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I am sixth generation Native Blackfoot and Scottish Celt. My Grandmother was one of my mentors her being a shaman, and my other mentor was my Druid Celtic Aunt. I was raised pagan and my education started at the age
of seven and formally after my first moon lodge ritual at 12. I am also trained as a voodoo priestess
I have one son now coming into his native shaman training and 4 beautiful grandchildren.

New Moon--New Beginnings

New Moon--New Beginnings

By Donna Morgan on Friday, February 28, 2014 at 11:33am

New Moon--New Beginnings




The period of the New Moon is a good time to start new activities and to take action toward new ambitions, purposes, and directions. This is the time to plant, so that we may grow or create the pathway of your inner journey. Look deeply into your inner self, and by consciously moving your being into an alignment with the New and Full Moon cycle, you will find a potential to utilize the inner channels within your being. The challenge which confronts us at the New Moon cycle is one of self-expression through activity...primarily as one of us projecting ourselves out into the environment, society. This can include learning about what we hope to have manifested in our lives, the vision which we will choose to pursue, taking decisions to change unsatiisfactory areas of our lives, and making new beginnings. The New Moon is a phase of renewal, and it is this energy that we can harness to aid our attempts to change.



I can never say this enough. Journaling is so important. I have journalled since I was a teenager. There is never a need to show it to anyone else, but by writing down your thoughts and then rereading them later, you will be able see the patterns of your soul. You'll see more clearly what you have learned about yourself, your feelings, your emotions, how you handle things--and you will likely also see what you have NOT learned yet. The things that cause us pain are often found to involve similar patterns of behavior, similar mistakes. In the process of thinkng these things through, you may also discover a path toward healing. Just the other day,I was cleaning out a closet and found one of my old, old journals from 20 years ago. Gosh, how co-dependent I was at the time! I was so insecure, so beaten from bad relationships. And by reading my words of so long ago, I was able to see just how far I have come. We are all here to learn, on a deep soul level, the path to serenity.



Don't waste too much time on these questions. I have found that when you take your time, you try to write everything out perfect...and although your grammar may be beyond fault, your inner self remains hidden. Just jot down what comes to your mind...words, phrases...sentences about how you relate to this phase of the moon.



What is your inner self's new beginning?




What seeds might you plant in your inner self so that you can grow, transform, or create yourself anew?




How might you nourish your new beginning?










Dark Moon Rituals

Our ancient ancestors revered the Moon as a Goddess with each of Her lunar phases--new, full, and dark moon--said to correspond to the three phases of a woman's life--maiden, mother, crone. Throughout time, the Moon has long been associated with our power within, and men, as well as women, are capable of connecting with this power. The dark phase, which is associated with the crone phase, appears in the sky during the last three days of every lunar cycle; it is a time for life-enriching endings and a prelude to new beginnings. When the dark moon appears to us, we find it much easier to shed that unnecessary emotional baggage which we carry within us and to free ourselves of those people and ideas that no longer add value to our life. This is the time when we need to cleanse ourselves of the old and unnecessary in order to create space so that the new can enter.


One way that we can harness the energy of the dark moon is to perform a simple ritual where you light a black candle. Black candles open up the deeper levels of the unconscious and are good for banishing evil or negativity from your life. Call forth and visualize the different parts of your life that you are ready to let go of. Then, through visualization, bind these parts together with light and imagine that this bundle is moving toward the candle. Watch as these parts are devoured by the flame; then let the candle burn out. Trust that what you have released has now left you.


A Solitary Dark Moon Ritual


For this ritual you will need two black candles, a cauldron, paper, and a pen. 


First, place the cauldron in the center of your altar; then place the paper and the pen next to it. Now, cast the circle in a counter-clockwise way, and once it is cast, return to your altar and face towards the North. While lighting the black candles say":


This is the time when the dark moon hides Her face from humans. Oh, Dark Mother, oh Wise One, let me feel Your presence and Your power. I need Your wisdom of releasing and removing. 


Move counter-clockwise to the East and say:


Dark Mother, remove all of the negatives from my thoughts and mind and let them bear no fruit within my life.


Now, go to the North and say:


Dark Mother, remove all negatives from my body and let them bear no fruit in my life.


Now, go to the West and say:


Dark Mother, remove all negative from my emotions and let them bear no fruit in my life.


Now, go to the South and say:


Dark Mother, remove all negatives from my spiritual life and let them bear no fruit in my life.


Now, return to the alter and while facing the North say:


I will accept no negative thoughts, words, or deeds from others. They are destroyed by the powers of the Dark Mother. If these negatives happen to come from within myself, I will turn them into lessons of good. Help me to become a true goddess daughter.


While facing the altar, write down on the paper the negative things you wish to be removed from life--bad habits, negative influences of other, etc. Read each one out loud to the Dark Mother to release them to Her. Light the paper from one of the black candles and drop it into the cauldron saying:


Dark Mother, Crone Goddess, Wise One...teach me Your deepest mysteries. Guide and protect me, Dark Mother.


Now would be a good time to meditate and see what insights you might receive. When finished, release the circle and bury the ashes of the paper somewhere on your property.


The Month of March 2014

March 1, 2:00 am - New Moon EST

The new moon sets the stage to a new spiritual awakening when it enters Pisces.  Any time there is a new moon or full moon in a water sign, expect massive surges of water or snow, floods and large waves. Several days after the new moon in Pisces 2011, a tsunami hit Japan which caused massive damage causing the city to rebuild itself. The weather on the east coast was erratic too.  One storm after the other has affected salt supplies and caused damage to streets and some even died. So, perhaps it’s a wakeup call to appreciate what we have and to always be spiritual.

With every new moon, we are asked to examine our actions, reactions and how we handle conflict, love, and spirituality. Usually, when the new moon enters Pisces, many call it a spiritual moon because everyone has Pisces somewhere in his/her chart. This is because the Universal “God” is a Pisces and we are his/her children. Thus, this unconditional love and new beginning forces a spiritual love.

It’s a time to be more loving towards yourself as well as others. This new moon will give enough energy to stop any self-destructive activities, dependences, or behaviors that have stalled our lives and those of people around us. The moon's energy will allow the awareness to use our strength to connect to our highest psyche, God, to help us manifest our dreams.

Almost everyone will be affected by this new moon in one way or another. The adjustment will open many doors to medicine and spirituality. The greater emphasis will be where Pisces is prominent in one’s chart. It is vitally important to understand the Pisces affect.

The New moon will signal a time to weed out things with consideration and unconditional love. It’s a good time to absolve those who have hurt you. It is time to let go of expectations, even if it means you have to cry and let it all go so that you can begin the healing process. There is a greater need to renounce with an open heart and go beyond time itself and journey through the spirit.

The new moon in Pisces normally is a time of tranquility, devotion, and planting seeds for spring. It is a time of earth rejuvenation when the first scents and stirrings of spring are so provokingly close. It’s also a moon of Shiva who abolishes our imperfections in order to bring spiritual growth and progress. Shiva is the light that brings the higher place in our lives to hold life with humbleness, love, compassion, accepting, and sympathy.

This Pisces new moon represents a time of extreme responses. Self-destructive impulses can arise for those in the grip of cynicism. For many, it becomes more difficult to appreciate and value the quality of life. The power of emotional energy can be helpful if directed into pioneering activities and self-healing. However, there is a strong desire to simply slip into interference. It is better to indulge in constructive pastimes rather than yield to more vicious, distracting activities.

Gloomy tendencies can easily dominate under this New Moon. The influence of this New Moon can be especially difficult or demanding for those who were born under a New Moon phase, as well as for those of the mutable Sun Signs Virgo, Gemini & Sagittarius. Also, for those whose birth Moon is in Pisces, this New Moon can represent a critical time for potential accidents, hurts, negligence, and the undertaking of rash choices or judgments.

March 4 - Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday

Masqueraders moving
King and Queen go forth
Standing in a royal place
A Jester joins their court

Princesses and maidens
Searching through the crowds
Seeking joy and happiness
Underneath masked shrouds

Joined in jubilation
The crowds now move about
Searching for their happiness
So joyful there's no doubt

Streets abound with laughter
Dancing has begun
Everyone related
Masks have made them one

Constant stream of joyfulness
Parades and floats go by
Music fills the crowded streets
Torches light the sky

Last hurrah of season
Food and wine to last
This in preparation
For forty days of fast.

              ~ Francine Pucillo

March 9, 2:00 am - Daylight Savings Time Begins

Remember to set your clocks forward one hour.

