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Merry Meet Legionnaires~
I am sixth generation Native Blackfoot and Scottish Celt. My Grandmother was one of my mentors her being a shaman, and my other mentor was my Druid Celtic Aunt. I was raised pagan and my education started at the age
of seven and formally after my first moon lodge ritual at 12. I am also trained as a voodoo priestess.
I am a retired MSW, Psychotherapist/Hypnotherapist, and a Dr of Ministries. I provide individual and family counseling.

The Green Witch & Wortcunning

Herbal magick is a combination of you and the herb. Plants have vibrations and energies which, when combined with your own, can create powerful magick.

GREEN WITCH: A nickname for a female or male Witch who is skilled in the art of wortcunning. The herb magick practiced by a Green Witch is called “the Green Arts” or “Green Magick”; the use of medicinal herbs is known as “Green Healing.”

WORTCUNNING: The knowledge and use of the secret healing and magickal properties of herbs; a word used by folk healers, Witches, and Wiccans of all traditions to mean the practice of herbalism. Wortcunning has been associated with the Old Religion since ancient times.

A List of Basic Tools

Boline for Collecting Herbs (Don’t forget say Thank you as you collect)
Mortar and Pestle
Glass Pot (or any non-metallic/ heat resistant pot)-not be used for other purposes
Source of Flame
Censer & Incense (if performing rituals)
Spring Water (or bottled water)
Eye Dropper (for blending oils)
Needles and Supplies (including threads, yarn and natural fabric for sachets, amulets, etc)
And of course your herbs.

Drying Your Herbs

Remove all insect eaten and/or brown leaves prior to drying.Rinse with pure water to remove any mud or dirt and pat dryLay out on paper, out of sunlight on baking sheets, turn every dayMake sure the room is well ventilated. When leaves are crumbly, strip them off and store

To dry seed and seed heads: Place in brown paper bag and tie open end shut around the stem. These seem to dry out quick. Shake bag or roll to loosen seeds. Open bag and discard stems.

Storing Herbs

Dark glassed bottles make for the best storage. Get several different sizes. You want to make sure they have an air-tight lid or cork. Wash, rinse and dry thoroughly before using.

Make sure you label each bottle with the name of herb and the date it was harvested or purchased

Rosemary: Used for protection, Love, Lust, Mental Powers, Purification and Healing. It is known for it powerful cleansing when burned and is considered one of the oldest incenses. It also said that growing Rosemary in your garden can attract Elves.

ANGELICA: The powers associated with Angelica are healing, protection and visions. Sprinkled around the corners of your home, it will help to ward off evil. Use it in incense and mixtures to aid in healing. To remove curses and/or hexes add it to your bath. Tying the first perfect bloom you see in the spring in a red cloth will guard against disease when carried. It is said visions can be caused when the leaves are smoked (this is for imformation purposes only-Smoking this herb is done at your own risk !)

BAY OR BAY LAUREL: Place under a pillow to help induce prophetic dreams or burn to cause visions for psychic powers is one of the powers of bay. bay mixed with sandlewood and burn to help remove curses because the other powers of bay are protection, healing, strength and purification. Scatter on floor during purification ceremonies.

CELADINE: The powers of this herb are protection, happiness and help in legal matters. Worn to court it will help to win the favor of the judge or jury. Helps to cure depression and will bring good spirits and joy when worn. Other names for Celadine are Devil’s Milk, Tetterwort and Swallow-Wort.

COLTSFOOT: Add this to love sachets as the powers connected with coltsfoot are love and visions. Use in peace and tranquility spells to streghten them. It is said visions can be caused when the leaves are smoked (this is for imformation purposes only-Smoking this herb is done at your own risk !) Coltsfoot is also called Ass’s, Foal’s or Bull’s Foot, Butterbur, British Tobacco or Coughwort.

HEATHER: Since heather carries the powers of luck, protection and rain making, burn with fern to attract rain or carry to ward off violent crimes and/or to bring good luck (white heather is best used for luck)..It is said that it has long been used to conjure ghosts

IRIS: Place fresh flowers in areas you wish to be cleansed as it has been used for the purpose of purification since the Roman Times. Iris can be used to induce faith, wisdom and valour as this is what the 3 petals symbolize.

TANSY: Carry to lengthen life span or place in shoes to help cure persistent fevers. The tansy’s powers are health and longevity. Just a note…ants seem to hate it ! It is also known as “buttons”.

VIOLETS: Some of the power influences of the voilet are protection, luck, love, lust, wishes, peace and healing. Carry the flowers to bring luck and fortune or gather the first violets in the spring to bring your greatest wish come true. Mixed with lavender to make a powerful love sachet…It has been mentioned that the Ancient Greeks wore it to calm tempers and induce sleep. Placed on the head it can help to cures headaches and dizziness. Wearing the leaves in a green sachet may help to heal wounds.

Divination ~Throwing the Bones

Tools of the Trade 

Divination Bones: 

When you first get bones, you have to rub then to attune them to yourself, and only to yourself.  If you look at them, you will see the different bones, and how well made they are - the ones from Theren aren't that good.

Once you attune then, you keep on rubbing them...  as you rub them, you will see the runes change ... these correspond to the six skill sets you can target, plus one for random predictions: Sword, Shield, Codex, Hand, Stick Figure, Staff and Even Line.

Sword is offense. 
Shield is defense. 
Codex is lore. 
Hand is handskills. 
Stick figure is bodyskills. 
Staff is magic. 
Even line is random.

The balance of the different bones is important - it goes to how well made they are.  They start out balanced. They only get worse with time.  Periodically, they take damage ... and when they take enough, they disintegrate.  They really take damage if you roll them standing up.

Occasionally you will feel them tingle ... here are several theories on what the tingling means...  I believe that they increase the chance for positive prediction... I seem to much better luck when I wait for a tingle.  The tingles may contribute to the strengthening of your bond with the bones, too.

Here are one of the keys to bones ....  the more you use them, the better you get.  The reason is that, periodically, you will sense your bond with them strengthen.  The more times this happens, the better you get.

Like visions, you have to make observations to use them.  You target the bones just like visions.  Observe the right moons and constellations, and you can target the desired skill sets.  For example, observe wolf and rub the bones until you see the staff.  Keep rubbing until you feel a tingle with the staff, too.  Then you throw the bones at yourself or the vict..., er target.

The bones seem to offer a more accurate picture of the skill affected, carry less risk of having Tezirah chomp you, and seem to be more effective.. 

Using divination bones - by Scholar Nevus Ylfpart, Student of the predicting arts, and Descendent of the Monks of the Crystal Hand

I Introduction

The divination bones, along with the "visions" method, provide the Moon Mage with a way to convert information from the heavens into predictions. Which method to use is a matter of personal taste. I prefer the bones for most uses, for a variety of reasons. The predictions from bones appear to be a bit longer/stronger (mine have lasted from 15 minutes to 4 hours, I find them more enjoyable for role-playing purposes, I have a better chance of getting the desired prediction)

The user also earns a small bit of mech lore experience from using the bones, but not enough to make it a practical alternative for learning that 
skill. On the negative side, the bones require more skill to use, cost money, and can get damaged or even shatter completely. (You might want to wait until you have the skills of a level 20 or so mage before using them, but this is just an estimate. Possibly involved are your mech lore skill and your agility statistic).

The basic steps to making a prediction with the divination bones are as follow:

1) Make a successful observation on a heavenly body 
2) Rub your bones until the appropriate rune is showing 
3) Roll your bones at the person to be predicted upon 
4) Interpret the prediction

II Overview of observation

This topic, as well as the use of the "visions" method of prediction, is covered in detail in Toku's fine treatise, so the reader is referred to that volume. As a very brief summary, the MoonMage observes a heavenly body s/he has been trained in by the guild leader, until finding out that "you have learned something useful from this observation." For example, OBS XIBAR. Each of the heavenly bodies (sun, moons, constellations) will give information that can give a prediction in one or several specific skill sets. For example, Xibar always gives me information that will lead to 1 lore skill prediction. Some constellations will give predictions in multiple skill sets from one observation; one particular constellation, that is among the last constellations learned, always gives me 5 valid predictions from one observation. It may be the 
case that obtaining multiple predictions from an observation is dependent upon the Mage's skill. I have two addtional comments to make. First, it should be noted that several constellations can be observed, even though you cannot see them when you observe the sky, and even though some of them should not be present at that time.  Second, it is occasionally possible to learn something useful about the future when observing a moon that is hidden from view, but whose energies are still quite strong.

III The divination bones

Unless you are fortunate to have a set of Festival bones, at present the only option for obtaining bones is by purchasing them from the hermit Krrish. His shack is located in the SE corner of Theren (you may have to make your way past baby rats to see him), and he wants 6 gold lir (but you may be able to buy for less, depending on your skill). Examining the bones (EXAM BONE), you will see a rune (which designates the skill set to be predicted upon), the Krr-tich bone, the Sek-rith bone, the MoonSphere, the Sun Disk bone, how old the bones are, and to whom the bones belong (bones are a very personal thing!). The bones can be of different states of balance, quality, attunement, and age,  which will change with use.

IV Using the bones

When ready to predict, it is my superstition to remove my gloves and helmet, to kneel or sit, and to first cast ClearVision (10 mana). Be 
healthy, for injuries may contribute to damaging the bones. Continuing the Xibar example, you would change the bones until they 
showed the rune for lore. To do this, you RUB BONE. For the runes, sword is offense, shield is defense, codex is lore, staff is magic, 
hand is handskill, stick figure is bodyskill, and even line is generic. As you rub the bones, you sometimes sense them tingling. 
Having the bones tingle right before you roll them is not essential for getting a valid prediction, for strengthening your bond with the 
bones, or for throwing them correctly. However, I currently believe that tingling is a positive thing, and I generally continue rubbing 
them until I sense tingling at least once, then rub them to depict the correct rune (other times, I intentionally get them tingling a 

Finally, you are ready to obtain a prediction. As a superstition, I SHAKE BONE, then ROLL (or THROW) BONE AT <person>. The individual bones will roll, bounce, skitter, thud, teeter, fall flat, and do other things. A number of results can occur, as seen in the last 
line or lines.

