for them after a family gathering. 1 But generally the family ghost has become a brownie, lutin, or pooka, haunting the hearth and doing the household work. 2Fairy corresponds in all respects to old ancestral ghost, and the one has succeeded to the place of the other, while the fairy is even said to be the ghost of a dead person. 3 Certain archæological remains have also a connection with this ancient cult. Among Celtic remains in Gaul are found andirons of clay, ornamented with a ram's head. M. Dechelette sees in this "the symbol of sacrifice offered to the souls of ancestors on the altar of the hearth." 4 The ram was already associated as a sacrificial animal with the cult of fire on the hearth, and by an easy transition it was connected with the cult of the dead there. It is found as an emblem on ancient tombs, and the domestic Lar was purified by the immolation of a ram. 5 Figurines of a ram have been found in Gaulish tombs, and it is associated with the god of the underworld. 6 The ram of the andirons was thus a permanent representative of the victim offered in the cult of the dead. A mutilated inscription on one of them may stand for Laribus augustis, and certain markings on others may represent the garlands twined round the victim. 7 Serpents with rams' heads occur on the monuments of the underworld god. The serpent was a chthonian god or the

p. 167

emblem of such a god, and it may have been thought appropriate to give it the head of an animal associated with the cult of the dead.

The dead were also fed at the grave or in the house. Thus cups were placed in the recess of a well in the churchyard of Kilranelagh by those interring a child under five, and the ghost of the child was supposed to supply the other spirits with water from these cups. 1 In Ireland, after a death, food is placed out for the spirits, or, at a burial, nuts are placed in the coffin. 2 In some parts of France, milk is poured out on the grave, and both in Brittany and in Scotland the dead are supposed to partake of the funeral feast. 3 These are survivals from pagan times and correspond to the rites in use among those who still worship ancestors. In Celtic districts a cairn or a cross is placed over the spot where a violent or accidental death has occurred, the purpose being to appease the ghost, and a stone is often added to the cairn by all passers-by. 4

Festivals were held in Ireland on the anniversaries of the death of kings or chiefs, and these were also utilised for purposes of trade, pleasure, or politics. They sometimes occurred on the great festivals, e.g. Lugnasad and Samhain, and were occasionally held at the great burial-places. 5 Thus the gathering at Taillti on Lugnasad was said to have been founded by Lug in memory of his foster-mother, Tailtiu, and the Leinstermen met at Carman on the same day to commemorate King Garman, or in a variant account, a woman called Carman. She and her sons had tried to blight the

p. 168

corn of the Tuatha Dé Danann, but the sons were driven off and she died of grief, begging that a fair should always be held in her name, and promising abundance of milk, fruit, and fish for its observance. 1 These may be ætiological myths explaining the origin of these festivals on the analogy of funeral festivals, but more likely, since Lugnasad was a harvest festival, they are connected with the custom of slaying a representative of the corn-spirit. The festival would become a commemoration of all such victims, but when the custom itself had ceased it would be associated with one particular personage, the corn-goddess regarded as a mortal.

This would be the case where the victim was a woman, but where a male was slain, the analogy of the slaying of the divine king or his succedaneum would lead to the festivals being regarded as commemorative of a king, e.g. Garman. This agrees with the statement that observance of the festival produced plenty; non-observance, dearth. The victims were slain to obtain plenty, and the festival would also commemorate those who had died for this good cause, while it would also appease their ghosts should these be angry at their violent deaths. Certain of the dead were thus commemorated at Lugnasad, a festival of fertility. Both the corn-spirit or divinity slain in the reaping of the corn, and the human victims, were appeased by its observance. 2 The legend of Carman makes her hostile to the corn--a curious way of regarding a corn-goddess. But we have already seen that gods of fertility were sometimes thought of as causing blight, and in folk-belief the corn-spirit is occasionally believed to be dangerous. Such inversions occur wherever revolutions in religion take place.