March 16, 12:08 pm - Full Moon

Sap Moon

During the Sap Moon, the life force begins to manifest in all living things.  Plants emerge from the earth, birdsong can be heard as well at the chatter of flowing water in streams as the ice melts.  Early settlers knew the sap was moving and rising again.  Sap, the precious, unseen life-giving fluid, rich with minerals that feeds every blade of grass, plant and tree, is responsible for turning our Earth green again.

During the Sap Moon, our own bodies respond to this surge of new life and nature's rhythm.  We feel a quickening inside.  Welcome its power by focusing on your growing energy.  Ground and center; look at the Moon if possible.  Light a cream-colored candle.  Brew a cup of ginger tea and sweeten with honey, sip slowly.  Feel the energy of your body growing from your feet to your head.  Speak to the Sap Moon:

As the Earth stirs and the ice melts,
Sap Moon, your magical presence can be felt.
As every river and stream starts to flow,
I feel my own energy begin to grow.

March 20, 11:57 am - Ostara


Animals/Mythical Creatures – unicorn, merpeople, pegasus, rabbit/Easter bunny, chicks, swallows, snakes
Gemstones – rose quartz, moonstone, amethyst, aquamarine, bloodstone, red jasper
Incense/Oil – African violet, lotus, jasmine, rose, magnolia, sage lavender, narcissus, ginger, broom, strawberry
Colors/Candles – gold, light green, grass green, robin’s egg blue, lemon yellow, pale pink, anything pastel
Tools/Symbols/Decorations – colored eggs, baskets, green clothes, shamrock, equilateral cross, butterfly, cocoons, sprouting plants; violets, lily, spring wildflowers, new clothes, lamb, hare/rabbit
Goddesses – Eostre (Saxon Goddess of Fertility), Ostara (the German Goddess of Fertility), Kore, Maiden, Isis, Astarte (Persia, GrecoRoman), Ishtar (Babylonian), Minerva (Roman), Youthful Goddesses. Faerie Queen, Lady of the Lake (Welsh-Cornish), the Green Goddess
Gods – Hare, Green Man, Youthful Gods, Warrior Gods, Taliesin, Lord of the Greenwood (English), Dagda (Irish), Cernunnos (Greco-Celtic), Pan (Greek), Adonis (Greek)
Essence – strength, birthing, completion, power, love, sexuality, embodiment of spirit, fertility, opening, beginning
Dynamics/Meaning – the God comes of age, sexual union of the Lord & Lady, sprouting, greening, balance of light and dark
Purpose – plant and animal fertility, sowing
Rituals/Magick – spellcrafting, invention, new growth, new projects, seed blessing
Customs – wearing green, new clothes, Celtic bird festival, egg baskets coloring eggs, collecting birds eggs, bird watching, egg hunts, starting new projects, spring planting
Foods – light foods, fish, maple sugar candies, hot crossed buns, sweet breads, hard boiled eggs, honey cakes, seasonal fruits, milk punch, egg drinks
Herbs – acorns, celandine, tansy, cinquefoil, crocus, daffodil, dogwood, Irish moss, ginger, honeysuckle, iris, jasmine, rose, hyssop, linden, strawberry, violets
Element/Gender – air/male
Threshold – dawn

March 30, 1:45 pm - New Moon/Black Moon

This is the second new moon in March and the second new moon in a month is called a Black Moon.  This Black Moon is also the second of 2014.  It is extremely rare to have two Black Moons in the same year.  Those who study the concentration of energy, acknowledge that when the rare Black Moon comes about, it is one of the most powerful nights for casting.  There is a direct line to the Goddess, and therefore an opening for Her to transmit Her energy to us.  Many different traditions perform rituals on this night.

Herb of the Month

Ginger - Fire/Jupiter; Gender - Masculine; Parts Used - Root; Magickal Properties - Success, Power and Money; Uses - Burn the crushed dried root for attracting money and success in a business endeavor, carry for power in a given situation (caution: please be sure you have thought out the situation and your stand on it before trying this one, it could backfire on you!), used in love wishes too as an added boost of power.

Stone of the Month

Aquamarine - This lovely gem evokes the sea in both its name and its color. The ancients saw this as a stone of courage and felt that carrying it would help them return safe and prosperous from sea voyages. It aids in compassion, and tolerance, and facilitates communication both with others and with the deeper self.  It enhances the utilization of psychic powers and makes the mind more alert. It is excellent for cleansing and purifying. Aquamarine can be used in rituals to ensure good health. It soothes and calms emotional problems and promotes peace, happiness, and joy as it halts fear. It is the stone of the Sea Goddesses, Psychism, the Goddess of courage.

Aquamarine cleanses and aligns the chakras and the etheric and mental bodies. It helps you to reduce fear and communicate with those around you in a loving and compassionate way, all while it is flushing out your lymph system.  Aquamarine gems attract friends and friendly people to you. People you can trust and who show compassion for you. It is often used to calm disrupted situations with its ability to bring harmony. Aquamarine helps facilitate communication and is especially good to help couples work out their problems in a friendly and peaceful manner.  Any time you and a loved one need to sit down and work through problems, place an aquamarine gemstone between you. It not only helps keep your emotions under control but also helps you find the most affective words to use in the situation.

If you need help with Varicose veins, make an elixir by placing one or more aquamarine gemstones in a glass container of water. Leave it sitting outside overnight, preferably under the light of the full moon. The next day, lightly massage the elixir into the skin around the troubled area.  This same gemstone elixir can be used to bathe joints affected by arthritis. The blue ray of the stone is cooling to the joint and helps to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. If you find yourself suffering from a sore throat, try wearing an aquamarine close to your neck. To help with allergies or immune system problems, wear one or more aquamarines near the heart so they can transmit their energies directly to the blood.

It has been said that if you need the powers of the aquamarine gemstone and want them to be as powerful as possible, wet the stone while drawing upon the powers of water.  This doubles its strength.

To purify yourself with a water meditation, hold an aquamarine gemstone in your hands. Visualize water coming out of the stone and into your hands. See it swirl through your body removing all negativity and impurities as it washes through your body, then down your legs and out of your body via your feet. Allow the water to be soaked up by the earth where She will absorb and transmute the energies into something useful.

To calm the nerves, help heal emotional traumas or to prepare for a good night’s sleep, take one of more aquamarine gemstones and wrap them in a cloth so they won't get lost beneath the water, then toss the cloth into a bath tub full of nice hot water. Step in, sit down, lean back, relax and allow the aquamarine to do its work.

Rune of the Month

q Ingwaz (NG: Ing, the earth god) – Male fertility, gestation, internal growth; Common virtues, common sense, simple strengths, family love, caring, human warmth, the home; Rest stage, a time of relief, of no anxiety; A time when all loose strings are tied and you are free to move in a new direction. Listen to yourself. Ingwaz Merkstave (Ingwaz cannot be reversed, but may lie in opposition): Impotence, movement without change; Production, toil, labor, work.

Tarot Card of the Month

The King of Cups - The King of Cups is the worldly and calm projection of authority. Finding him in your spread is most likely a reference to someone who will aid you in achieving your goals. This person may seem unconcerned, even distant, but motivations are pure. Whatever advice he/she gives will be important to you and should be considered in your own deliberations. If it does refer to you personally, it shows an inner strength and tightly disciplined control of emotions.

Correspondence of the Month

Time of Day

Sunrise – purification, business, success, study, travel, employment, breaking habits, guilt, jealousy, healing disease, conscious mind
Noon – magickal energy, physical energy, strength, protection, money, courage
Sunset – breaking addictions, weight loss, banishing, misery, pain, anguish, negative habits
Night – beauty, dreams, psychic dreams, awareness, sex, spirituality, purification, love, friendship, peace, releasing stress

Spell of the Month

Gaia Healing Spell

Perform this spell during an eclipse or a waxing moon phase. Arrange sea shells on a secluded beach, in the shape of a circle. If you do not have access to a beach, perform this ritual in a garden or forest using stones, branches or flowers to form the circle.

Kneel at the center facing the ocean. Light a blue candle and an incense of your choice. Raise arms high and recite:

"With smoke and flame this spell's begun.
O Goddess of the stars, moon, and the sun,
Let the healing power begin.
Let the Earth be whole again."

"The Earth is my mother and I am her child.
The earth is my lover, free and wild.
Heal on the outside, heal within.
Land and sea, fire and wind."

"With love sincere,
I chant this prayer to make mankind
Begin to care.
Let every sister and every brother
Heal the wounds of the Great Earth Mother."