You learn nothing from this roll - exactly what it says.
You threw the bones incorrectly - you get a valid prediction, but something is suboptimal.
You get no message - You get a valid prediction.
You sense a strengthening of your bond with the bones - This will better the attunement of one or more bones, but you may not notice upon observing the bones. It often takes multiple strengthenings to detect visible changes.
You sense a weakening of your bonds with the bones - The opposite of #4,  it happens sometimes.
One of your bones is damaged - Ack! This will hurt the balance or quality of the bone involved, but you may not notice it upon observing the bones.
The bones shatter - Shudder! - this will be the end of that set of bones. This has not yet happened to me (fortunately). My "good" set of bones is now quite ancient, so the day may come..
Your bond with your bones makes a teetering Sun Disk land on the white (positive) side. Huzzah! Preen a little!
I suppose it is possible a bad bond (such as using someone else's bones?) could promote a negative prediction, but this has not happened to me.
Your knowledge of the moons makes this a positive prediction (This also occurs when predicting by the visions method). The result is similar to #8.

IV Interpreting the roll

To interpret a valid prediction, first look at the Sun Disk. A white disk is a positive prediction, a black disk a negative prediction. 
Predictions increase (or decrease) your ability in the specific skill set predicted upon, as if your skill rank was increased (or decreased). To my knowledge, the prediction will not change your ability to learn that skill per se. However, a positive prediction might allow you to do something that was previously too difficult, therefore giving you good experience you otherwise could not get. Alternatively, a bad prediction could totally disable a skill, making it impossible to learn that skill until the prediction has worn off.

Next, look at the MoonSphere. It may depict nothing, or it could depict a specific image. If present, the MoonSphere image tells you the specific skill involved in the prediction. If the MoonSphere depicts nothing, then the predictee would have to use trial-and-error to identify the skill affected. To continue the Xibar example, you might see an open book, which indicates scholarship skill. Almost all skills have a corresponding, specific MoonSphere image, with the possible exceptions of one of the magic skills, and any skills newly implemented (such as the Empath skill transference). I leave matching these images to the related skills, as well as correlating the heavenly body observed to skill set(s) involved, up to the reader.

There are several theories about how to accurately gauge the precise strength and length of the prediction, and it is most likely to be very obvious once one knows the secret. However, I have been unable to conclusively determine the method, in spite of quantitating the results of over 100 individual rolls. My best guess is that the Krr-tich and Sek-rith bones indicate a basic level of strength and length, with the important information possibly including either /both of the direction the bones point (they can point toward you, to one side, or away from you), and the way the bones land (thudding, bouncing, etc.) I believe this basal level could additionally be altered by one or more variables, possibly including the amount of tingling, the quality/balance of the bone, whether the bones were thrown incorrectly, random variables, and who knows what else. It is also possible that there is a range of strengths or lengths for any given combination of relevant factors, thereby muddling matters even worse. In any event, a good prediction ends when the predictee learns the world is more ominous, and a bad prediction ends when the world seems a bit brighter. In contrast, predictions made by the "visions" method end when the world seems a bit more or less foreboding. To anyone wishing to pursue this matter, I particularly recommend using appraisal predictions. Your skill can be altered such that upon appraising a favorite item, you can (in increasing order) learn nothing of its value, can think of its value in one currency, in two currencies, in three currencies, or can be certain of its value in three currencies. Hence, you can reliably determine the strength and duration of a prediction made on yourself. Also, get a second set of "practice" bones, and compare the results from them with your older set.

As your bond with your bones strengthens, the individual bones will become more attuned. They each start out attuned normally. The Krr-tich, Sek-rith, and MoonSphere can become fairly well attuned, well attuned, very well attuned, and almost perfectly attuned (that is as far as I have gotten with my ancient set of bones), and the Sun Disk can become barely attuned to the white side, then slightly attuned to the white side (that is the current state of my bone).  Attunement of the Sun Disk to the white side results in an increased frequency of positive predictions. Attunement of the MoonSphere appears to increase the likelihood of seeing the image of a skill depicted (My MoonSphere always reveals the specific skill to me).

V Conclusions

Predicting and trying to figure out the mysteries of the bones has been one of the things I have enjoyed most in the realms, along with interacting/roleplaying with other adventurers, and hunting/trying to optimize my hunting strategies and abilities. There are still features of the bones that remain a mystery to me. It is my hope that this overview gives the interested reader the basics s/he needs to begin using the divination bones, and that the reader will be stimulated to make more predictions and to carry out his/her own lines of research. Happy predicting!

Star Knowledge Conference


"Native Americans reveal their contacts with ETs they 
have kept secret for so long." 
by Jean Michel Surmely 

It all started in the spring of 1996 with the birth of a female white buffalo calf in Wisconsin. Named "Miracle," this white female was the first to be born for generations. As soon as he got the news, Floyd Hand, a Lakota Medicine Man (speaker with many others and myself in the Star Knowledge Conferences throughout the US), wrote in the US magazine ‘Spin’: "For us the Indians, it is like the return of the Christ for the white people." The Lakota-Dakota-Nakota Nation (Sioux) had received centuries ago the Sacred Peace Pipe (Chenupa) from a spiritual female being called White Buffalo Calf Woman along with high spiritual teachings.

Prophecies were being given to the native nations about the coming of the Buffalo Nation which first would be the merging of the Red race in unity and harmony with the White, Black and Yellow races. The Buffalo Nation would also mean the coming of the Star Nations (civilizations from the Stars) One of the prophecies says that these times will be announced by the birth of a female white buffalo calf, which will change color to yellow, red and black. This is exactly what happened to Miracle. Then to pinpoint the prophecies, a few other white buffalo female calves started to be born, even on Indian reservations.

Arvol Looking Horse, the 19th-Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe for the Lakota-Dakota-Nakota Nation, seeing that the prophecies from many Native Nations were fulfilling, called for a World Peace and Prayer Day on June 21, 1996. Spirituals leaders and Elders, other Sacred Bundle Keepers and many others gathered at Grey Horn Butte (the Devil's Tower of the movie 'Close Encounters'). This was also a joint effort of Native Elders and spiritual white people for the first time. Until then, the Elders councils of the various Tribes from North America were always forbidding their members and any 'medicine' men/women to share their knowledge of sacred spiritual matters and records of centuries of contacts with outer space civilisations with the white man. I would like to put a note of history here. Please remember that the dominant church of the white man decided that the Indians were savages and could be killed without that being a sin. "A good Indian is a dead Indian" was the device of almost all Generals from the North. South of the Mason-Dixon line, the Confederacy was more open to Indians, even allied with Indian Nations. The very last Confederate General to surrender was Cherokee Chief Stand Watie on June 23, 1865, more than two months after Lee surrendered in Appomatox. Stand Watie wanted to be a witness of the two assassinated nations. The Southern Confederacy had plans for the creation of an Indian Confederacy that may have permitted to keep alive the culture and traditions of the remaining Indian Nations, which were almost completely destroyed by the Yankee system of colonisation for over one hundred years.

Sun Bear was the first Native American teacher to reveal on a large scale Indian spirituality, now the Elders started not only to bring the spiritual Native ways to the world, sharing sacred ceremonies with white people who felt having a 'Red heart', but from this moment on would reveal their contacts with the Star Nations which were kept secret to this day within sweat lodges and elders councils. The appearance of full circular rainbows around the sun above ceremonies (called 'Sun Dog' by the Natives) would be another sign that the prophecies were about to come to completion. As of today many Elders are saying that the passage between the 4th World and the 5th World of the Native Americans is occurring right now.

In the winter of 1995, during a four day praying fast (Hambleca), Standing Elk, a Ihanktowan Dakota Spiritual Advisor and Sundance Chief, was instructed in a vision to organize the first Star Knowledge Conference in the Yankton Sioux Reservation in South Dakota in June 1996. The vision showed that Native American spiritual knowledge about the Star Nations (extraterrestrials) was to be shared with the world. This first Conference also fulfilled ancient Hopi and Lakota prophecies. During that conference and the following Star Knowledge Conferences organized by Standing Elk in Nov 1996 in Colorado, in March 1997 in southern California, in May 1998 in New Mexico, in November 98 in Arizona, in March 99 in Colorado, etc., (the next will be in Atlanta in July 2000), spiritual shamans and Elders from many Tribes revealed their knowledge about the Star Nations (ie  extraterrestrials. I am also a speaker in those conferences on that subject) They were from these tribes:

Plains tribes: Lakota, Oglala, Dakota, Blackfoot, Nakota, Miniconjou. 
Eastern tribes: Iroquois, Obeida, Seneca, Choctaw, and Cherokee. 
Southwest tribes: Hopi, Yuck, Aztec, Apache, and Mayan.

Even a Maori Shaman Chief came from New Zealand and a Sammi (Lapplander) came from Scandinavia because they had seen signs from ancient prophecies telling them that time had come to share their origin from the stars, the influence of Star Beings visitors on their culture, spiritual beliefs and ceremonies and the imminent return of these Star Nations. These are a few of the numerous speakers with statements : 

Standing Elk, Lakota Keeper of the Six-Pointed Star Altar: "The Lakota/Dakota Medicine Men are now being instructed to share the spiritual knowledge of the Star Nations because of the contamination of Mother Earth and the pollution of the air." Standing Elk had physical encounters with Star beings, one of them being a seven-foot-tall man in white clothes in a room filled with light and computers which operated on light and "the law of thought" Standing Elk also said that Jesus was a Star Man.

(special note from Jean Michel: It is little known but all tribes from Turtle Island, the North American continent, have kept secret records of the visit during the 1st century of a white man they called Wakea who they said came with planet Venus, who taught them how to pray and to conduct ceremonies, that man was walking on water, talking to elements, healing the sick and the dead, he choose 12 followers from various tribes and visited all the Red Nations of the Americas including Pacific Islands, saying that he will be back some day. When white men came again with a cross on high, telling the Indians that they did not know how to pray, did not know the Christ, and were savages, they were a bit late and this time the result was not exactly a  story of love and brotherhood.)

Standing Elk said also that “...the Star beings are here to teach, to foster spiritual growth and to prepare us for the oncoming Earth Changes. The Star beings are included in the sacred Native words:

"Mitakuye oyasin' (All my relations.) The extraterrestrials are communicating telepathically with Indians. The original Spiritual Language of the Sioux is designed to stimulate telepathic communication. The same Star beings that visit the Sioux also visit the Hopis. The Star beings and the Indians have the same DNA. 
The few ET renegades who have collaborated with the Shadow Government are busy now putting their final act together.”