The great commemoration of the dead was held on

p. 169

[paragraph continues] Samhain eve, a festival intended to aid the dying powers of vegetation, whose life, however, was still manifested in evergreen shrubs, in the mistletoe, in the sheaf of corn from last harvest--the abode of the corn-spirit. 1 Probably, also, human representatives of the vegetation or corn-spirit were slain, and this may have suggested the belief in the presence of their ghosts at this festival. Or the festival being held at the time of the death of vegetation, the dead would naturally be commemorated then. Or, as in Scandinavia, they may have been held to have an influence on fertility, as an extension of the belief that certain slain persons represented spirits of fertility, or because trees and plants growing on the barrows of the dead were thought to be tenanted by their spirits. 2 In Scandinavia, the dead were associated with female spirits or fylgjur, identified with thedisir, a kind of earth-goddesses, living in hollow hills. 3 The nearest Celtic analogy to these is the Matres, goddesses of fertility. Bede says that Christmas eve was called Modranicht, "Mothers' Night," 4 and as many of the rites of Samhain were transferred to Yule, the former date ofModranicht may have been Samhain, just as the Scandinavian Disablot, held in November, was a festival of the disir and of the dead. 5 It has been seen that the Celtic Earth-god was lord of the dead, and that he probably took the place of an Earth-goddess or goddesses, to whom the Matrescertainly correspond. Hence the connection of the dead with female Earth-spirits would be explained. Mother Earth had received the dead before her place was taken by the Celtic Dispater. Hence the time of Earth's

p. 170

decay was the season when the dead, her children, would be commemorated. Whatever be the reason, Celts, Teutons, and others have commemorated the dead at the beginning of winter, which was the beginning of a new year, while a similar festival of the dead at New Year is held in many other lands.

Both in Ireland and in Brittany, on November eve food is laid out for the dead who come to visit the houses and to warm themselves at the fire in the stillness of the night, and in Brittany a huge log burns on the hearth. We have here returned to the cult of the dead at the hearth. 1 Possibly the Yule log was once a log burned on the hearth--the place of the family ghosts--at Samhain, when new fire was kindled in each house. On it libations were poured, which would then have been meant for the dead. The Yule log and the log of the Breton peasants would thus be the domestic aspect of the fire ritual, which had its public aspect in the Samhain bonfires.

All this has been in part affected by the Christian feast of All Souls. Dr. Frazer thinks that the feast of All Saints (November 1st) was intended to take the place of the pagan cult of the dead. As it failed to do this, All Souls, a festival of all the dead, was added on November 2nd. 2 To some extent, but not entirely, it has neutralised the pagan rites, for the old ideas connected with Samhain still survive here and there. It is also to be noted that in some cases the friendly aspect of the dead has been lost sight of, and, like the síd-folk, they are popularly connected with evil powers which are in the ascendant on Samhain eve.




Donna Morgan Wolf~Elder Airwolf



This world has been in many wars from the beginning but there was a moment of peace in the spiritual communities briefly, and this was in the days when the Goddess stood equal with the Gods. This brought balance as one needed the other in all aspects. If you look around you with all life forms there is a balance to all being in harmony with male and female counterparts. Sure there is no denying that domination of one counterpart disrespected this balance but to have a foolish notion one part is greater than the other is a recipe for war and destruction. Once this idealism set is that one is greater than the other along comes the aspects of greed, narcissism, and omnipotence.

The new movement of one god that rules all, is all, created all is narrow minded as if to say we are the only species in the universes on this one planet brings limitations. Yes this idealisms was forced upon many and many died trying to show there was much more. For example, Hypatia, Ancient Alexandria’s Great Female Scholar. An avowed paganist in a time of religious strife, Hypatia was also one of the first women to study math, astronomy and philosophy. One day on the streets of Alexandria, Egypt, in the year 415 or 416, a mob of Christian zealots led by Peter the Lector accosted a woman’s carriage and dragged her from it and into a church, where they stripped her and beat her to death with roofing tiles. They then tore her body apart and burned it. Who was this woman and what was her crime? Hypatia was one of the last great thinkers of ancient Alexandria and one of the first women to study and teach mathematics, astronomy and philosophy. Though she is remembered more for her violent death, her dramatic life is a fascinating lens through which we may view the plight of science in an era of religious and sectarian conflict.  Astrology was forbidden and the very thought that the Christian god did not create it all and there was something more was quickly stifled and hidden away like many aspects are hidden in the Christian bible. The stories are contradictory from book to book within these chapters. The balance has been destroyed so a one male dominating god can be sole ruler over all others. This is the beginning of the end of a true universal balance on this planet earth.

Before this time of the Christian movement the goddess and god took equal responsibilities in all nature complimenting one another as the sun and the moon complement each other, and without the equal amount from each there is always unbalance. The time has come once again to bring about balance. I have always known that this was coming as was foretold by my ancestors that the fifth world will emerge out of a great war as balance will be restored once again. I feel the time is growing near as all signs are coming to pass. I have received messages from the goddess about seven years ago to develop a place in her name to teach her children so they can learn and grow in the Great War for balance when the time comes. Thus the Legion of Pagans Spiritual Ministry was born.