"Let the healing power begin,
Let the Earth be whole again.
Heal on the outside, heal within.
Land and sea, fire and wind.
So mote it be!"

Thank's for the information with our friends at:

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So pagans make it true, make it real, and always make it magickal everyday!

~Elder Airwolf~ humbly serving my goddess )O(

New Moons on the Horizions

March first we once again embrace the dark moon's magick in ritual, as a matter of fact we have another dark moon on the 30th as well; two dark moons in one month.
Not very often we have two or more months in a calendar year with two new moons.
Are we not blessed or what!
Preparing for the New Moon:

It's a good idea to spend some time reflecting in the days leading up to the new Moon. Knowing exactly what you want to draw into your life is not always easy. Part of preparing for the new Moon is making sure you are clear about your intentions. Sometimes it's a quality you'd like to cultivate like forgiveness, courage -- other times it's a more specific request like a promotion at work or new place to live.
What is a new Moon Ritual?:

This depends on your personal tastes, the pace of your life and the time you have to devote to it. Some simply light a candle, while others gather objects and pictures for their altar. Lately, I've been writing my intentions on a 7-day candle and leaving it in a prominent (and safe) place. With a candle, you can return to it and relight it while meditating on your intentions.

Ritual helps focus your entire being on the quest at hand. In the days leading up to the new Moon, you might gather pictures and totems that symbolize your goal. Creating a collage gives you a visual reminder of your dreams.

New Moons for 2014
New Moon for January, 2014
January 1, 11:14
January 30, 21:38
New Moon for February, 2014
New Moon for March, 2014
March 1, 08:00
March 30, 18:45
New Moon for April, 2014
April 29, 06:14
New Moon for May, 2014
May 28, 18:40
New Moon for June, 2014
June 27, 08:08
New Moon for July, 2014
July 26, 22:42
New Moon for August, 2014
August 25, 14:13
New Moon for September, 2014
September 24, 06:14
New Moon for October, 2014
October 23, 21:57
New Moon for November, 2014
November 22, 12:32
New Moon for December, 2014
December 22, 01:36

US Naval Observatory

Solitary Ritual for Reassurance



Solitary Ritual for Reassurance


            Simple or elaborate, our rituals connect us to the Goddess and when they do, they create ripples of light and change within our souls. These ripples of energy affect all levels of reality, and the transformational magick of the Goddess touches all things. Thus, "She Changes everything She touches" and we are reminded once again, "if you change yourself, you change the world".

            It is for this reason that many of our rituals use our connection with the Goddess for healing work, both for ourselves and others.  A beautiful example of this is Morgan McFarland's "Ritual for Reassurance" that is presented here.

)O( )O( )O( )O( )O(

Solitary Ritual for Reassurance
This is a private ritual for inner strength, peace and reassurance. At its completion, the spine should feel straight and strong, the nerves should be both soothed and alive and receptive, the heart should beat slowly and strongly, and the mind should be clearer and more tranquil.
All the senses should be more perceptive and open.

There are two ways that this ritual may be done: It may be physically enacted or done within the mind.

If it is done within the mind, it can be performed even in a crowded bus, a busy library, or while your roommate sleeps in the bed next to you. It does help to have something to concentrate upon when the circle is mind-cast: book of poetry, a painting or drawing with special significance, a lighted candle. Sit facing the North with your focal point before you, and concentrate your attention on the object until your breathing is slow and comfortable and the world has receded, leaving you feeling calmer and isolated. Then begin with the invocation, mentally envisioning each step of the ritual as though you were physically doing it.

If you can physically perform the ritual, first cast your circle in whatever way is pleasant or possible: by marking it or using things like flowers or stones or even houseplants. Your circle may be this simple, of you may include the elemental candles and symbols and your private altar. These tools are not needed unless you wish them to be a part of this ritual.

)O( )O( )O( )O( )O( )O(


When you feel calm and isolated, begin the ritual, speaking the words out loud if possible.
Invocation of the Elements


From Earth I am
From Earth I spring, 
From Earth I grow, 
Her strength I sing.


Mother Air
Mother Cloud,
Mother Mist.
Mother Proud.


Mother Fire,
Mother Flame,
Mother light,
I call Thy Name.


Mother of Rain,
Wave and Crest,
River and Tempest,
Spirit of the West.

(state this verse while facing North again)

Great Mother, Come:
Behold my rite
Great Mother, I stand within Thy light.

)O( )O( )O( )O( )O(


Now sit of kneel facing the North, resting quietly for a few moments. Then say:

(Touching the forehead)              I know am Thy Daughter, a Woman.

(Touching the closed eyelids)     I wish to see within me calm fields,
                                                       Warm candle glow and gentle rains

(Touching the nostrils)                 I desire the smells of new-turned earth,
                                                       I desire clear winds,
                                                       I long for wood burning fires,
                                                       I wish the smell of ocean salt

(Touching the lips)                       I wish to taste the fruits of the earth.
                                                      I wish to taste cleansing breezes,
                                                      I wish the taste of warming foods,
                                                      I wish the taste of clear, cool water.


)O( )O( )O( )O( )O(


Now quietly meditate on each Element, feeling yourself becoming each: dark earth or warm sand, winds and breezes, candlelight and hearth fires, the ocean and small brooks and streams. When you have felt the elements as though you are within them, continue.

(Touching the breasts)               Mother, give me a strong heart.
                                                     Mother, let my heart be open.
                                                     Mother, warm my heart from others' coldness.
                                                     Mother, let my feelings flow.

(Touching the knees)                 Let my knees touch Thy breast.
                                                     Let my knees be stroked by the wind
                                                     Let my knees kneel before Thy flame.
                                                     Let my knees feel the waters' caress.

(Touching the feet)                     Sister, see my feet be firm.
                                                     Sister, see my feet in dance.
                                                     Sister, see my feet walk freely.
Sister, see my steps tread gently.


Chant now a Goddess-Name or Names, or "Earth-Water-Air and Fire" concentrating on some focal point, until each muscle relaxes and the mind is free enough to say the words and NOWtheir meaning. After a few moments, sit quietly and picture yourself and the Woman you wish and know yourself to be.

)O( )O( )O( )O( )O(

When your senses have been reawakened, and you are refreshed, gently move away from your Circle, or allow yourself to gently return to your surroundings. If it is night, try to fall asleep as soon as possible, remembering that the energy you have tapped is elemental, and will be there in the morning.

This ritual may be done again and again, and like most ritual, grows stronger in its result each time it is done.   



Blessed Be!








Dianic Witchcraft is a woman oriented form of Witchcraft. It is the only form of Witchcraft that is exclusively female. While most Dianic Witches are lesbians, there are also straight and bi- Dianic Witches. Dianic Witchcraft is an earth-based, peaceful religion. Modern Dianic Witchcraft is feminist.

To an outside observer, Dianic Witchcraft may appear to be a single tradition, but actually it is an intertwined group of traditions that have influenced each other over the centuries and millenia.

origins of Witchcraft

Witchcraft is as old as humanity (and older than modern humans). Witchcraft originated as a practical method for dealing with women’s health issues, especially fertility, pregnancy, and childbirth. Over tens of thousands of years, Witchcraft expanded to include male health and most every part of daily human existence.

The practical nature of early Witchcraft can be demonstrated by the origins of the giving of roses as a romantic gesture.

Ancient Witchcraft taught that women should eat rose hips (dried or fresh) during their menstrual period. A woman’s lover would gather roses for this purpose. The earliest known gardening was the planting of roses along the most travelled routes of early nomadic humans.

Modern science has identified the rose hip as having the single highest concentration of iron of any plant. Iron is a major component of red blood cells, and without iron supplements, many women feel lethargic during their periods.

Contrary to Christian and Muslim propganda, this is the practical nature of real Witchcraft.

This lunar religion has been dated back as far as 30 B. C. found in Roman poets writtings Epods of Horace. Persephone and Diana worshiped the lunar goddess. The presence of goddess Hecate Triformis of whom Porphyry write: “The Moon of Hecate....appeared in three forms: Selene in heaven, Artemis on earth, and Hecate in the underworld written by Hesiod in the Thergony (circa 700 B. C.).

Italic Dia Anna

In the pre-Roman Italic peninsula, one of the most important deities was Dia Anna, Goddess of the forest and childbirth, Lady of Beasts. Dia Anna was associated wtih women, particulary lesbians. Many pre-Roman Italic Witches considered Dia Anna to be their patron deity.