Looks-For-Buffalo, Oglala: “The Avatars (Jesus, Buddha etc. and White Buffalo Calf Woman) are Star beings... each Native American tribe has its ET race of origination counterpart... The Star beings will return at the time of Earth changes... the first signs is floods, fires and earthquakes... White Buffalo Calf Woman is coming back to Turtle Island... Each of us can bring the Star Beings in, but only with purity of heart and intention."

Paula Underwood, Iroquois: An Iroquois oral tradition told of an ET telepathic message "We are coming" The Iroquois Elders responded "Don't come, we are not prepared.” The Star beings replied: "Prepare yourselves."

Harry Charger, Lakota, told about many ET visitations with the Sioux during sweat lodge ceremonies. He recalled the visit of the young, beautiful, pale-white and luminous woman, White Buffalo Calf Woman to two Lakota scouts. One had lustful thoughts for her and perished. The other scout brought back her teachings to the Lakotas. Today we all have the same choice at the time of the return of the Star Nations.

Holy Bull, Lakota Medicine Man: There are sacred ritual altars in Native Sacred sites, where knowledge from Star beings is kept and honored. These Star Nations Altars send a blue laser light to the heavens which the Star Nations see as beacons. UFOs use to fly over Bear Butte, the sacred heart of the Black Hills.

Rod Shenandoah, Blackfoot-Oneida Medicine Man: "Indians consider themselves privileged to have regular visits from Star beings during ceremonies and consider these events as 'sacred.' "

Eagle Man, (Ed MaGaa), American Indian Movement activist: "Extraterrestrial societies are millions of years old. Indians hope that outer space beings will come soon."

Rod Skenandore, Blackfoot and former NASA contract engineer: "We are getting word of the ET's coming NOW." He has been taken aboard UFOs several times, including one during a 'hanblechia' (vision quest).

Native American 'Grandmothers' (Elders) such as Megan, Scout Cloud Lee and others have recalled the prophecy of Crazy Horse about the current times being the end of the Old Age (4th World). The Grandmothers declared officially the end of the 4th World and the beginning of the 5th World (New Age). The 5th World will be marked by positive feminine energy, balanced with men as equals.

Wobleza, Dakota: He was visited during an Inipi (sweat lodge) ceremony by a large silvery spaceship from the Buffalo Nation. "Little Elders will come in the children now being born, who will suddenly talk early. The birth of the White Buffalo female calf is the sign of the return of the Buffalo nations from the Stars."

Pathfinder and Silver Star, Cherokee: The galactic symbols found in crashed UFOs and in crops circles have a dual interpretation, as a Universal Law and as a Spiritual Law. These laws are encoded in our DNA strands. We are responsible for the vibration we are living with, so bring in the light... The Star nations are making the crop circles and will land soon... The Diamondback Rattlesnake (Quetzalcoatl/Kulkulkan) says to invite him in to transmute the false DNA. Everyone can become Christ, Quetzalcoatl. Be in balance with the elemental beings of earth, air, water, fire, ether, manna and vibration."

Grandmother Windrider, Mayan: Previous to this time, she was not allowed to speak to white persons of the Mayan tradition kept by the women."Extreme changes are taking place... Karma Cleaning is over. Things are speeding up. Do not hold onto old victim attachments... The Mayans, Toltecs and Olmecs have a tradition of contacts with ET's... Your bodies are going through a good mutation to prepare you for the Millennium... In the upcoming Earth Changes, some who are not ready to make the transition to the 5th World will reincarnate elsewhere, on a planet at the more primitive evolutionary stage that Earth has been in. Some will reincarnate to clean up the debris here, and make the transition to the higher-consciousness world-society into which Earth is transitioning. Some will be taken off by the Star Nations to voluntarily live with them... Changes are coming, with a planetoid coming close by. Raise your consciousness to miss the wave, when it comes through... Learn outdoors survival skills... This society is completely sick; it is time for the women to gather together and heal each other, then they will go to heal the men."

During an after event following the Star Knowledge Conference in New Mexico in the spring of 1998, Star Nation's spirits were seen by numerous Native Elders in a ceremony room. They were glowing violet geometric-shaped forms floating at about chest height. 

Message from Standing Elk, founder of the Conferences Star Knowledge:

“Many books that have been written and published concerning the ceremonies of the Lakota/Dakota do not scratch the surface of the spiritual belief system of the Lakota/Dakota because they are written by individuals who were just passing through or just spending a few weeks on the reservations. These Authors have very good intentions but by no means are experts or professionals on the subject of Lakota/Dakota spirituality.

The Medicine Men and Pipe Carriers have the ability to communicate with all that move with the Spirit of Mother Earth. Many entities such as the Eagle, Hawk, Owl, Horse, Elk, Deer, Wolves, Coyotes, etc, and the Star Nations, are utilized in the ceremonial of the Lakota/Dakota. The Star Nations are the most crucial of all entities because the thought of other races communicating with the grassroots people would create a major threat to the religious system of any government. The greatest fear in the governmental structures was the knowledge that all forms of  ‘Star Governments’ had no monetary systems within their governing structures. Their system is based on the mental, spiritual and universal laws with which they are too mentally and spiritually intelligent to break.

The Lakota/Dakota Medicine Men are being instructed to share the spiritual knowledge of the Star Nations because of the contamination of Mother Earth and the pollution of the air. The destructive forces do not lie within the "evil" of industry and progress, but within the entities that chooses to utilize the progress of industrial technology.”

(Note from Jean Michel: on August 18, 1999, the spacecraft from Earth called "Cassini" has come dangerously close to the Earth. That craft carries more that 72 pounds of highly radioactive plutonium, equivalent to more than 50% of all atomic radiations sent into the atmosphere of the Earth since the beginning of atomic bombs experiments, radiations which, by the way, were cleaned up by the ships of the benevolent ETs. News only transmitted by free journalists. Communiques are given by a group of independent scientists and researchers, the "Millennium Group" see:

“The prophecies of the Lakota/Dakota have stated that you (those coming to this knowledge and sharing it to the world and the newborn children) are the foundation to the thousand years of peace. But first there must be a spiritual purification of man by fire and water. With that purification comes truth. In closing, there are those entities that do not want peace, there are entities that do not want truth and there are those entities that do not want you to be free. The prophecies have already won."

Standing Elk 

(Note from Jean Michel: It is interesting to see that at the same time the Native Americans are revealing Knowledge and prophecies about the purification of the Earth from the human physical and mental pollution, the Vatican has finally released (very discreetly) the 3rd message of Fatima (Portugal, 1917), which tells basically the same, including the coming of asteroids and planetoids. Why did the Vatican wait 80 years to release that document ? Because it says also that: “ the time of purification, the devil will run the Roman Church at the highest levels…”) 

Other key speakers in the Star Knowledge Conferences :

One of the key speakers and most respected Elders is Grandfather Martin, keeper of the Hopi Prophecy. He was chosen by the council of Hopi Elders to continue to share with the world the Earth-changing events of this millennium. Grandfather Martin said that we were all brothers and sisters in the beginning and we will all come back together in the end. He hopes that we can eliminate harsh disasters that are about to take place. We have to remember that the Hopi Prophecy tells also about 3 migrations with the Star Nations back to the Stars and that only people awakened in spirit and in the heart will make it.

(Note from Jean Michel : one of our French philosophers from the 20th century, highly respected by all sides, André Malraux, have said: «THE 21TH CENTURY WILL BE SPIRITUAL OR WILL NOT BE »)

Wobleza, Dakota, talked again about the changes. He has hereditary ties with Chief Sitting-Bull (which he channels), Chief Bigfoot, Chief Little Crow and other well-known Chiefs. Woableza spoke about the prophecies and how they will bring positive change, the ascension process of the inhabitants of Mother Earth, and star legends from around the world. (Note: the Indians knew the Ascension long before the preachers came with their cross, among others, the Anasazi nation. For a far  better understanding of the Ascension as mentioned in the Bible, just read the books The Celestine Prophecy (by James Redfield.), and Honour Mother Earth.)  Turtle Island (what the Native American calls the North American continent) will be the continent of teachers for the next 1000 years.

Singing Bear, Cheyenne, has been instructed to bring Universal Alignment. "All of nature is showing signs. The world has to spiritualise together, or there won't be a world.... The world and the whole universe is shifting right now. People have to raise their harmonics and the only way is to raise spirituality through the heart chakra.... The Space People are already here. My people, we have communicated with other beings forever, it's nothing new for us.... Once we raise our vibrations and are willing to accept them as equals, then people will start seeing more of them... We have much to teach to the universe. And the rest of the universe is waiting for us."

One of the most respected Elders is from Mexico: Tezlcazi Guitimea Kachora. He is spiritual leader for the Yaqui Nation from Sonora. He revealed not a long ago that he was the "Don Juan" from Carlos  Castaneda books. His father and grandfather were friends and travelled with Sitting-Bull. As a child he witnessed spacecraft's entering subterranean openings in Mexico. Kachora revealed that time has come for the greatest changes on Earth and predicted the coming soon of the "Grandfathers Rocks" (asteroids and planetoids) falling upon the Earth for the time of purification.

Willie Two Feathers, Apache/Aztec: "The time of change is about us. A lot of people don't understand the ability of power that we have in us as individual human beings. When a fundamentalist preacher stands up on TV and sends to millions of people the words... sin, bad, terrible, die, no, the end of the earth... he's projecting it out there and all people are absorbing it, mirroring it, manifesting it and putting it back out there into the universe. This is the stuff that has to be stopped. The time of change will come.... Listen to spirit telling you the place you are supposed to be during the changes... Have faith in that... Follow your instincts... follow your heart.... In having your spiritual house in order, if you have love and Spirit inside you, when the time of change comes, and things get amplified, Love is going to be amplified... your heart is going to be amplified. The goodness in you and the road that you walk on are all going to be amplified, so the people who have their spiritual house in order have nothing to fear... I am asking the people to use that power that's inside in a good way...."

At the Conference at the University of Fort Collins, Co, march 1999, Grandmother Windrider brought with her sacred Peruvian "whistlers" which she call the "Voyagers vessels". These are producing a very high pitch sound (10000 hertz or above)  The closing ceremony was with many participants using these sacred sound devices, with a very high energy. Grandmother was the last speaker, and spoke very directly about the folly of humans on Earth and the necessary purification that should come "as soon as possible, or it will be too late". Grandmother transited soon after.