Many are of narrow of mind in saying this Legion is of intent of profit and misleading thought. I am not surprised and expect this as were and are the Christians not being able to see beyond the confines of their own self-created borders of the mind and spirit: In other words, what you do not understand, deny and dismiss. I though the Christion values were based on “faith”. I and many following the old ways of the gods and goddesses have no need to be reassured and depend solely on faith. We do not question if they are there guiding us all the way, nor do we have issues with mortality either because we know we are coming back in one form or another. We do not rely on one chance to get it right to gain a place in a kingdom of heaven by one vengeful god that would toss your butt in to a purgatory as a punishment, no not the pagan way. We believe we are all responsible for our own actions and behaviors and karma will be your personal just for those actions. We do not believe you have to by your place into a heaven through televangelist donations. How can that be? What train are they riding to believe such a farce?

Had a very poignant dream last night about balance and how Christianity’s views of one god and it being male has disrupted the balance here on this planet, and this is why the war is coming and the fifth world will emerge embracing the goddess once again like in the olden day of druid.  I was reunited in a place where all had changed and there was thieves and liars. I was transformed into the warrior once again as I was in the last war from the elder teacher I am today to combat in my quest to find the father. I fought brutally through men and women to get to the father and ask him why this was is and he replied, “The mother is dead!” I wept sadly with the realization that in the Christian perception the mother is dead and has taken a place far behind the father bring about chaos from this imbalance.

This was that is coming is a war of position and power as it was before and is once again. Only difference this time is the weapons are more destructive, but the pagans are very strong. Learn and grow. There are many pagan organizations and communities that tell you the truth and will show you the old ways. So do as you will and follow what your believe is the way and when the fifth world is born if you’re not there, well guess your followed the wrong path. For the rest of my pagan brothers and sisters I will see you in the new world once again.

So Mote it Be!

Blessed Be to the Goddess!


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Legion of Pagans Spiritual Ministry

Institution of Magick School


Coven of Witch Mountain Wolf Run

Covenshead~Elder Airwolf





I have been blessed by Her embrace~ by Elder Airwolf

I embraced the blood moon eclipse last night sitting on a big rock with Molly at my feet in the back field, did ritual, basked in the brightest moonlight I have seen in years since 1985 when this even last occurred to wake up to a raven staring down at me in my bed from the treetop outside my window. I sat up and saw over 30 ravens and 1 magpie in my back yard, sacred pit, and trees and deck railing. So many scared Molly......I knew my blessings are being answered.

Blessed Be!
Hail Hecate!

Ravens wisdom includes introspection, courage, self-knowledge, magic, healing, creation, rebirth, keeper of secrets, master magician, shape shifter, mysticism.

The largest songbirds in North America, Ravens are highly intelligent and clever mimics. They mimic and use the calls of other species in their own ’vocabulary’ and can show us how to understand ‘animal language’. Ravens have been known to learn some human words also. Early Europeans feared the Raven and regarded them as bad omens, because they would feed on the corpses of the dead hanging on the gallons. Truth of the matter is, the Raven – like all wildlife and nature – should be respected, not feared.

Ravens bear magic and mysticism, and have a long history of myth enshrouding them. Shamans know the power of an unexpected piercing sound in shifting consciousness. Ravens have this power, giving out varied sounds, and can assist us in shifting our consciousness into various dimensional realms. Hence this is a reason why the raven is referred to as a shape shifter with magical powers. ‘Raven people’ can expect continual changes and spiritual awakenings throughout their lifetime.

Some native tribes refer to them as the ‘keeper of secrets’. They are linked to the void, where universal secrets are kept. Obviously, their black colour is the colour linked to darkness, the place where unconscious fear resides. Ravens are master magicians and represent transformational energy, revealing to us how to rid ourselves of our inner fears. Raven will show you how to go within in yourself, into the dark areas and then illuminate them, making you ‘sparkle’ and bringing out your true self. Inner conflicts should then be resolved, however long buried they are – this is the deepest healing.

If raven has flown into your life, then magic and healing abound. Raven awakens the energy of magic, linking it to our will and intention. With Raven, you have the ability to make great changes in your life – now is the time when you can take the thought and make it reality. Raven knows the mystery of life, they are strongly linked with death and rebirth. Remember not to be fearful of Raven, rather give thanks for the teachings he brings. Raven chooses its student according to their knowledge. They usually stay as long as needed to help transmute karma, returning you to the light. They will lead you into the discovery of your multidimensional self and reunite you with the secrets of the multidimensional universe.