Roman Diana

The Romans worshipped Dia Anna as Diana (or Diane). The Roman religion was rather primative and very few native deities (Diana, Saturn, the Lars, and a few others). When the Romans conquered the Greeks, it became common for the Roman patricians (wealthy, ruling male citizens) to have Greek tutors. Greek culture oozed into almost every aspect of Roman, including religion. Roman deities took on the characteristics and myths of similar Greek deities (and Greek deities supplemented the original Roman, with new Latin names).

During the Roman Empire, Diana became identified with the Greek Artemis, taking on many of the characteristics and myths of the Greek Goddess. During this period, Diana became the Goddess of Light and the Moon, Queen of Heaven. Diana also became the Divine Huntress and Protector of Animals.

In classical Roman Dianic worship, the priesthood were single women (not necessarily lesbian, many left the priesthood to be married).

Greek Artemis

Artemis first originated as a Goddess of the Anatolian people (in modern Turkey). Artemis entered Hellenism (the Greek religion) when the Greek people conquered Anatolia (recounted in Homer’s Illiad — the story of Helen and the Trojan War).

The Greeks were a highly patriarchal culture, to the point of denying women any civil rights and considering women to be property (livestock). Hellenism started out with only male deities (initially, variations on the angry invisible sky father). Because of the dim view of women, Hellenism had no Goddesses (you see the same thing in other patriarchal religions such as Zoarastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam).

As the Greeks became more civilized, they added female deities by adopting the various female deities of the cultures they had conquered. Among the deities added was the Anatolian Artemis.

Kore archetypes

There are three basic roles that Gods and Goddesses can fill: deity, archetype, and token. As deity, a God or Goddess fulfills the all encompassing divine role, usually as creator and sustainer of life and the universe (as in Christian hymns). as an archetype, a God or Goddess represents a fundamental truth (as in “what would Jesus do?”). As totem, a God or Goddess empowers a magick spell (as in Christian prayer magick).

Kore is the Greek word for “virgin”. In ancient Greek culture, virgin meant a woman who had not yet given birth, not the Christian meaning of a woman who had not yet had sex.

The Greeks believed there were three basic Kore archetypes: Kore Persephone, Kore Athena, and Kore Artemis.

Kore Persephone was the “young maiden”, a girl who was Kore because of youth.

Kore Athena was the career woman, who remained Kore because of dedication to some craft-based business.

Kore Artemis was the “wild woman”, who remained Kore because she was a lesbian.

It is through the Greek influences of Artemis that Dianic Witchcraft became associated with lesbianism. At this time many lesbian Dianic rituals came into being.

Bast and Isis

The Greeks already associated Artemis with the ancient Egyptian Goddess Bast before the Greeks were conquered by the Romans. Dianic Witchcraft, in turn, associated Bast with Diana.

In the Roman Empire, the two most popular deities among women were Isis and Bast. The city of Paris was named for a large temple to Isis (Per Isis means the Temple of Isis). On orders from the Christian Roman Emperor, Christian soldiers raided the Temple of Isis, killed all of the priestesses, stole all of the temple treasures, and used the building as a Christian Church. Later, the Roman Catholic Church built the Notre Dame Cathedral on the same spot. The Roman Catholic Church even kept the original carved wood statue of Isis from the original Temple of Isis, until the 1500s when a woman stormed in, claimed to be a priestess of Isis, and demanded the return of the property. She pointed out the myth of Isis and Osiris was carved into the altar. The Roman Cahtolic priests immediately declared the altar “Satanic” and had it smashed into little bits and burned, as well as ordering that the woman be tortured and burned alive as a “Witch”.



After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, many of the people of the Italic peninsula returned to a modified version of the pre-Roman Italic religion. The resulting form of Witchcraft is called Stregha (sometimes called Streghe). Medieval Italic Dianic Witchcraft was part of Stregha.

In Streghe, Diana is believed to have been the mother of the Goddess Aradia. One of the most famous books on Witchcraft is “Aradia”, written in the late 1800s, recording many of the oral traditions of Stregha Witchcraft.


As Goddess of Light, Diana became associated with the Germanic Goddess of Light, Lucia. In some places, the two Goddesses became interchageable.


In the late 1800s, Christianity’s political power had waned enough that some Witches started to practice semi-openly again. In the 1930s a reconstituted British Witchcraft, called Wicca.

Since then, Wicca has split into hundreds of varieties, placing modern Witchcraft ideas on the structure of a variety of ancient Witchcraft traditions, including Dianic Wicca.

Unlike most forms of Wicca, which invoke the divine as a heterosexual male and female pairing of Lord and Lady, Diannic Wicca invokes the divine as essentially feminine, with just a Lady (usually Diana, but also Artemis, Bast, Isis, Lucia, and other ancient Goddesses from any ancient culture). Some Dianic Wiccans reject a masculine aspect to the divine, while other Dianic Wiccans recognize a masculine aspect but only invoke the feminine in their ritual.

American Dianics

Zsuzsanna E. Budapest and three friends founded the Susan B. Anthony Coven in 1974, calling their tradition “Dianic”. In 1975, Z Budapest was arrested for reading Tarot cards. She wrote the book The Feminist Book of Lights and Shadows to share her “criminal” religion.

Morgan McFarland founded her own tradition in the Dallas area. McFarland took the name “Dianic” from a reference to an ancient European nature-religion called the Dianic Cult mentioned in Magaret Alice Murray’s book The Witch Cult in Western Europe. McFarland was familiar with Z Budapest and admired her courage. McFarland’s version of Dianic Witchcraft includes both men and women (it is very unusual for any form of Dianic Witchcraft to include men).


Guest Author - Leslie Ravenwing

Tradition from western Europe, tracked back to Margaret Murray in 1921. This tradition has been pegged as the "feminist" movement of the Craft. It is a mix of many traditions, but its focus is on the Goddess, and Diana. (Diana is a reference often crossed during study of Greek/Roman mythology.)

The Dianic Craft includes two distinct branches:

1. One branch, founded in Texas by Morgan McFarland and Mark Roberts, gives primacy to the Goddess in its theology, but honors the Horned God as Her Beloved Consort. Covens are mixed, including both women and men. This branch is sometimes called 'Old Dianic', and there are still covens of this tradition, especially in Texas. Other covens, similar in teleology but not directly descended from the McFarland/ Roberts line, are sprinkled around the country.

2. The other branch, sometimes called Feminist Dianic Witchcraft, focus exclusively on the Goddess and consists of women-only covens and groups. These tend to be loosely structured and non-hierarchical, using consensus- decision- making and simple, creative, experimental ritual. They are politically feminist groups, usually very supportive, personal and emotionally intimate. There is a strong lesbian presence in the movement, though most covens are open to women of all orientations. The major network is Re-Formed Congregation of the Goddess, which publishes "Of a Like Mind" newspaper and sponsors conferences on Dianic Craft.

This is the most feminist Craft Tradition. Most Dianic covens worship the Goddess exclusively (Diana and Artemis are the most common manifestations) and most today are women only. Rituals are eclectic; some are derived from Gardnerian and Faery traditions, while others have been created anew. Emphasis is on rediscovering and reclaiming female power and divinity, consciousnes-raising, and combining politics with spirituality. The Dianic Craft included two distinct branches: The first Dianic coven in the U.S. was formed in the late '60s by Margan McFarland and Mark Roberts, in Dallas, Texas. This branch gives primacy to the Goddess in its theology, but honors the Horned God as Her beloved Consort. Covens include both women and men. This branch is sometimes called 'Old Dianic,' and there are still covens of this tradition specially in Texas. Other coven, similar in theology but not directly descended from the McFarland/Roberts line are sprinkled around the country. The other branch, Feminist Dianic Witchcraft, focuses exclusively on the Goddess and consists of women-only covens, often with a strong lesbian presence. These tend to be loosely structured and non-hierarchial, using consensus decision making and simple, creative, experimental ritual. They are politically femisnist groups, usually very supportive, personal and emotionally intimate. The major network is Re-Formed Congregation of the Goddess. Z Budapest founded the Susan B. Anthony Coven in 1971, declaring Dianic Witchcraft to be "Wimmin's Religion".