Wallace Black Elk is a very well know Elder and activist in the Indian Movement, always involved in the political arena in Washington DC. Would you believe that he, also, is speaking about the Star Nations and even channels… He is warning about the coming of the “Thunderbeings” who are going to clean the Earth (storms, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions).

Floyd Hand spoke again about the meaning of the birth of the white buffalo female calves, because since 1968, he had visions of a woman, like Mary, but Floyd thinks it is White Buffalo Woman. (Note : seeing “apparitions of virgin Mary” is not by far a monopoly of the Christian white race) On march 1994, she told Floyd that she would be returning when the cherries are black (August). "Like a train on time, that's just when she pulled up. Part of White Buffalo Woman's prophecy was to divide time into seven fires or ages. She promised to return during the last fire, and bring with her a new and final chance for reason."During the seventh fire,” Floyd said, “a new Red Nation can be formed, red being the union of red, white, black and yellow. We will be able to retrace our steps and examine what we have done wrong. We are not preserving what has been given to us to care for. We are polluting the Earth. We have become our own enemy. During the seventh fire, the light-skinned man will be given a choice between his technologies and his nature. If he choose his nature, there is still a chance for harmony in this world. If he make the wrong choice, he will bring on the destruction of all of us."

Time has come now to share with as much people as possible the Star Knowledge, the knowledge brought now into the open by Native Americans, in order to prepare for a global contact with these civilizations they call the “Star Nations”. This will be a quantum leap for the evolution of the Earth nations. This event will be the fulfilment of all Native American prophecies, and the USA should lead the way.

I know that the traditionalist "indianists", like there are called in Europe, and there are many, will jump out of their moccasins when reading all of this, but like Sherwynn Zephier says "No time anymore to go round the bushes, but to talk straight and go ahead". The next conference is in Miami next November 11, 2000.

Mitakuye oyasin. Ahoe! 

Jean Michel Surmely
... is a speaker in UFO/New Age congresses in Europe besides US and Russian astronauts, key scientists and well know authors about contacts with ETs, and a speaker at the Star Knowledge Conferences in the US.  He has authored 5 books in European countries. He is available for lectures, workshops, video presentations in educational centers, colleges, universities, conferences etc… 

Also available: galactic readings, self-publication of documents, pictures of ETs, audio and video tapes from the Native Elders. 

Please contact with a S.A.S.E.:

Jean Michel Surmely, 
PO Box 3106 
Marion, NC 

Balance in Gardening~

As a Witch…..I have added Magick in many ways.  As I plant….I put my intentions and energy into each plant to grow strong and healthy..infuse it with Magick!  I draw runes and pentacles in the dirt, or even right on the wood of the raised bed of herbs.  I plant crystals in the soil, water with collected Moon Water and ask Goddess to bring Her energy and power to my home and gardens.  For me, working in soil…handling living plants, nurturing them, and watching them bloom and grow…brings me pure Joy, Grounds and Centers me, and allows me to feel one with Mother Earth.

I have many friends who don’t have yards or garden beds because they live in apartments etc.  I have friends who say they don’t have a green thumb..have no luck or desire to garden.   That’s ok too.  Not everybody is into gardening…I’m sure you have some other talent I wish I had :)   For those that want to but live in an apartment….it takes a very small space of balcony or patio or patch of dirt to plant a few things to bring you joy.  Pots are wonderful for growing flowers, herbs and even some vegetables.  The Joy is the same!

This time of year, I get such a thrill out of seeing my friend’s gardens posted on social media.  I get such great ideas and inspiration from others. 

It’s only 18 days until the Summer Solstice.  The Solstice is usually when I get to do my first harvest of herbs, and when I re-new my Witch’s Protection Bottles, wards etc around my home and yard.  I’ll be back to talk more about that soon.  In the meantime…get barefoot, go out under the waxing Moon (Friday the 13th She will be Full!) and just FEEL the warmth of the Earth, and the softness of the grass on your feet.  It will fix just about anything that’s ailing you!

Druid Plant Lore


A rich heritage of plant lore exists in Merlin’s Isle, as Britain was once known, and we can trace this heritage at least as far back as the Bronze Age, which began here around 4,000 years ago. From the analysis of pollen grains we know that during this period people in the Orkneys, Scotland and Wales used Meadowsweet as a floral tribute at burial sites. Up above the dark brooding lake of Llyn y Fan Fach in Wales the cremated remains of a young girl’s bones have been found in a cairn, alongside traces of Meadowsweet pollen, pottery and flint tools. It is fitting that such a cairn should be there, for in this majestic barren landscape it presides over a lake that is renowned for being the site of the origin-story of the Physicians of Myddvai. According to this legend, out of the waters of Llyn Fan Fach came a mysterious and beautiful Lady of the Lake who taught the first of the Physicians about the healing power of plants. These Physicians of Myddvai appeared in the Middle Ages, and the last of their line died out in the 19th century, when the story of the Lady of the Lake was first recorded, but the fact that the ashes of a young girl were buried with Meadowsweet above this lake thousands of years before this time is inspiring – as if a gentle feminine spirit has always hovered over this landscape, bringing with her the gifts of healing and plant-lore that we can still draw upon today.

In Ireland, Airmid and the Goddess Brighid act in a similar way as legendary sources of healing and plant lore, and when we explore their gifts, and the wider heritage of plant-lore that exists throughout the Druid source-lands of the British Isles, Ireland and Brittany, we can discern at least thirteen ways in which to work with plants in a sacred manner as we follow the ‘Old Ways’. In Druidry, many of these are traditionally the province of the Ovate, who might choose to devote a lunar month to each of these ways in turn, so that after a year they will have made a study of all thirteen ways, which they can then choose to deepen in whatever way they wish.

The Thirteen Uses of Plants in Ancient or Modern Druidism

1. The use of plants as food: food as sacred and life-sustaining – as a conveyor of the Druid life-force Nwyfre. Wheat has been used in a sacred way in a number of traditions: in the Eleusinian Mysteries, in Christianity, and in Druid and Pagan traditions at the harvest time of Lughnasadh. The Bean is another food with deep symbolic associations, this time to the Ancestors and the Otherworld. A study of the mythology attached to the pig in Celtic tradition, alongside a study of the Bean will reveal many similarities.

2. The use of plants in drinks, elixirs and tonics: just as ingesting plants as food in a ceremony can become a central feature, so can the ingesting of a sacred drink. In Druid rituals this is usually mead, often produced by bees feeding on Heather – a plant filled with associations to joy and community. But a variety of herbal elixirs, such as those made from Burdock and Dandelion, or Birch sap, enable the modern Druid to enhance their health and feel connected with the past while also honouring the stereotype perpetuated by the Asterix cartoons, of the magical elixir-quaffing sage.

3. The use of plants as clothing: modern Druids know how the use of clothes, and sometimes no clothes, can enhance the experience of ritual. Linen made from Flax was the main component of clothing for thousands of years – as it was of sail-cloth. As a result, the tiny seeds of Flax have helped us to build our civilisation, while plants like Woad and Weld were used by our ancestors to dye their cloth, and can be used by us to fashion our ritual clothing.

4. The use of plants for journeying in consciousness: the use of plants psychotropically to alter consciousness is well documented in many ancient and contemporary indigenous traditions. There is no evidence, however, of its use within ancient Celtic cultures or within Druidry, despite the prevalence of the Psilocybin mushroom commonly known as the Liberty Cap, and of Fly Agaric. There are some, though, who suggest that certain herbs, such as Mugwort, were smoked to stimulate psychic powers. Traces of Mugwort have been found on the drinking cup of the recently unearthed ‘Druid’ of the first century near Colchester, and it seems sensible that for health reasons the modern Druid should follow this example, drinking rather smoking Artemisia Vulgaris.

5. The medicinal use of plants: the history of herbalism is undoubtedly as old as the history of humanity. The classical writers only recorded the Druids’ use of four plants for magical and medicinal purposes: Mistletoe, Vervain, Selago – probably Fir Club Moss – and Samolus, possibly Water Pimpernel. But by correlating archaeobotanical records of the plants that grew at the time of the ancient Druids in their source-lands of western Europe, with the writings of contemporary herbalists such as Dioscorides, and the references to herbs in the old Celtic tales, we have been able to build a pretty good idea of the medicinal plants the ancient Druids would have used, such as Valerian – which is prized for its calming effect.

6. The use of plants for annointing: as an example, oils of primrose and vervain, mentioned in some of the old texts as being ingredients of Ceridwen’s brew, can be used to bless a Bard.

7. The use of plants in ritual: flowers are often used in Druid ceremonies and garlic is used in the Druid ritual of Samhain. Cloves are sprinkled across the threshold before inviting Spirits of the Departed into a house to partake of a ritual feast. Flower petals might be used to cast a circle at a festivity such as Beltane.

8. The use of plants in incense: in Druidry incense is often used to cleanse and perfume a working space or the aura. Agrimony and juniper berries are good for this purpose.

9. The use of plants in lustrations: ritual washing or laving, of the hands, face, body, altar, circle or tools can be enhanced with the addition of plants to the water being used. Again a good plant for this is Agrimony, known as Mur-druidhean, literally ‘the sorrow of the Druids’ but really meaning ‘the dispeller of sorrow used by the Druids’.

10. The use of plants in spells: Druids are cautious of spells, knowing the wisdom in the saying, ‘When the gods want to punish us, they answer our prayers.’ The ancient Druids did use spells, and contemporary Druids might sometimes too, having carefully considered the ethical and magical implications. In the old days, fern was used in spells for invisibility. A Druid today might still use fern if they were wishing to pass unnoticed through a hostile crowd for example.

11. The use of plants in charms and talismans: followers of the Old Ways are familiar with the idea of energy and vibrations. A plant will emanate a certain vibration, and if we carry some of this plant with us, perhaps as a piece of dried root in a pouch around our neck or in our pocket, it will exert a continuous influence on our aura – broadcasting its unique vibration into our energy field. Betony, one of those plants which has so many beneficial properties it became known as a ‘Cure-All’, was traditionally used in this way, as was Mandrake - a plant so renowned in ancient times it was almost certainly imported into Britain even in those earliest of days.