Blessed Moon Eclipse on this September 27th, 2015

The water sources on Earth are being threatened like never before. Our ground water is being depleted at an alarming rate and the remaining water is being polluted by industry. Our oceans, lakes and rivers now contain many toxins and foreign substances that are harmful to the food chain and our very existence.

Most people feel overwhelmed and powerless to stop this destruction of one of the basic elements of our survival. However, we are not powerless. Even though we may lack the resources to fight the government and big business, there is a simple ritual we can all do to help facilitate some very needed changes.

It is simple and doesn’t take a lot of time or money. This ritual should be performed during every Full Moon. Place a container of water where the Moon can shine on it, preferably outside. A clear container like a glass jar is best. If the temperature is cold and the water likely to freeze, the container can be placed in a window where the Moon can shine on it. Then, take a few minutes and meditate on healing the water supply. When you perform the ritual the next month, you can pour the water from the previous month on the Earth to continue the process of healing the water. Even if you pour it down the drain, it can keep the healing cycle going. It can be used in other ways too, such as being used in other rituals that have a water or emotional element to them. However you choose to release your water, you should meditate on the healing process and the cyclical action of the Moon Water Challenge. Every month, I will post a meditation that you can use to charge your water in the moonlight. Of course, you can create your own meditation if you desire. The important thing is that we send our intent of healing and protecting the water into the Universe. 

Moon Water Meditation

This month, we will include a stone in the water. I am choosing shungite because of its cleansing and healing abilities. You may choose some other kind of stone or object that is meaningful for you, like a shell. The intent is the important thing. You should choose something that can either heal the water or something that can be healed by the water. Make sure you don’t choose something that will dissolve in the water or become rancid like herbs or flowers. We will be leaving these items in the water for a month.

In this season of balance, I find myself struggling with the balance in my life. This month’s meditation focuses on finding balance between modern convenience and our connection with the sacred Earth. This is a very powerful moon and it is meaningful that it is happening during the time of equal light and dark. The eclipse adds to the power of this moon but be very specific in your intentions, because we are in the middle of a Mercury Retrograde cycle. The following are this month’s meditations.

Releasing Ceremony:

I release you Moon Water back to the Earth from where you came. I release with you all of the things that are keeping my life from being truly balanced. Transmute these energies into powerful healing for the Earth. Blessed Goddess of the Moon please teach me how to live lightly on Mother Earth, while I re-new my connection to Her. As I watch the seasons change, remind me that to thrive, I must also change with the seasons and learn to adapt to the seasons of my life.

Moon Water Charging Meditation:

On the night of this special moon, blessed Goddess of the Moon please charge my stone (or other object) with the wisdom and the power I need to navigate these troubled times. Through the water, provide me with healing and strength, so that I may pass that healing and strength on to others who are in need. As the veil thins, help me to be receptive to the lessons ancestors are trying to teach me. Remind me that not all change is bad and that sometimes change is needed in order to move forward. So mot it be!