Dianic Wicca

There are two distinct branches of Dianic Wicca: The first Dianic coven in the U.S. was formed in the late '60s by Margan McFarland and Mark Roberts, in Dallas, Texas. This branch gives primacy to the Goddess in its theology, but honors the Horned God as Her beloved Consort. Covens include both women and men. This branch is sometimes called 'Old Dianic,' and there are still covens of this tradition specially in Texas. Other covens that are similar in theology but not directly descended from the McFarland/Roberts line are sprinkled around the country. The other branch, Feminist Dianic Witchcraft, focuses exclusively on the Goddess and consists of women-only covens, often with a strong lesbian presence. These tend to be loosely structured and non-hierarchial, using consensus decision making and simple, creative, experimental ritual. They are politically feminist groups, usually very supportive, personal and emotionally intimate. For both branches rituals are eclectic;
some are derived from Gardnerian and Faery traditions, while others have been created anew. Emphasis is on rediscovering and reclaiming female power and divinity, consciousnes-raising, and combining politics with spirituality.

Dianic Tradition Women
The Dirt Against the Dianic Tradition

I have heard that some of the bad old myths are still alive. I have decided to attack them head on this time.

1. Dianic Tradition is for lesbians only.

This is a myth that attempts to divide the women against each other. An old ploy. In the past it worked, but not anymore. Sexual orientation is of NO importance when you are learning a spiritual path. Women are women, you love whom you please. Naturally. Herstorically, when I have revived ancient Women’s Mysteries, there was about half and half, gay women and straight women, worshipping together. But since I have never asked who is sleeping with whom, this may be a few points off either way.

2. An all women’s circle is not balanced.

A very strange myth. As if having a penis in a circle would be balancing. Underlying this remark is hostility toward women because they claim their own space. Claiming anything without men seems to enrage men and make them spin lies. Women were ignored and their traditions buried deep, but since the seventies the tradition is reclaimed and it is very satisfying. Women can exhale psychically when with each other, be themselves. When you put men into the circle, both sexes act differently. Nobody is themselves. An all women circle is balanced excellently because psychic wholeness does not depend on genitalia.

3. Dianics can raise power but they don’t know how to send it.

This must be from a man who obviously had no experience observing this. Dianics are especially good at sending energy, and even partaking in political spells when women need protection. Our spells come true most of the time. We regularly hexed rapists and mass murders; men that were hexed didn’t get away with their crimes.

4.Dianics are man-haters.

This is the most powerful accusation to divide women. We all cringe when we hear it because what it says to us is that we are hating our own children. This is the result of women’s audacity for claiming our own space to worship our Goddess. We are the life givers, we are raisers of sons and daughters; there is nobody on earth who didn’t come from our wombs. How dare you be so insecure that you call your mamas such names! Men have their priesthoods, their popes and ayatollahs, they have their religious fanatics, Osama Bin Laden, and suicide bombers, their men-only clubs and an all pervasive boys networks. Men don’t call other men woman haters, but they should. It’s a strange misguided projection on the women indeed. To belittle women, call us names because we want to worship without men, is absurd.

Posted by Z Budapest at December 29, 2005 06:28 AM


Cerridwen(Celtic) - This crone, Goddess is most famous for her cauldron of wisdom. She was the mother of the great bard Taliesin, and is deeply linked to the image of the waning moon.

Diana(Roman) - Diana was the Goddess of the hunt and wild animals. She later took over from Luna as the Roman Goddess of the moon, responsible for fertility and childbirth.

Hekate(Greek) - A crone Moon Goddess, deeply associated with the waning and dark moons. She is depicted as haunting crossroads with her two large hounds, and carrying a torch, symbolic of her great wisdom.



A Dianic Creation Myth

(by Morgan McFarland)

In the infinite moment before all time
the Goddess arose from chaos
and gave birth to Herself.

This was before anything else had been born... not even Herself.
And when She separated the skies from the waters
She danced upon them.

As She danced, so did Her ecstasy increase.
In Her ecstasy She created everything that is.

Her movements made the wind and the element Air was born and did breathe.
And the Goddess named Herself:
Arianrhod, Cardea, Astarte

And sparks were struck from Her dancing feet so that She shone forth as the Sun, and the stars were caught in Her hair. Comets raced about Her,
and the element Fire was born.
And the Goddess named Herself:
Sunna, Vesta, Pelé

About her feet swirled the waters in tidal wave and river,
and flowing stream.
The element Water did move.
And She named Herself:
Binah, Mari Morgaine, Lakshmi

And She sought to rest her feet from their dance, and She brought forth the Earth so that the shores were Her footstool, the fertile lands Her womb, the mountains Her full breasts, and Her streaming hair the growing things.

And the Goddess named Herself:
Cerridwen, Demeter, the Corn Mother

She saw that which was and is and will be,
born of Her sacred dance and cosmic delight,
and infinite joy.

She laughed, and the Goddess created Woman in Her own image,
to be the Priestess of the Great Mother.

From Her Elements; Earth, Air, Fire and Water,
the Goddess created for Herself a Consort-
for love, pleasure, companionship and sharing.

The Goddess then spoke to Her daughters, saying:
"I am the Moon to light your path and to speak to your rhythms.

I am the Dancer and the Dance.
I whirl without motion.

I am the Sun who gives you warmth in which to stretch and grow.
I am All that will Be.

I am the Wind to blow at your call and the sparkling Waters that offer joy.

I am the Fire of the Dance of Life,
and I am the Earth beneath your dancing feet.

I give to all my priestesses three aspects that are Mine:

I am Artemis, the Maiden of the Animals, the Virgin of the Hunt.
I am Isis, the Great Mother.
I am Ngame, the Ancient One who winds the shroud.

I shall be called a million names.

Call unto me, daughters, and know that I am Nemesis."
We are Virgins, Mothers, Old Ones- All.




We offer our created energy:
to the Spirit of Women Past,
to the Spirit of Women yet to Come,
to Woman Spirit Present and Growing.
Behold, we move forward together.



Blyssful Thor's Day All Legionnaires!

The Legion continues to grow leeps & bounds and with it growth is the need for more education for our witches are hungry for knowledge. The dates are set for our Herbology 101 class; see below.

Herbology 101 Description and Cost

by ~*~ Airwolf LoP Ministry Founder/Owner~*~

on 13 November 2012 at 01:42


For centuries Witches have grown there own herbs for magickal,
culinary and medicinal uses. A garden or container with herbs,
can focus on elementals, planetary influences, a particular deity
or particular spell work, such as protection, prosperity or love 
magick. The possibilities are endless.
You will learn how to grow,harvest,dry and use 50 basic herbs in
a Witches daily life.

Reguired Books:

Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham

Your Backyard Herb Garden by Miranda Smith

Registration enrollment for this class will begin on:

MARCH 1, 2014 THROUGH APRIL 6TH,  2014


Please pay for class in the Neighborly Needs & ministry Funds tab.

Please email your receipt to: 

Class expected 12 

Class cost for herbology 101 $70.00                                                                                                                                                                    Books are available at or your favorite store.

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PERSEPHONE-KORE Maiden of Spring - Underworld Queen - Guide of Souls

PERSEPHONE-KORE Maiden of Spring - Underworld Queen - Guide of Souls

By Donna Morgan on Wednesday, February 26, 2014 at 12:55pm

PERSEPHONE-KORE Maiden of Spring - Underworld Queen - Guide of Souls


© Beth Clare Johnson (Mystic Amazon)All original material in this site is under copyright protection and is the intellectual property of the author. This website created as a level one final project for Sisters in Celebration. 


Greek Persephone is a goddess of many aspects. As Kore (the maiden), she is the goddess of youth and spring, and also the corn and grain goddess. What most people know about her though, is the story of how she came to be married to Hades, the king of the Underworld and renamed as Persephone.

Kore’s mother was Demeter, the goddess of the harvest, and her father was Zeus, the king of the gods. One day while she was out picking flowers, she was kidnapped by Hades and taken to the underworld to become his queen. Hades and Zeus had decided this together, but Demeter had no idea where her daughter was. She became so distraught looking for her that she did not tend to the harvest, and the crops died and winter came over the land. Most did not know where her daughter was, but Hecate found out and told Demeter. Hecate led Demeter to the Underworld to see Kore/Persephone. Demeter wanted her daughter back for good, but Hades wanted her to stay his queen. It was brought before Zeus, King of the Gods, to judge. He found out that Persephone had eaten six pomegranate seeds, and said that meant that she had to spend part of the year in the Underworld, but could spend the rest with her mother. When Persephone comes up from the Underworld, the world blooms again and it is Spring. This is one way that the Greeks and Romans explained the changes in seasons.

In her job as Queen of the Underworld, Persephone is a Psychopomp. A psychopomp is a guide to souls. She shows the new souls that come there, how to find their way to the place where they need to be. Psychopomps are also sometimes referred to as guides in dreams, helping a person navigate their subconscious and find their way, working through emotionally what they need to. Hermes and Hecate are also psychopomps. Persephone is one to pray to when you or a loved one is ill. She is very caring and will respond. She will also help your loved ones when they are passing over to the Other Side.