12. The use of plants as offerings: giving gifts seems innate to humankind. Part of being alive involves wanting to give – if only of our DNA to further the species, and so offering plants to a deity on an altar, or to a couple on marrying, or to a grave at a funeral seems the most natural thing in the world, and clearly our ancestors found Meadowsweet with its sweet almond-like scent an ideal plant of offering, as is Vervain – the Enchanter’s Plant, mentioned by Pliny as being one of the favoured plants of the Druids.

13. The oracular use of plants: while parts of some plants, such as the stalks of Yarrow (in the Celtic lands and in China) have been used as tools of divination, and while other plants, with psychotropic ingredients, have been used in attempts to access oracular powers of consciousness, The Druid Plant Oracle takes the traditional meanings associated with many of the plants that were likely to have been used by the ancient Druids, and translates them into contemporary terms – bearing in mind the sorts of issues we will be struggling with today.


Alder: A druid sacred tree. A whistle made of Alder is the basis for the old superstition of whistling up the wind.

Apple, Domestic: A Druid sacred tree. Apple cider can be used as a substitute for blood.

Ash:A druid sacred tree. Druid Shamanic wands were often made of ash.

Betony: A Druid sacred herb. This was a magical herb used to expel the power of evil spirits, nightmares, and despair. It was burned at Summer Solstice for purification and protection.

Birch: A Druid sacred tree. The bark was used for purification, especially during childbirth.

Blackthorn: A Druid sacred tree. It's thorns were used in negative magic.

Broom: Also known as Scotch or Irish Broom. A Druid sacred tree. Burned at the Spring Equinox, it purified and protected.

Catnip: A Druid sacred herb. Chewed by warriors for fierceness in battle

Cedar: A Druid sacred tree. Ancient Celts on the Mainland used cedar oil to preserve heads of enemies taken in battle. To draw Earth energy, to ground yourself place the palms of your hands against the ends of the needles.

Cherry, Wild: A Druid sacred tree. Chips of the wood or bark were burned at Celtic festivals.

Club Moss: A Druid sacred herb. Among the Celts, only a priest or priestess could gather club moss. The plants and spores were collected in July and August for use in blessings and protection.

Elder: A Druid sacred tree. Sacred to the Celtic White Lady and the Summer Solstice. The Druids used it both to bless and curse. Elder wands drive out evil and negativity. Standing under and elder tree at Midsummer, like standing in a ring of Faery Mushrooms, will help you see the Little People.

Eyebright: A Druid sacred herb that promotes clairvoyance.

Ferns: The Druids classified ferns as sacred trees. Uncurled fronds of the male fern were gathered at Midsummer, dried and carried for good luck. All ferns are powerful protective plants and faeries are especially attracted to them.

Fir, Silver: A Druid sacred tree. Also known as the Birth Tree. Burning needles or sweeping around the bed with a branch blessed and protected a mother and her new baby.

Foxglove: This is a Poisonous plant! A Druid sacred herb, associated with the Little People and Otherworld beings.

Furze: Also known as gorse or whin. A druid Sacred tree, whose flowers were associated with the Spring Equinox.

Hawthorne: A Druid sacred tree. Wands of this wood have great power.

Hazel: A Druid sacred tree. Faeries are attracted to hazel. Healing wands are made from its wood, as are water divining sticks.

Heather: A Druid sacred herb. Associated with Summer Solstice. 

Holly: A Druid sacred tree, sacred to the Winter Solstice because of its red berries and evergreen leaves.
Hops: A Druid sacred herb used for sleep and healing.
Ivy, English: POISONOUS! A Druid sacred herb. Connected with the Winter solstice.
Juniper: A druid Sacred tree. Its berries were used with thyme in incenses.
Marigold: A Druid sacred herb. The Druids believed that Marigold water made from the blossoms, then rubbed on the eyelids helped one to see faeries.
Meadowseet: One of the three most sacred hers to the Druids. The other two are mint and vervain (verbena).
Mint: A Druid sacred herb. Burning mint cleanses the area.
Mistletoe: POISIONOUS! It was the most sacred tree of the Druids, and it ruled Winter Solstice.
Mugwort: A Druid Sacred herb. Was placed in barns to protect cows from the influence of faeries. The herbs powers are strongest when picked on a Full Moon. Gather at the Summer solstice for good luck, and rub on ritual tools to increase power.
Nuts and Cones: Sacred to the Druids; very magical, especially in fertility magick. Small cones or acorns were sometimes used on the tips of wands used by the Celts.
Oak: A druid holy tree. The oak was the king of trees in the grove. Magick wands were made of its wood. Oak galls, sometimes called "Serpent Eggs", were used in magickal charms. Acorns gathered at night held the greatest fertility powers. The Druids and other magickal practitioners listened to the rustling leaves and the wrens in the trees for divinatory messages.
Pine: Sacred to the Druids, the pine was known as one of the seven chieftain trees of the Irish. Burn the needles inside for purification. To purify and sanctify an outdoor ritual area, brush the ground with a pine branch.
Rowan: Its seeds are poisonous! A Druid sacred tree and sacred to the Goddess Brigit. A very magickal tree used for wands, rods, amulets and other spell objects. A forked rowan branch can help find water. It is believed to be a powerful charm against evil spirits.
Rue: The ancient Celts considered rue an antimagickal her; it is a defense against spells and dark magic. If burned it routs negativity and gets things moving.
St. John's Wort: A Druid sacred herb. The Celts passed it through the smoke of the summer solstice fire, then wore it into battle for invincibility. The people of Scotland wore it as a charm against faery influence.
Holy Thistle: A Druid sacred herb. Primarily for protection and strength.
Thyme: A Druid sacred herb. Repels negativity and depression.
Trefoil: Also known as shamrock, or searaog. A Druid sacred herb, which symbolizes all triple deities. Always leave something in payment when you take trefoil, because it is a favorite herb of the Little People and faeries. A pinch of Ginger or a little milk poured onto the ground are acceptable gifts.
Vervain or Verbena: A Druid sacred herb, common in many druididic rites and incantations. Offerings of this herb were placed on altars.
Willow: A Druid sacred tree; one of the seven sacred trees of the Irish. the willow is a Moon tree sacred to the Goddess. its grooves were considered so magickal that priests, priestesses and artisans sat among the trees to gain eloquence, inspiration, skills, and prophecies.
Woodruff: A Druid sacred herb which acquires its scent after drying.
Wormwood: An accumulative poison! A Druid sacred herb which was very magickal as well as sacred to Moon deities. Burn on Samhain to aid evocation, divination, scrying and prophecy. Combine with Mugwort for added effect.
Yew: The berries are poisonous! A Druid sacred tree. Sacred to the Winter Solstice and deities of death and rebirth. The Irish used it to make dagger handles and bows.


HERBS - For The Pagan /Shaman


Buckeye: Attracts money and wealth, and can be used to help alleviate the pain of arthritis and rheumatism when held in the hand. Also useful to have near when performing any act of divination. Just don't leave them outside on your balcony, or the birds will take them away...they must have magickal properties we are not yet aware of!!!
CATNIP: Catnip is ruled by the planet Venus, and is therefore useful in love, beauty, and happiness spells. One of my favorite uses for catnip is; "cat magick", If you feed your cat some catnip, it will build a psychic bond between you and your cat! You can also make a pink sachet and fill it with Catnip to wear or carry to draw love to you. Another fun use for catnip is to grow some in your home. Aside from pleasing your cat, this will draw positive vibrations and good luck to you and to your house.

CEDAR CHIPS-- Useful in healing, purification, protection, and money-drawing spells. Burn cedar chips on a charcoal disc to purify an area...burning cedar chips is also useful for inducing and strengthening psychic powers. You can keep a little green sachet filled with cedar chips in your purse or wallet to draw money.

CHAMOMILE-- Chamomile is useful in spells for luck and gambling as well. Make a green amulet and fill with Chamomile Flowers to carry as a good-luck amulet.

CINNAMON -- Cinnamon is a wonderful herb to either burn as an incense or make into a sachet. Fill a green or gold sachet with Cinnamon to draw money and success or to use as a healing charm. A purple sachet can be used to increase your magickal and/or psychic powers. A pink or red sachet of Cinnamon can be worn, carried with you, or placed under your bed to draw love or to promote lust. Use a white sachet filled with Cinnamon to increase your spirituality and to confer protection.

CLOVES -- Their magickal properties include banishing evil (exorcism), clearing your head, protection, love, and money. Burn cloves as an incense to draw wealth and prosperity, drive away hostile and negative forces, produce positive spiritual vibrations, and purify the area in which they are burned. Wear or carry cloves to draw members of the opposite sex to you. Using cloves in your magickal spells is said to ensure that your magickal intention is realized.

DRAGON'S BLOOD -- Dragon's Blood is a resin which comes from a palm tree. Uses for Dragon's Blood include love, protection, and exorcism.

EUCALYPTUS -- This is the best herb I know of for healing, and can be used for protection as well. Carry some of the leaves with you for protection. To relieve a cold or other respiratory infection, ring green candles with the leaves and pods and visualize yourself as healed. Allow the candles to burn down completely.

FRANKINCENSE TEARS-- Magickal properties similar to Myrrh (below). Use these cute little beads to drive out negativity and enhance positive vibrations. You can crush them and use them as an incense on a charcoal disc. Frankincense incense induces visions and is useful as an aid to meditation. You can also make a little white or purple sachet of Frankincense and carry it with you to aid in your spiritual growth. A sachet of Frankincense Tears can also be used as a protective amulet.

HIGH JOHN-- This is an extremely potent herb, probably due to its affinity with the planet Mars. High John is useful in spells for winning and success, psychic powers, protection, love, and "making things happen. Annoint a root with Peppermint Oil and tie up in a green sachet. Carry this with you to attract prosperity, wealth, and success. You can also carry a yellow sachet to stop depression, or pink to draw love. THIS HERB IS POISONOUS IF EATEN, SO BE SURE TO KEEP IT OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS!!!

IRISH MOSS -- This herb is great to use in spells for money, luck, and protection. You can carry some with you or place some in your home to increase your luck and to ensure a steady flow of money into your house or pocket. Some place it under the rugs in their house for these purposes. Carry a little amulet filled with Irish Moss with you while travelling, for protection.

LAVENDAR FLOWERS -- Wonderful for use in love spells. Lavendar has long been known to be a particularly attractive scent to men...Lavendar Flowers can be sprinkled around the house to bring peacefulness, and can also be burned as an incense to help you sleep. Lavendar has also been used for protection, chastity, longevity, purification, and happiness.