Super Blood Moon Eclipse Magick Rituals for September 27, 2015

The biggest full moon of 2015 is on September 27 and is known as Harvest Moon, (because it’s the closest full moon to the Autumn Equinox on September 23), and also Wine Moon or Singing Moon. In the southern hemisphere, it’s the first full moon of spring.
As it occurs on September 27 (or early in the morning of the 28th in some locations), in the sun sign Libra, the full moon is in the opposite sign of Aries. This fire moon is an ideal time for magick spells and rituals that promote boldness, daring deeds and confidence.
Super Moon Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon
This full moon on September 27 is also being called a Blood Moon because it’s the fourth and final eclipse of a lunar tetrad, which means four straight total eclipses of the moon, spaced at six lunar months (full moons) apart.
Although there is no scientific basis for the term Blood Moon in this instance, (and Blood Moon is also one of the names for the October full moon), it’s become a popular way to define this unusual phenomena.
The combination of supermoon and lunar eclipse will create very potent vibrations and a unique opportunity for you to channel your magickal energy in a powerful way. You may even want to perform a small ritual every day from the Autumn Equinox of September 23 to the night of the full moon, in order to take advantage of this unparalleled manifestation.
Blood Moon Eclipse
This is the final of the Eclipses and will fall in Aries on September 27-28, 2015.
Looking back through time there may have been significant events brewing around these dates that will now need to come to a close or resolution.
You may have also been feeling strong shifts in recent months that have perhaps lined up clues for you as to what may be in store on this very significant date.
Energetically, this final of the Blood Moon Eclipses is going to open a new doorway that is going to give rise to a new way of being- a new Earth that is higher in consciousness and more evolved.
In order to reach this stage, the old, the outdated and parts of the ego need to be shed, released and let go of.
Some will fight this urge and others will embrace it, giving rise to the disparity and the push/pull that may be felt on Earth.
It is up to us all how we want this rise in consciousness to change our world. Either we can flow with the changes or fight them, regardless however, they are happening.
During this time there is also a heightened sensitivity and perhaps even a greater understanding of the spirit world and metaphysics.
Think of this coming Eclipse as a gateway into a new world where we will all have a deeper understanding of humanity, our purpose and what life is all about.
Many believe that our solar system as we know it is moving into a new area of space and time and that through this shift we will all be experiencing and opening to new energies and realities.
This shift is extremely powerful and will definitely give rise to a new way of being and thinking.
You have probably already started to feel and see these changes in your own life, perhaps you have even begin to change your behaviors or attitudes to things. Perhaps you are now also realizing that your way of being is no longer serving you.
The message for everyone is to dive head first into these changes. To be proud and assertive over what you want and to lose all attachments to the ego mind and body.
Go within to your soul and nurture the tiny flame within, allow it to guide you, allow it to show you the way.
Part of this huge shift in consciousness is also about stepping back and allowing life to live you instead of the other way around.
Part of this shift is about opening your heart to the Universe and feeling the deeper connections that surround us all.
Part of these shifts are really about YOU and aligning yourself on your highest path for your highest destiny.
There is absolutely nothing to fear, there is absolutely nothing to worry about, in fact in order to embrace these new energies here are some suggestions:
Open your heart
This Eclipse is really about learning how to open your heart and to move into a place where you can be free to receive and give love. Opening your heart to this energy is also going to allow you to really receive the new vibrations, frequencies and downloads that are going to be on offer. All of us are going to come into more intuitive and psychic knowing about our lives as long as our heart is open and free.
With all the energy circling, it is now very important for us all to protect our mind and body from any fear based thoughts that surface. This includes adding to the fear about the events that are expected to happen. Be open minded and welcome in the changes while still protecting your own energy from the fears, chaos and attitudes of those around you.
The energies in recent weeks have been heavy so definitely take the time to assess your situation and honour where you are at. If you are feeling stuck, good! That is exactly where you need to be, so embrace it and allow yourself to sit and gently ride the waves. Don’t force anything, for now is definitely the time to surrender.
If there is something that has been nagging at you, something that you have been feeling it is time to let go of, now is definitely the time to get real with yourself and be truthful about what you really want to carry with you into this new gateway. This is also a time for lightworkers, empaths and earth angels to step into their gifts.
This final of four Blood Moons is really an amazing opportunity for everyone to start new. Now is really the time to shed the old in order for the new to be embraced.
On this upcoming Eclipse the final shedding will occur and as the year draws to a close, you will be given more insights on how to proceed on your new chapter.
September Harvest Moon Correspondences
Flowers: aster and morning glory
Stones: blue sapphire and citrine.
Harvest Moon Menu
Sliced cucumber salad with rice vinegar dressing and toasted sesame seeds.
Ginger Chicken Stew
Carrot Cake with Chocolate Glaze
The Blood Moon is the last of the harvest moons, and the one closest to Samhain, the time when the veil between this world and the Otherworld is the thinnest. Also known as “moon of the changing season” and “failing leaf moon” the Blood Moon represents the death of one cycle and the birth of a new cycle. Blood is the life force that flows through your physical body. The Blood Moon ritual gives you the opportunity to give thanks and celebrate this life force.
For this ritual, you will need a white candle, a red candle, a red apple, a chalice full of cranberry juice, and three daffodil bulbs.
Draw a magick circle and call in the elements. Light the white candle and say:
I light this candle for eternal light.
Light the red candle and say:
I light this candle for eternal life.
Give thanks to the Goddess before eating the apple:
Divine Lady, I thank you for your gift of life.
Place any seeds from the apple on the altar. Take the chalice of juice and go to each of the four directions while calling out:
Oh great and mighty one, ruler of eternal life
Our blood runs together as One on this sacred night.
Thank the Goddess and bid farewell to the elements. Pull up the circle and in the morning, take the three daffodil bulbs and plant them into the ground. They represent the eternal life of the divine Goddess being renewed for the next year. Return the apple seeds to the earth.
Blessed Be, Hail Hecate!