The Celebration of Kore


You will need:


A place either inside or outside for a small CircleFlowers for a head garland (this can be silk flowersor other kinds)*Cymbals, rattles, mariachis, some sort of noise makersSeeds to be blessed and planted laterIncense, if inside


*Make flower leis for your head. Either with real flowers, silk flowers, or flowersmade from poster paper, colored and glittered and glued onto ribbons to tieinto circlets or headbands.


When you are ready, first cast the Circle.


Then stand in a circle, making noises to call to the goddess of Spring to come upfrom the Underworld. Here is a chant to say after making the noise to call to her.


Hail Kore! We welcome you,Strewing flowers across your path,Seeing each petal take rootAnd grow again as you pass by.


Hail, Daughter of Demeter!We thank you for leaving your dark throneSo that the seedlings will sproutAnd young animals be born.


You have left the cares of the UnderworldTo bring us sunlight and soft rains.Now fairies once again flutter their wings,And dance with elves in the meadow.


The grass is now like green velvetAnd branches are full of budding flowers;Your mother smiles with joy again,As cold Winter takes his leave.


Hail Kore! We welcome you.We have brought seeds to youTo bless before their planting,And hearts to be gladdened with the Spring.



Then put on some music and dance around in the Circle holding hands, visualizingKore coming up into the center of the circle with flowers in her hair, dancingwith you. Visualize her putting her hands on each of your heads in turn, with blessings, and allow joy to come into your hearts.


When you are through, open the Circle.


© Copyright 2/25/08Beth Clare Johnson(Mystic Raven)






 Proserpine by Dante Gabriel Rossetti 




You will need:


One Candle for the Grieving Person;Or if there are friends and families grieving, 1 Pink Candle representing all the women & 1 Blue Candle representing all the Men


One Candle for Persephone, Dark Red or Dark Purple


One White Candle for the Person(s) Passing Over


One Black Candle to Remove Obstacles & Negativity


Cast the Circle:


Light the Candles and Invoke the Goddess Persephone. If you choose to carve the candles or use oils on them, do this before starting the invocation. 


Persephone, Hecate and Hermes/Mercury are Psychopomps. They help guide the dead to their final afterlife or resting place. We will be invoking Persephone to help guide the deceased, and to comfort the grieving.Psychopomps also help guide people through their dreams, and so will help the grieving in that way as well.


Say the following invocation three times, gradually building up power and strength:





Hail, Persephone-Kore! I welcome you and your energies;Queen of the Underworld,Priestess-Daughter of the Spring.


Hail, Daughter of Demeter!We thank you for guiding those who pass onAlong with Hecate and her torches,Showing them the way they must take.


Hail, Psychopomp!You lead the dead to their final home,And guide those who dreamThrough the labyrinth of their subconscious.


Oh, beautiful and many-faceted!We invoke you to help us dealEither with our own grief or that of friendsOf those who cross the river Styx.


Comforting Queen, Persephone!Please lend us your energies to healThose who grieve and need to find their wayIn this World and in the Next.



© Copyright 4/17/08Beth Clare Johnson(Mystic Raven)



When you are through with the ritual, dismiss your Circle and thank those you have asked to help you. Then if needed, have a bit to eat and drink to ground you, and pour a little of your drink and leave a little food outside as an offering.


Dreaming of Fareies

We dream during both day and night. Each dreamscape takes on different characteristics. Day dreams hold the misty essence of revelry, a trance state that captures our minds and attention, whisking us away to some unseen reality that feeds our next conscious action whether we realize it or not. Night dreams hold the connection to another world, wherein some say we live a parallel life. Upon waking, such dreams continue to haunt us. We are unable to shake the memory of them or the meaning they have brought to the forefront of our conscious mind.

Living alternate realities transcends just our world, our lives, and applies to the Beings that exist in other dimensions, overlaying our visible world. When these Beings go to sleep and dream, they can and often do enter our world, our lives. When this occurs, and there is n encounter with them, the affect such an encounter has on a human psyche can be quite dramatic. Such encounters are transforming, sending us on a search to prove their existence.

One class of Beings encountered throughout history is the Faery. The Faery does exist, although that cannot be proven. However, those of us who have had encounters with them will hold firm to such a belief, and whether others believe in the Faery or not is of no consequence, for we still work toward opening self to their realm and continue to seek them in ours.

In my research for over a quarter of a century, one of the most common contacts humans seem to have with the Faery is through dreams. The Faery has many tribes, just as humans have many cultures. There exists minor fairies, the nature spirits or elementals, tiny in stature, with gossamer wings (commonly called fairies). The Daoine Sidhe is a tribe who range one to three feet in height. These feys seem to keep to themselves. The Heroic Faery is human size and often engage in human activity. Then here are the Sidhe, the Shining Ones, whom the other tribes respect and honor as Divinity, these are the columns of light, a God and Goddess presence. Lastly, there exists the Unseelie Court, a host of Beings who are mischievous and harmful to us. The Unseelie often appear as beautiful creatures, but have been known to cause insanity in humans.

The most common tribe to make contact with us is the fairies, those sweet nature spirit, who only wish to make us more aware of our natural environment. Thee are the ones who seem to enter our dreams most often. When they do, they are communicating something very real to us, asking us to give our attention to some important detail in our waking life. They will usually sow their message through a simple scene or symbol. Then it is up to us to interpret the message correctly, which means we must rely on our intuitive mind to do so.

The first time I had the Faery come to me I was just a little girl. One night they swarmed into my room and danced above my bed as balls of light. I got out of bed and danced like a ballerina beneath them until they swarmed out of my room, disappearing back into their realm. They continue to visit me, though their appearance has changed and they come in both the day and night.

While they first appeared as colored balls of light, they next came as the Daoine Sidhe, which was surprising because the more I’ve learned about this tribe is their unwillingness to mingle with us, but in my dreams I was mother nature and their teacher. My encounters with all the different tribes of Faery in waking life has occurred many times, mostly while in Ireland, and each time it is a dramatic experience.

The first time the fairies, the nature spirits, came into my dreams they pulled me out of sleep to see their seven little bodies held aloft by their gossamer wings. I laughed and said, “Why, you do exist!” and they laughed and chimed, “We are your seventh vibration.” In this exchange they communicated a very important message to me, my Seventh Chakra vibration was ready to kick-up a notch and by being called to attention, the next day I was able to assist the shift during my morning meditation.

Faery dreaming is a wonderful experience and very uplifting and helpful to us. Each one of us can open to the Faery Realm by becoming more sensitive to their otherworldly vibration. A tool we can use to assist us is Flower Essences, which affect our light bodies.

For those who wish to encounter Faery Dreams and better interpret their messages, the following Bach Flower Essences will greatly sharpen your intuitive mind. Given in the order of importance, Heather, Scleranthus, and Vine—this trinity I the most powerful. For a complete formula, add Water Violet, Rock Rose, and Cherry Plum. If you only wish to work with one Flower Essence, then it would be Heather.

To create the formula, simply add three drops of each essence into a 2-ounce bottle, filled with 3 parts pure water and 1 part brandy, vegetable glycerin, or apple cider vinegar.

Before sleep, add six drops of the formula to a 4-ounce glass of water or warm herbal tea. Mentally set the intention of opening to a Faery Dream that night. While holding this intention, take three deep, belly breaths—one for mind, one for body, one for soul. When you exhale, your light body opens the way between our world and theirs. The Flower Essence formula lightens your physical vibrations so that an alignment with their enteric bodies can take place.