MUGWORT-- Mugwort can be used as an incense (mixed in equal parts with Sandalwood)to aid in strengthening Psychic Powers. Try using it while scrying or before divination!!! Mugwort can also be placed next to the bed to aid in achieving astral projection. Its other magickal uses include strength, protection, prophetic dreams, and healing...

MYRRH-- Myrrh is a wonderful herb to use in spells for spirituality. Its other magickal uses include protection, healing, and exorcism. It is often combined with Frankincense to increase its power. Burn as an incense to purify an area. Use the smoke from the incense to purify and bless charms, amulets, talismans, magickal jewelry, tools, etc.

PEPPERMINT-- Peppermint makes a wonderful tea to increase your psychic ability (drink some before reading the Tarot, consulting runes, scrying, dowsing, etc.). Drinking Peppermint tea is also useful for healing (especially stomach aches), producing visions, and helping with sleep. The herb can also be sprinkled around your home for purification.

ROSE BUDS / PETALS -- These are wonderful for use in spells to draw love...use red for passionate love, pink or white for romantic, or true love. You can also place a single rose in a vase on your altar as a powerful love-drawing aid. To make a love candle melt several pink household size candles over low heat. When they are completely melted, remove from heat, add several pink or red rose buds (ground) and 20 to 30 drops of Rose Oil. Pour into a prepared glass jar (with wick and metal tab attached). Allow the candle to cool and harden, and burn on the first Friday after the New Moon to draw love to you. Rose buds/petals can also be used for psychic powers (especially when used for a tea), healing, protection, and luck...

ROSEMARY -- This is a wonderful all-purpose herb that you can't afford to be without! Rosemary can be used as a substitute for just about any herb. Its powers include love, lust, protection, exorcism, purification, healing, longevity, youth, mental powers, and sleep...Rosemary is a wonderful incense...smolder a bit of it to emit powerful cleansing and purifying vibrations and to rid negativity in the area in which it is burned (especially helpful to burn before performing any magick!) Place a bit of rosemary under your pillow to ensure a good night's sleep. Wear rosemary to aid your memory (especially helpful when you are studying for an exam). Add an infusion of rosemary to your bathwater to perserve youthfulness and to purify you. Carry a bit of rosemary with you to remain healthy. Hang a sprig of rosemary above your door posts.

SAGE -- Sage is useful for protection, healing, wealth, fulfilling wishes, and spells to increase longevity. One of my favorite uses for Sage is to powder some and add to my homemade yellow candles. These I burn on a Wednesday during the Waxing Moon to increase knowledge and wisdom.

SANDALWOOD -- Sandalwood has many magickal uses, including protection, spirituality, exorcism, healing, and wish fulfillment. Scatter sandalwood powder around your home to clear it of negativity. Use in healing and exorcism spells. Write a wish on a sandalwood chip and burn in your cauldron. As it burns it sets your magick flowing. Sandalwood mixed with Lavender makes a wonderful incense which is intended to conjure spirits.

VIOLET FLOWERS-- These are wonderful for using in amulets for good luck and fortune. They also work well in spells for lust and passion -- they are powerful love stimulants and also arouse lust...try mixing them with Lavendar Flowers for a potent combination. They are also useful in spells for protection, wishes, peace, and healing...

YARROW -- A wonderful herb to use in love spells!!! Also works to draw courage and to purify (exorcism). Drink as a tea to increase your psychic powers. Wear a sprig of yarrow for protection. Hold some in your hands when you are afraid. This will stop all fear and give you courage. Carry some with you to draw love and to attract friends.

~Elder Airwolf~

Magickal Planetary Correspondences


Magickal Planetary Correspondences



By Orderof Day Planet Rulership Exalted Colors Stones Metals Plants Tone Intentions Sunday 




ElementFire Sun Leo Aries Yellow,YellowGold,Gold Citrine,Topaz,Cat's Eye,HerkimerDiamond,Aventurine Gold Chamomile,Heliotrope,OrangeSunflower,Marigold,Frankincense C# Physicalstrength,success,health,winning,creativity,jewels,obtaininggoals,wealth,rulership,illumination. Monday 




ElementOceanWater Moon Cancer Taurus Silver&LightSilver Pearl,Moonstone&Selenite Silver Moonwort,All night-bloomingflowers G# Psychologicalbalance,psychicabilitybeauty,feminineforces,dreams,astraltravel,intuition. Tuesday 




ElementFire Mars Aries&Pisces Capricorn Red Ruby,Pyrite,Garnet&Hemetite Iron&Steel Nettle,Garlic,PassionFlower,Parsley,Cactus,Pepper,Pine D Action,force,partnership,marriage,passion,sexuallove,courage,clothing,determination,furniture. Wednesday ToolWand 


Element OceanWater&Water Mercury Pisces&Virgo Virgo Orange&Gray Carnelian,Agate,Opal Aluminum Dill,Scullcap,Lavender,Hazel,Cinquefoil,VetiverRoot,Horehound D Wisdom,allknowledge,motion,communication,transportation,speed,heating,motivation,creativity. Thursday 




Element Earth,Fire,Air,&Water Jupiter Sagittarius&Pisces Leo Royalblue,Turquoise,&Purple LapisLazuli,Chrysocolla,Sapphire,Turquoise,Amethyst Pewter&Tin Cloves,Hyssop,Cinnamon,Jasmine,Chestnut,Saffron,Cedar,Honeysuckles,Tonka Beans F# Materiallogic,influenceof peoplein highplaces,goodfortune,wealth,success,law,business,officials,honors,expansion. Friday 


Tool Censer 


Element Air&Earth Venus Taurus&Libra Pisces Green,Pink,Copper,&Rose Emerald,PinkShell,RoseQuartz,Malachite,WatermelonTourmaline Copper Adam &Eve Root,Rose,Caper,Heather,Strawberry,Tansy,Lady'sMantle,Violet,Apple,Primrose,Yarrow A Love,growth,health,fertility,beginningnewprojects,sensuality,money,jewelry,cosmetics,pleasure,friendship,prosperity. Saturday 


Tool Athame 


Element Earth(salt),FreshWater,Air,&Fire Saturn Capricorn&Aquarius Libra Wine&Magenta BlackOnyx,Jet,Diamond,Garnet,Galena Lead Ivy,Hemlock,Datura,MandrakeRoot,Tobacco,Moss,Wolfbane,Myrrh D Testing,binding,to inhibit,manifest,tocrystalizethings,science,concentration,maturity,to invent,pragmatic,to neutralizeevil intent,discipline,longevity. No Day 




Element Air,Water,&Fire Neptune Aquarius Scorpio Lavender&DazzlingWhite FireOpal,ClearQuartz,RutilatedQuartz Uranium&WhiteGold RedClover,Birch,BurdockRoot,HighJohnWort,Ebony,Wood,Pomegranate G# Eccentricideas,inventive,publicity,to reform,to expand,unusualideas,clearelectircalenergies,bizarrehappenings,unexpectedchanges. No Day 




Element Water Uranus Pisces Cancer All IridescentColors,Phosphorus&OpaqueColors SeaShell,Beryl,Aquamarine,Bloodstone,Blue Quartz,Fire Opal Platinum&Pewter Lotus,Watercress,WaterLily,Seaweed,Grapes A Visions,dreams,ideals,fantasies,artisticabilities,psychicawareness,healing,imaginings,water,illusions,chemicals,change No Day ToolBlackCape&Robe 


Element Water Pluto Scorpio Aquarius Black BlackCoral,Obsidian,BlackQuartz,BlackAventurine,Jet Chrome,Nuclearelements,Plutonium Wormseed,Hawthorne,Fioxglove,Low JohnRoot,GingerRoot,VanillaBean,ArrowRoot,Dogwood,Bloodroot D To bringorder outof chaos,groupideas,suddenmanifestationof spells &thoughts,Witch'spower,union ordisruption(use caution). No Day 




Element Earth,Water,Air,&Fire Earth Taurus,Virgo,&Capricorn Pisces,Libra,Scorpio,&Aries RustBrown&Brown Granite,Marble,Sandstone,SmokyQuartz,ClearQuartz Brass Mastic,Motherwort,Rue,Ginseng,OrangePeel,Shepherd'sPurse,Wormwood,Adam & EveRoot,CarawaySeed,Tarragon G Action,force,passion,partnershipbuilding,gardening,marriage,balance,decisions,grounding,resting,stability.


Magickal Planetary Correspondences


Magickal Planetary Correspondences



By Orderof Day Planet Rulership Exalted Colors Stones Metals Plants Tone Intentions Sunday 




ElementFire Sun Leo Aries Yellow,YellowGold,Gold Citrine,Topaz,Cat's Eye,HerkimerDiamond,Aventurine Gold Chamomile,Heliotrope,OrangeSunflower,Marigold,Frankincense C# Physicalstrength,success,health,winning,creativity,jewels,obtaininggoals,wealth,rulership,illumination. Monday 




ElementOceanWater Moon Cancer Taurus Silver&LightSilver Pearl,Moonstone&Selenite Silver Moonwort,All night-bloomingflowers G# Psychologicalbalance,psychicabilitybeauty,feminineforces,dreams,astraltravel,intuition. Tuesday 




ElementFire Mars Aries&Pisces Capricorn Red Ruby,Pyrite,Garnet&Hemetite Iron&Steel Nettle,Garlic,PassionFlower,Parsley,Cactus,Pepper,Pine D Action,force,partnership,marriage,passion,sexuallove,courage,clothing,determination,furniture. Wednesday ToolWand 


Element OceanWater&Water Mercury Pisces&Virgo Virgo Orange&Gray Carnelian,Agate,Opal Aluminum Dill,Scullcap,Lavender,Hazel,Cinquefoil,VetiverRoot,Horehound D Wisdom,allknowledge,motion,communication,transportation,speed,heating,motivation,creativity. Thursday 




Element Earth,Fire,Air,&Water Jupiter Sagittarius&Pisces Leo Royalblue,Turquoise,&Purple LapisLazuli,Chrysocolla,Sapphire,Turquoise,Amethyst Pewter&Tin Cloves,Hyssop,Cinnamon,Jasmine,Chestnut,Saffron,Cedar,Honeysuckles,Tonka Beans F# Materiallogic,influenceof peoplein highplaces,goodfortune,wealth,success,law,business,officials,honors,expansion. Friday 