Our canine familiars especially the larger breeds over 80 lbs think, sense, feel, and relate 
differently that the smaller domesticated breeds. They still have the wild side of inborn instincts 
that they look for in pack order. Not to put smaller domesticated breeds down, but through human
error and interbreeding for personal needs the smaller altered breeds have lost the NATURAL instincts.
This is why many fit into a human altered society. Yes I too have had very small over-bread canines. I 
do not have them anymore because of my ability to tap into the canines mind large or small living 
with me is confusing for them. I as a human is far from being domesticated and rather run
free in the woods living off the land than have the so called American dream; I dream bigger!
So for those of you that live as wild and free as your large familiar, horses included but I will talk about that later, I have the magick of perfect companionship. All larger breeds need a sense of order in a pack situation whether it be among humans, other canines or a mix: There is always order of power and succession which is all territorial. As the human, male or female, one will take on the roll of Alpha, second, and omega...the last...grunt as you will with no position or authority. Sorry omega's get the scraps. Understanding the need for your lag breed in important to their longevity and quality of life, thus dedication and unwavering devotion.
First understanding the breed and if it will work within your psyche and if you can rule this animal with love, devotion and understanding. All canines have communication skills, some more than others, and some are not very sharp. Make sure that your companion does not come from a dame or sire with major debilitating bloodline. Yes we love them all but believe me they do not appreciate being pitied, so let them go if it is in their best interest. 
Secondly develop a alpha territory with your canine. As puppies all cute and fluffy, then comes the unruly chewing one unexceptionable items, then you are slave to canine. Well never in my house because I provide the bacon and my familiar is spoiled but she undoubtedly knows her roll in the pack. 
I started her off very young knowing who is alpha in my domain. Her being half wolf and very territorial, and half border collie, love to heard anything, she tried her tactics on me at the tender age of 5 ½ months old. She was quickly dealt with. I never harm, scream, strike or unjust behaviors towards another animal. I was tackled at the ankle as I was walking up a flight of stairs and stooped. Looked down as she proudly had me in a leg lock and I told her to release once, she did not, so I flipped her gingerly off my ankle and watched her bounce down the stairs. She was awakened to boundaries and the alpha female of this domain. She never did it again. Sure she attempted once again but I stop cold and speak mentally to her “are you sure you wanna go there.” she never tried to heard me again. 
Collies need to run and herd. I have trained her by whistle, voice, and hand commands, but sometimes depending on the situation things change and she is extremely smart and looks to me to find her land again and waits patiently although she huffs a lot with discontent.
I also as alpha hand feed her letting her know that I am the provider and also she knows submission. I also use wolf call Cd’s to keep her acquainted with her breed. She is not fearful of the calls but does come to me for reassurance and protection. This is also conditioning for larger breeds to set your authority as alpha and defender of the territory. 
Molly is spoiled, she love to be groomed, teeth brushed with ans electric toothbrush 2x per day, hopping in bed in the early am for mommy alpha loving, sitting with us as we sip coffee in our morning robes and she is fed her vitamins as we bring in the day. As most creatures they are of habit and require a routine. Give them one with loving care but always let them know who's the boss.

Below is a few links to wolf calls, stay with your familiar
as you play them.

Copyright ©11012010

~Elder Airwolf~

How to See an Elemental/Faerie

By Layla Randle

There is both a secret and a trick to seeing Nature spirits. This type of spirit is one of the easiest to see with the natural clairvoyance that everybody has. It’s in you to see a Faery just as much as it’s in you to appreciate a sunset or smell the fragrant flowers in a garden.

A lot of children see Faeries, but lose the ability as they get older. Nature spirits are perhaps more earthly than other types of spirits, Angels for example. I feel that this is why they are easier for a lot of people to see.

The method seems strange at first, but you only need a little practise to get going. There are other ways to see faeries and Nature spirits, but this is the one I use. I’ve done this for as long as I can remember. I don’t know how I started doing this; it seemed to happen quite naturally when I was on holiday in Wales as a child. My best results were when I lived in a beautiful little village by the sea when I was a teenager. I used to go wandering in the New Forest and on the secluded beach, where all sorts of strange things happened.

There are but three things that you need to see a faerie or nature spirit:

The first and most important is a natural site. This can be anything from a spot beneath a 200-year-old tree in an ancient forest, to the bottom of an ordinary garden. As long as there are trees, flowers or even just grass growing wild there will be faeries.

If you have a lot of space to choose from, for example if you are in a forest, then let your intuition guide you to where the faeries are. Good places to choose are very old trees, ‘fairy rings’ or circles of mushrooms and near to large toadstools, especially the red ones with the white spots. These are very poisonous though so don’t touch them.

Remember – go somewhere good! Some places feel spooky in a good way and some are spooky in a bad way. There’s usually a reason for this. Don’t pick a spot that has a grisly history or anywhere you feel generally uncomfortable. Your imagination will conjure up all sorts of horrible things and every rustle in the bushes will freak you out long before you see a fairy. You need to be able to relax. The kind of place you’re aiming for is one where you could happily throw a rug down and go to sleep for a couple of hours without being mugged, murdered or haunted!

The second thing you will need is some peace and quiet. You need to choose a quiet spot where you won’t be interrupted. If you are distracted then nothing will happen. If you are worried that your next-door neighbour might spot you or that a group of ramblers is going to walk past you then you’re unlikely to see anything at all.

The third requirement for faery spotting is patience. This isn’t something that happens within the first three minutes, unless you’re really lucky. It’s like those magic eye pictures. The first time you see one it’s a total mystery. You stare and stare and scratch your head, and then only when you relax your eyes does the picture appear. Well, this is just like those pictures, only instead of relaxing your eyes you are relaxing your mind.

This is the secret to seeing Faeries:

The faeries are there all along, but that part of your mind that picks up on spirits is probably quite underdeveloped. Imagine a little child’s voice trying to compete with a professional choir. You wouldn’t even know that voice was there. You have to shut the rest of your mind up so that this part can come forwards.

Another thing that you need to remember is that the faery or spirit will most likely appear in your mind rather than in front of you as a solid entity. That is not to say that you will imagine it, or that it isn’t the same as seeing it in ‘real life’, or that it’s any less valid than someone who sees one that appears to be a solid, 3D entity like you & me.

How will you know that you didn’t just imagine it or dream it up? Well, you won’t know 100% for sure. But there is a big difference between dreaming something up yourself, and having it pop unexpectedly into your head in vivid detail, seemingly with a life and personality of its own. That is a very singular experience that can be quite unnerving the first time it happens. When that happens you’ll think ‘Did I imagine that? And your mind will answer ‘No, I saw it!’

Remember the bogeyman from your childhood? Well, you can imagine its steely claws around your cupboard door, or its glowing red eyes, and this would have scared you silly as a child. But can you picture its face or body in detail? Could you say what trousers it wore, or whether it’s ears were pointy or not? Unlikely, because although you may have feared it you never saw it. That’s the essential difference between imagination and a vision. A vision is clear, sharp, detailed. When you merely imagine something without actually putting the details there it’s always hazy and uncertain. When you really see a Faery you’ll be able to see the expression on its face, what it’s wearing, what it’s holding, how it’s stranding, everything. And it’s instant, like a camera flash.

Another way to tell is if your Nature spirit looks different to how you would have imagined or pictured it. There are all kinds and types of Faery, not many of them are mini-supermodels dressed in diaphanous peach with gauzy wings and ballerina slippers. Some of them are much larger than you might expect. Some are beautiful but a great deal are not, in the conventional sense.

A helpful tip to the faery-hunter is to take some kind of gift with you to your chosen spot. A good choice would be an apple, some raisin or nuts or some flower petals. These will of course be eaten by the hedgehogs and mice rather than the faeries. But as the Nature spirits exist as part of a greater whole, your gifts to the animals of the area are most appropriate.

It is also helpful to call the faeries before you begin. You may do this out loud or under your breath or even in your mind. You don’t have to do this, but for a first time Faery spotter I would recommend it. You can be as elaborate or as simple as you like. Make up your own call or greeting, or use and adapt this one:

“Nature spirits, Faeries of this place my name is _________. I come with an open heart and a peaceful mind, and with gifts of food for the animals of this place. Please do not be shy, I would love for you to let me see you,”

The spirits seem appreciate it when you tell them your name. You can use your real name or your magical name here.

That is the secret and here is the trick:

Print out this page and take it with you. You don’t have to learn this off by heart, you can refer to the sheet as often as you like.

Go to your chosen spot and sit down on the floor. Get very comfortable, perhaps leaning against a tree or sitting cross-legged.

If you are using gifts and calling to the faeries, do it now. Put the gifts on the floor a little way to the side of you.

Close your eyes and take some deep breaths and begin to smell the air, listen to the wind, and strain your ears to hear the tiniest little sounds of the place that you have chosen.

Imagine that you are rooted to the floor. Visualise roots coming out from the bottom of you and reaching right down into the ground, anchoring you to the floor.

Do this for a couple of minutes and then open your eyes. What you need to do now is to keep your head fairly still, but use your eyes to really look around you. Have a good look all round first of all, and then choose a spot, such as a branch or clump of grass and really look at it. Then close your eyes and try to imagine it just as it is in real life.

Try to breathe deeply and in a relaxed manner as you do this.