Tool Censer 


Element Air&Earth Venus Taurus&Libra Pisces Green,Pink,Copper,&Rose Emerald,PinkShell,RoseQuartz,Malachite,WatermelonTourmaline Copper Adam &Eve Root,Rose,Caper,Heather,Strawberry,Tansy,Lady'sMantle,Violet,Apple,Primrose,Yarrow A Love,growth,health,fertility,beginningnewprojects,sensuality,money,jewelry,cosmetics,pleasure,friendship,prosperity. Saturday 


Tool Athame 


Element Earth(salt),FreshWater,Air,&Fire Saturn Capricorn&Aquarius Libra Wine&Magenta BlackOnyx,Jet,Diamond,Garnet,Galena Lead Ivy,Hemlock,Datura,MandrakeRoot,Tobacco,Moss,Wolfbane,Myrrh D Testing,binding,to inhibit,manifest,tocrystalizethings,science,concentration,maturity,to invent,pragmatic,to neutralizeevil intent,discipline,longevity. No Day 




Element Air,Water,&Fire Neptune Aquarius Scorpio Lavender&DazzlingWhite FireOpal,ClearQuartz,RutilatedQuartz Uranium&WhiteGold RedClover,Birch,BurdockRoot,HighJohnWort,Ebony,Wood,Pomegranate G# Eccentricideas,inventive,publicity,to reform,to expand,unusualideas,clearelectircalenergies,bizarrehappenings,unexpectedchanges. No Day 




Element Water Uranus Pisces Cancer All IridescentColors,Phosphorus&OpaqueColors SeaShell,Beryl,Aquamarine,Bloodstone,Blue Quartz,Fire Opal Platinum&Pewter Lotus,Watercress,WaterLily,Seaweed,Grapes A Visions,dreams,ideals,fantasies,artisticabilities,psychicawareness,healing,imaginings,water,illusions,chemicals,change No Day ToolBlackCape&Robe 


Element Water Pluto Scorpio Aquarius Black BlackCoral,Obsidian,BlackQuartz,BlackAventurine,Jet Chrome,Nuclearelements,Plutonium Wormseed,Hawthorne,Fioxglove,Low JohnRoot,GingerRoot,VanillaBean,ArrowRoot,Dogwood,Bloodroot D To bringorder outof chaos,groupideas,suddenmanifestationof spells &thoughts,Witch'spower,union ordisruption(use caution). No Day 




Element Earth,Water,Air,&Fire Earth Taurus,Virgo,&Capricorn Pisces,Libra,Scorpio,&Aries RustBrown&Brown Granite,Marble,Sandstone,SmokyQuartz,ClearQuartz Brass Mastic,Motherwort,Rue,Ginseng,OrangePeel,Shepherd'sPurse,Wormwood,Adam & EveRoot,CarawaySeed,Tarragon G Action,force,passion,partnershipbuilding,gardening,marriage,balance,decisions,grounding,resting,stability.


Calculating the Phase of the Moon at Your Birth

The Eight Phases of the Moon 

To calculate the phase the moon was in when you were born: 30 degrees – the number of your Sun’s degrees + each intervening sign between the sun and moon on your chart (houses without the sun or moon in them, counting clockwise) + the Moon’s degrees = Your Moon Phase. 

If the moon is ahead (to the left of) the sun in the same house = New Moon. If the moon is behind (to the right of) the sun in the same house = Balsamic Moon. If the moon is behind (to the left of) the sun in an adjacent house, then there are no intervening signs. 


The Eight Phases of the Moon 
Calculating the Phase of the Moon at Your Birth 

The phase the moon was in at the time of your birth can give you insights into what your soul’s mission is in this incarnation. 

New Moon (0 – 44 degrees) – beginning of a cycle, just starting out, charm, spontaneous, forming a personality, one can be insensitive to others in their expression of selfhood, acts instinctively, plunges into new experiences, good at starting projects, can be easily distracted by new projects or ideas. 

Crescent Moon (45 – 89 degrees) – karmic stuff from the past, struggle to break out of past life patterns and make one’s own way, feelings of inertia and dependencies from past conditions, mobilizes resources to assert self in a new direction, has chosen the path to take during this life cycle. 

First Quarter (90 – 134 degrees) – good managing abilities, cardinal tendencies, reforming old structures, discarding things no longer needed, desire to changer people, active and moving, managing energy released from crisis’s, can create crisis to incite change, building new structures. 

Gibbous (135 – 179 degrees) – searching for a goal through study and analysis, desire for soul growth, relating one experience with another, prophetic abilities, perfecting techniques and form, introspective, questing for revelation, preparation for emergence into the public arena. 

Full Moon (180 – 224 degrees – culmination of a cycle, personal magnetism, people bring you their problems for solutions, difficulties with relationships, looking for perfect partner, can be reclusive or celibate, infusing meaning and contentment into life structures, emergence into public arena, objectivity, illumination. 

Disseminating Moon (225 – 269 degrees) – share with others what they have found to be meaningful to themselves, talent for promoting others or their own ideas, need to tell all they have learned so their experiences may have value, crusaders in religion/philosophy/concepts/ideas, distribution of ideas and resources. 

Last Quarter (270 – 314 degrees) – going through crisis and changes in order to reorient thinking, crisis of consciousness, strong principles, strongly affected by Mercury’s phases – especially retrogrades, looking outward or inward depending on Natal mercury direct or retrograde motion, turning away from old expressions and looking toward new ideas, owning up to actions and choices for good or ill. 

Balsamic Moon (315 – 359 degrees) – end of a cycle, changing from personal to group consciousness, something new will emerge which will help others, being possessed by destiny, involvement with causes/humanitarianism/metaphysicians, looking to the past and the meaning of life, prophetic abilities, commitment to the future, distilling wisdom of cycle completed and passing it along as a legacy for others, completion of Karma, making ready for a new cycle, looking to the past with an eye to benefiting the future by learning from mistakes and triumphs. 

Aspects in Astrological Magick


Aspects in Astrological Magick 
The Elements 

Conjunction (Parallel) – 0 degrees in the same sign with an 8 degree orb (same as a conjunction, with a 1 degree orb). 
Blending, uniting, brings together, binding, forced union, beginnings, focus, intensity, unity working together for a common goal; most intense of the aspects. 

Sextile – 60 degrees, 2 signs apart (complimentary elements), with a 6 degree orb. 
Opportunity, productivity, brings together and provides opportunity for cooperation and harmony (though not guaranteed), creativity, communication, people, working on complementary projects. 

Square – 90 degrees, 3 signs apart (same quality), with an 8 degree orb. 
Friction, competition, obstacles which can be overcome with effort, stirs things up, gets things going, incites to action, challenge, stubbornness, neither side wants to compromise, working at cross-purposes. 

Trine – 120 degrees, 4 signs apart (same element), with an 8 degree orb. 
Harmony, benevolence, ease of accomplishment, takes stuff for granted, can be lazy, indulgent, easy results, gifts, inherent talents, working in harmony. 

Opposition (Contra-Parallel) – 180 degrees, 6 signs apart (complimentary elements, same quality) with an 8 degree orb (same as an opposition, with a 1 degree orb). 
Awareness, polarization, separation, one or the other, for cutting away, getting rid of, to confront the “other” – partners, open enemies, rivals – pleasant or not to bring an end to things, fulfillment or failure, illumination, working in opposite directions. 

Inconjunct (Quincunx) – 150 degrees, 5 or 7 signs apart (no correlation of element or quality) with a 3 degree orb. 
Adjustment, accommodation, inconvenient benefit, compromised required, each must be willing to bend. 

Semi-sextile – 30 degrees, 1 sign apart (no correlation element of quality), with a 1 degree orb. 
Mildly fortunate, natural progression, brings results but may not be what you expected, brings things out into the open for good or ill, growth. 

Semi-Square – 45 degrees, 1 ½ signs apart (with or without special correlations), with a 2 degree orb. 

Sesquiquadrate – 135 degrees, 4 ½ signs apart (no special correlations) with a 2 degree orb. 
Friction, mental stirring up, arguments, agitation, may bring inspiration or visions but not necessarily comfortable or welcome ones, incitement to action, creativity, emotional zeal accompanies effects, not as strong as the Square aspect. 

Next Aspect 
1. Choose the aspect and planet you want as the influence and coordinate it with the last aspect of the Moon (the planet aspected by the moon at the last aspect isn’t crucial, but if you can use a planet that has a relevance to the matter, the more effective you can be. Use an almanac to find aspects.) 
2. Time your start to the next aspect.


The Elements 
Aspects in Astrological Magick 

Fire – spirituality, fire, inspiration, enthusiasm, animals, spirit.
Earth – rocks, crystals, grounding, material stuff, present, now, body.
Air – incense, mental activity, words and communication, intellect.
Water – oils, liquids, emotion, psychic, the past, plants, soul. 

Planetary Magick:Ancient Magick of Time and the Music of the Spheres

Planetary Magick is the next system to layer onto one's practice, after mastery and understanding of Solar, Lunar and Elemental Magick. If you have a yearning for an ancient link to magickal practice, it is more likely to be found through the seven "fixed stars" or planets than by any particular witchcraft tradition or magickal system, most of which date to the 1950's or Medieval times.


In ancient times, the movements of the "planets" were easy to observe as different from the stars. Most of the stars rotated in unison, over the course of the night, but seven heavenly bodies could be counted in different rhythms. Fastest moving among them is the Moon, whose orbit has a periodicity of about 29 days.  Faint, but still observable much of the year also, Mercury travels its path every 59 days (or 88 days, it used to be believed). Venus at 243 days, the Sun itself at 365 days, Mars at 687 days, Jupiter at 12 years and elder Saturn takes 29 years to complete its circuit, from an Earthling‚Äôs perspective.


From Sumerian times, these unique heavenly bodies were seen as representations of the gods, if not gods themselves. And through the ages, the names of these planets have changed, but the roles of the gods they have been named for have changed very little. For example, in ancient Sumer, Enki was the name for the planet we now call Mercury, and they are both gods of information and communication. The Babylonians called the planet Mars by the name Nergal, who was also god of war. Our beloved planet Venus was Aphrodite in Greece, Astarte in Phoenicia, Ishtar in Babylon, and Inanna in ancient Sumer, love goddesses all of them. Solaris or Helios is the Sun god, Iuppiter or Jupiter is a god of kingship and growth, Selene or Luna is goddess of the Moon


The association or correspondences of these gods with the planets is discernible from their colors, movements, or time signatures. Saturn, with its lengthy period, was associated with elder or death gods, gods of the underworld or harvest, master of time, architect of destiny. Mercury, with its speedy cycle and quick changes of direction were related to the messenger god.