Some people are good at this and some not so good. Some people will be able to see the branch waving in the wind, the sunlight bouncing off the leaves. Some people will only be able to imagine the general shape of the branch, or think of one or two leaves upon it. But this is a skill like any other and it can be learned. You’re learning it right now. It doesn’t matter if you’re crap at first – just try. This is the tensing of your mental muscle. It’s the relaxing of this muscle that enables you to see. So try, be determined, concentrate and do it as best you can.

Keep your head very still (but relaxed, not stiff). Open your eyes and look again at the branch or whatever it is and observe it again. Close your eyes again and see it. You are aiming to see the same thing when you close your eyes as you do when you open them. Do this a few more times but don’t rush it. Just concentrate fully on it.

Now choose another spot and do the same thing. Observe the spot for a minute, close your eyes and imagine. Do this a couple more times.

Now try to do this with the whole of the scene in front of you. This is a bit more tricky, but you’re only trying here, if you don’t conjure up a perfect image, it really doesn’t matter. What you are doing is building up the image of the place in your mind.

Do this with the scene for a few minutes, and then concentrate on another spot again and do the same thing. Once you pick this up it’s very simple and easy to do. Put all other thoughts out of your mind.

Switch from looking at parts of the scene to looking at the whole of the scene. Try to re-create it in your mind as fully as you can, with sounds, smells and movement.

Sooner or later a Faery will appear in the scene. You’ll probably open your eyes in shock at this point, but compose yourself and simply try again. It will appear again. The more you do this, the more detailed it will become. It will move and do other things. More will appear.

A word of caution here. This is an exercise to see Faeries. Don’t try to interact with them! This might sound over-cautious and silly, but these are raw forces of Nature, yes even the really cute ones. Old Fairy tales are full of people that have gone stark-raving mad through dealings with the Faeries. Remember that the Faeries were treated with a lot more respect at one time than they are now. They were in fact more feared than respected, and for good reason. You won’t come to any harm just seeing one, and they are unlikely to come very close to you anyway. Don’t ask them for anything and be very respectful towards them.

Even if you don’t see a Faery the first time, thank them for being there anyway. Remember that they are there all the time, it’s just that we don’t see them all the time. If they’ve kindly hung around waiting for you to see them, they would appreciate a thank-you anyway. In the spirit world as in real life, good manners smooth the way ahead.


Get your head very comfortable! Either lean it against a tree trunk or sit up straight but relaxed.

Breathe deeply and regularly. Don’t strain yourself, do it in a relaxed way.

Relax and enjoy this. Don’t look at your watch; don’t give yourself 10 minutes before you give up, don’t get annoyed if it doesn’t happen right away. Be open and positive about it. It’s natural to have doubts, but don’t let them cloud your mind.

Some people manage this within 10 minutes. Others have to try for days before they get it right. We’re all different, so take things at your own pace.

Remember to use your manners when dealing with the faeries. They really don’t like rudeness. It’s not a good idea to annoy the Faeries, especially if you are in the woods by yourself. One thing that can happen is that you’ll instantly get lost or fall straight into a puddle of mud.

However, if you’re polite and quiet and genuinely interested, sooner or later you should see some Faeries.


Garden fairies are most active in the growing season.

Two good ways to attract them are soft music, or by leaving bits of bread and cheese out for them.

The best way to attract the garden fairies isto plant a fairy garden with plants that have been found for centuries to be their favorites. Tend to your garden with love and care.

Call out to the fairies and make them welcome….and soon you may catch a glimpse of the “wee little folk” dancing merrily around your bushes and trees!

Some favourite plants are:

Apple trees – It is believed that fairies inhabit them and could enchant mortals who lingered beneath them and carry themoffto Fairyland.

Lily of the Valley – The tiny flowers and sweet smell are perfect size for the wee ones.

Rosemary – It is called the elf plant, and fairlore states they are enchanted by the scent.

Thyme – This is their favorite! You may get a glimpse of your fairies playing delightfully amongst it.

Ferns – Grow them near the thyme beds with plenty of soft moss around and the fairies will make their beds in it!

Oak tree – It is believed that holes near the bottom of old trees are the doorway to Fairy Land!

Forget-Me-Nots – Hold the blue flowers and wish….if you are pure and true…the keys of fairy land will come to you.

The Green Witch & Wortcunning

Herbal magick is a combination of you and the herb. Plants have vibrations and energies which, when combined with your own, can create powerful magick.

GREEN WITCH: A nickname for a female or male Witch who is skilled in the art of wortcunning. The herb magick practiced by a Green Witch is called “the Green Arts” or “Green Magick”; the use of medicinal herbs is known as “Green Healing.”

WORTCUNNING: The knowledge and use of the secret healing and magickal properties of herbs; a word used by folk healers, Witches, and Wiccans of all traditions to mean the practice of herbalism. Wortcunning has been associated with the Old Religion since ancient times.

A List of Basic Tools

Boline for Collecting Herbs (Don’t forget say Thank you as you collect)
Mortar and Pestle
Glass Pot (or any non-metallic/ heat resistant pot)-not be used for other purposes
Source of Flame
Censer & Incense (if performing rituals)
Spring Water (or bottled water)
Eye Dropper (for blending oils)
Needles and Supplies (including threads, yarn and natural fabric for sachets, amulets, etc)
And of course your herbs.

Drying Your Herbs

Remove all insect eaten and/or brown leaves prior to drying.Rinse with pure water to remove any mud or dirt and pat dryLay out on paper, out of sunlight on baking sheets, turn every dayMake sure the room is well ventilated. When leaves are crumbly, strip them off and store

To dry seed and seed heads: Place in brown paper bag and tie open end shut around the stem. These seem to dry out quick. Shake bag or roll to loosen seeds. Open bag and discard stems.

Storing Herbs

Dark glassed bottles make for the best storage. Get several different sizes. You want to make sure they have an air-tight lid or cork. Wash, rinse and dry thoroughly before using.

Make sure you label each bottle with the name of herb and the date it was harvested or purchased

Rosemary: Used for protection, Love, Lust, Mental Powers, Purification and Healing. It is known for it powerful cleansing when burned and is considered one of the oldest incenses. It also said that growing Rosemary in your garden can attract Elves.

ANGELICA: The powers associated with Angelica are healing, protection and visions. Sprinkled around the corners of your home, it will help to ward off evil. Use it in incense and mixtures to aid in healing. To remove curses and/or hexes add it to your bath. Tying the first perfect bloom you see in the spring in a red cloth will guard against disease when carried. It is said visions can be caused when the leaves are smoked (this is for imformation purposes only-Smoking this herb is done at your own risk !)

BAY OR BAY LAUREL: Place under a pillow to help induce prophetic dreams or burn to cause visions for psychic powers is one of the powers of bay. bay mixed with sandlewood and burn to help remove curses because the other powers of bay are protection, healing, strength and purification. Scatter on floor during purification ceremonies.

CELADINE: The powers of this herb are protection, happiness and help in legal matters. Worn to court it will help to win the favor of the judge or jury. Helps to cure depression and will bring good spirits and joy when worn. Other names for Celadine are Devil’s Milk, Tetterwort and Swallow-Wort.

COLTSFOOT: Add this to love sachets as the powers connected with coltsfoot are love and visions. Use in peace and tranquility spells to streghten them. It is said visions can be caused when the leaves are smoked (this is for imformation purposes only-Smoking this herb is done at your own risk !) Coltsfoot is also called Ass’s, Foal’s or Bull’s Foot, Butterbur, British Tobacco or Coughwort.

HEATHER: Since heather carries the powers of luck, protection and rain making, burn with fern to attract rain or carry to ward off violent crimes and/or to bring good luck (white heather is best used for luck)..It is said that it has long been used to conjure ghosts

IRIS: Place fresh flowers in areas you wish to be cleansed as it has been used for the purpose of purification since the Roman Times. Iris can be used to induce faith, wisdom and valour as this is what the 3 petals symbolize.

TANSY: Carry to lengthen life span or place in shoes to help cure persistent fevers. The tansy’s powers are health and longevity. Just a note…ants seem to hate it ! It is also known as “buttons”.

VIOLETS: Some of the power influences of the voilet are protection, luck, love, lust, wishes, peace and healing. Carry the flowers to bring luck and fortune or gather the first violets in the spring to bring your greatest wish come true. Mixed with lavender to make a powerful love sachet…It has been mentioned that the Ancient Greeks wore it to calm tempers and induce sleep. Placed on the head it can help to cures headaches and dizziness. Wearing the leaves in a green sachet may help to heal wounds.

Scott Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magickal Herbs; Scott Cunningham’s Magical Herbalism.