Some astrologers and magicians have added Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto to the classic seven planets. These planets are not discernible to the eye without telescopes, and therefore they are not as familiar to humanity, and they have fewer Earthly correspondences. Neptune is viewed as a higher frequency of Venus, Uranus likewise is an octave over Mercury, and Pluto is the dark reflection of the Sun. Their distance from our planet makes magickal correspondence much more tentative and not especially useful to most practitioners.

Most important for the modern practitioner is that, since the times of the most ancient western civilizations, these planets or deities have determined one of the most basic conventions of social organization: the seven day week. Each day is said to be “ruled” by one of the seven planets, and further, each hour of the day and each hour of the night are ruled by the same succession of planetary deities. We have lost a bit in the translation of the names of the week to the Germanic roots. The Norse gods are not associated with the planets themselves, though their diety functions are still correspondent to the ancient rulers. The Latin names of the planets and the days still correspond exactly.

Sol = Sun = Sunday,
Luna = Moon = Monday (Moon-day),
Mars = Mars = Tuesday (Norse Tiu, a war-god),
Mercurius = Mercury = Wednesday (Wodin or Odin, a scholar/magician god),
Iuppiter = Jupiter = Thursday (Thor, god of thunder),
Venus = Venus = Friday (named for Norse goddess of love Freya) and
Saturnus = Saturn = Saturday.

Note that our familiar workweek begins on Monday, ruled by the quickest planet, and ends on Saturn’s slow day, the day of rest. More recent calendars have changed the Sabbath to Sunday, or alternatively had Sunday begin the week. Over time, and even in our current datebooks, which of these three days is the start of the week has rarely enjoyed consensus. If you consider the matter you could derive logical arguments for all three cases.

Our reckoning of the day as beginning at 12 am (the middle of the night) is a new convention. For millennia, the day began with sunrise, and the night began with sunset, and the planetary hours commenced their count at sunrise. The order of the hours follows the periodicities of the planets: slower, elder Saturn begins the week (or used to do) and the quickest planet, the Moon is the last, repeating eternally in the pattern:

Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun Venus Mercury Moon

But this is not the order of the days of the week! Which is of course:

Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

The explanation is that in Babylonian times, the day was divided into twenty four hours (Sumerians used a twelve hour day) with twelve hours of day and twelve hours of night. If you begin at sunrise on Saturday with the first hour being ruled by Saturn, 24 hours later you will end up at dawn the next day with the hour of the Sun. That being the planet governing at the time of sunrise, that planet governs and names the new day, Sunday. Beginning with Sun ruling that first hour of the day it rules, if you tick off another 24 planetary hours in that order: Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, etc., you will arrive at Moon at dawn of the next day, Monday. After another 24 hours you will arrive at dawn at the next day, Tuesday. Repeat this pattern and you will derive the order of the days of the week.

It is easy to think of time and days of the week proceeding this way, a function of the relationship of the number seven with the number twelve, and indeed, this relationship is expressed elsewhere, most notably in music in the relation of the chromatic to the diatonic scales. Mystics, alchemists, and early philosophers were always seeking to understand, and emulate in law, architecture, art, and social convention, the music of the spheres, a way to harmonize human activities with the movements planets of our solar system and then hopefully, further into the heavens. (You might note that the next tier of magickal practice after the seven-planet realm is the astrological zodiac, which is a system of twelve.)

One problem is that nature does not always fit the philosopher’s ideal mathematics. We have here the inconvenience of unequal day length caused by the seasons. With the advent of uniform timepieces, the convention has moved toward the fixed hour. But in ancient systems, the length of the hour changed according to the length of the day. Around the equinoxes, September 22 or so and March 22 or so, the hours of the night and day are equal, and this is where convention set the fixed hour. Somewhere along the way, the rigid application of fixed hours made it expedient to even change the time of the beginning of the day to the darkest hour of night!

In Natural Magick, we follow Nature and ancient customs. Wednesday morning begins at Dawn on Wednesday, and it lasts all day and all night until the Sun rises upon the next day. If that Wednesday is near the Winter Solstice, the hours of the day are shorter, and the hours of the night are longer. We go through the exercise of calculating the relative length of the hours through the seasons in order to precisely time magickal operations, especially those that are related to the planets. A bit of algebra and interpolation is applied to our magick. This brings us closer to the magick of the Spheres and the practices of ancient magickal systems. Not to mention, it reminds us that we did once pass Algebra in high school!

With this we introduce the Natural Magick line of Planetary oils. Each of these oils is made on the day ruled by the planet and in the hour of that day that is ruled by the planet. Five of the seven planets are made during the day in the waxing Moon. Moon is made at night under the crescent Moon in the hour of the Moon. Saturn is made on the first Saturday after the Full Moon, in the Saturn hour of the night, to fully capture the elder and dark aspect.

Each oil is potentiated with a mineral which corresponds to the power of the planet concerned:

Saturn - Hematite
Sun - Citrine
Moon - Moonstone
Mars - Garnet
Mercury - Fluorite
Jupiter - Amethyst
Venus - Peridot

Each bottle of oil has a 4mm bead of the same stone as a focus.As each oil is made, I use the following binding spell:

This is the Day that you were made
This is the Hour that you were born
This is the moment of your creation
To magick of ___________, you are now sworn.

Each of the planets and the gods that govern them has resonance with different parts of our Selves. In a sense, by honoring each of the planets in a ritual way, we are dissembling, re-assimilating, and reclaiming each part of our Selves, the whole and separate parts of which issue forth from the Music of the Spheres.

© Cedar Stevens 2007

Charge of the Sea Goddess



Hearken to the Words of the Sea Goddess, called once and once again Amphitrite, Fand, Mari, Ran, Tiamat, Yemaya, and numerous other names:

I am the blue-robed Keeper of the treasures of the Sea. For My adornments I choose from the spoils of all shipwrecks since antiquity. Countless pearl strands adorn My throat and wrists, while mother-of-pearl combs hold back My hair. Jewels offered unto Me by My earliest worshipers ornament My great throne. Attendant on Me are the nereids, mermaids, and nymphs who dance near the shores and beckon mortals to their watery embraces.
[the sea goddess calls]
In each generation I call many to My waters. These, then, are the sailors and divers who yearn to explore the depths of My Mysteries. To many more, My Presence gives comfort and sustenance in their daily lives. However, sacrifice unto Me before traversing My Waters, lest I call to you to join Me beneath the waves. 

From My sacred womb descends all that Was, Is, and Ever shall be. From Me came all life, and to Me all life shall return, from I am the Cauldron, the Graal of Immortality. To drink of My waters is to know Eternity. Beware, however, of drinking too deeply, lest you know it intimately. I am the womb of the world and the blood of life. Salt-water flows through the veins of all creatures, and My tides control every female, who shall honour and serve Me until the end of time.

Sea Witchery

Perspective of a Sea Witch~

Why sea witchery?

I realize most people never get past the basics of Witchcraft, but a person can only keep going over them so many times before it’s time for something new. After a few years of practice, it seemed appropriate to start expanding my studies and see what else was out there. At that time there wasn’t any ‘World Wide Web’ or other Pagans near me, nor had any books encountered ever mentioned specializing in a particular area, but it seemed a natural progression. I soon started coming across books about natural magick, and especially enjoyed reading the chapters about the magick uses of water and began trying things out (and found them a excellent fit). Since I’ve always been fascinated by the ocean and its wonders, it just seemed natural to specialize in sea magick.
I also realize a lot of people claim there’s no such thing as a ‘natural Witch’ but when you pick an off-beat specialty, you have to have a natural feel for it. Unlike those who specialize in, say, herbalism, there aren’t a wide variety of books to read for correspondences and magickal ideas. In many cases, it’s a chapter from this book, a paragraph or two from that one, and figure the rest on my own. I’ve spent literally years working out these correspondences for shells, for types of water, for the winds, etc. through my own trial and error.

Getting my tool collection together has been even more challenging since most of my tools aren’t considered magickal tools by modern magickal standards, so they aren’t items from Witches R Us or the Witch ‘n’ Save. I’ve gotten most of my tools from arts & crafts stores, antique shoppes, even the local sporting goods store. For a specialty like this, you have to keep your eyes open for anything useful, and make good use of it once you’ve found it.

What is a sea witch?

The Sea Witch tradition is associated with seafarers and beachcombers. Sea Witches focus on Moon lore, the tides, and practical weather magicks.
It is from the sea Witch tradition that evolved tales of women who could raise the winds and brew up storms,charges that even two hundred years ago could result in one being sent to the stake. A good storm (intended or not) will send the average Sea Witch running to charge her tools with the storm’s energies.

Sea Witchery is a ‘darker’ path than the average Pagan cares to deal with. However, bear in mind that when you start working with the weather, you are dealing with chaotic forces of nature. Unfortunately, most Pagans perceive chaos to be evil, but if it be called evil, it is a necessary evil. Too many Pagans these days deal only with the light; the Sea Witch works with what is termed ‘grey magick’ to maintain a balance of light and dark. It is definitely not a path for everyone. In fact, most Sea Witches are solitary, as few others enjoy the isolation of a sun-bleached cottage on a wind-swept seacoast.

Sea magick

Sea magick is magick involving the element of Water, usually performed at the seashore. If you do not live on the coast, this type of magick is quite flexible, so your local lake, river, pond, or bathtub will work in a pinch. Even placing a bowl of salt water on your altar, with the proper intentions, is sufficient for performing sea magick.
What kinds of spells can one do with sea magick? Any type, but the materials used (spell components) will be sea-related. With a little reworking, a pinch of sea salt works in place of regular salt, and the types of seaweed and shells available constitute entire languages of their own.

There are several types of magick that are usually associated with sea magick. Since most precipitation is water-related, weather magick is a form of sea magick. In earlier days, sea witches were expected to control the weather for seafarers so they could have a safe voyage. Moon magick is another type of sea magick, as the Moon controls the sea’s tides. Mirror magick is a little-practiced derivation of moon magick, and is also considered a form of sea magick.