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I am sixth generation Native Blackfoot and Scottish Celt. My Grandmother was one of my mentors her being a shaman, and my other mentor was my Druid Celtic Aunt. I was raised pagan and my education started at the age
of seven and formally after my first moon lodge ritual at 12. I am also trained as a voodoo priestess
I have one son now coming into his native shaman training and 4 beautiful grandchildren.


Imbolc is right around the corner and how much do you know about this Sabbat?

Beannocht leó a los a saoire, 

dronga ar nár cheisd cruadhlaoighe, 
am coimhthinál dar chóir searc, 
doircheadhán dóibh nir dhoircheacht.

Blessing upon their noble nature, 
to whom complex poems were no hardship, 
to that beloved gathering of poets 
the darkest verse was daylight dawning. 
Caitlín Matthews, The Celtic Tradition

Brigid, whose name means "bright arrow," is the Celtic Goddess of poetry, healing and craft (especially metalcraft). She is the inspiration to all bards and artisans, scholars and any who work with words. Brigid, known also as Bride, Brigit, Brigantia, Brid, Brighid, and Briginda, is so greatly beloved in Ireland that when Christianity became the accepted faith throughout the land, the Goddess was transformed into saint, and St. Brigid's church in Kildare was built on a site sacred to Brigid. Where Her eternal flame had once been tended by 19 priestesses, now 19 nuns took it in turn to each tend the flame for a day and a night. On the 20th day, the Goddess (or the saint) tended the flame herself.

Brigid of the mantles, Brigid of the hearth flame, 
Brigid of the twining hair, Brigid of the augury, 
Brigid of the white feet, Brigid of calmness, 
Brigid of the white milk, Brigid of the crossroads.

I am under the keeping of my Mother Mary. 
My companion beloved is Brigid. 
I shall not be slain, 
I shall not be sworded, 
I shall not be put in a cell, 
I shall not be hewn, 
I shall not be anguished, 
I shall not be wounded, I shall not be blinded, 
I shall not be left bare, 
Nor will Mary leave me forgotten.

I am under the shielding of good Brigid each day. 
I am under the shielding of good Brigid each night. 
I am under the keeping of the Midwife of Mary 
Each early and late, every dark, every light. 
Brigid is my protector, Brigid is my maker of song. 
Brigid is my sword and shield, Brigid is my guide.

mbolc is a holiday with a variety of names, depending on which culture and location you’re looking at. In the Irish Gaelic, it’s called Oimelc, which translates to “ewe’s milk.” It’s a precursor to the end of winter when the ewes are nursing their newly born lambs. Spring and the planting season are right around the corner.

To the Romans, this time of year halfway between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox was the season of the Lupercalia. For them, it was a purification ritual held on February 15, in which a goat was sacrificed and a scourge made of its hide. Thong-clad men ran through the city, whacking people with bits of goat hide. Those who were struck considered themselves fortunate indeed. This is one of the few Roman celebrations that is not associated with a particular temple or deity. Instead, it focuses on the founding of the city of Rome, by twins Romulus and Remus, who were suckled by a she-wolf -- in a cave known as the"Lupercale".


The Feast of Nut:


The ancient Egyptians celebrated this time of year as the Feast of Nut, whose birthday falls on February 2 (Gregorian calendar). According to the Book of the Dead, Nut was seen as a mother-figure to the sun god Ra, who at sunrise was known as Khepera and took the form of a scarab beetle.


Christian Conversion of a Pagan Celebration:


When Ireland converted to Christianity, it was hard to convince people to get rid of their old gods, so the church allowed them to worship the goddess Brighid as a saint -- thus the creation of St. Brigid's Day. Today, there are many churches around the world which bear her name.


Purification and Light:


For Christians, February 2nd continues to be celebrated as Candelmas, the feast of purification of the Virgin. By Jewish law, it took forty days after a birth for a woman to be cleansed following the birth of a son. Forty days after Christmas – the birth of Jesus – is February 2nd. Candles were blessed, there was much feasting to be had, and the drab days of February suddenly seemed a little brighter.


Love & Courtship:


February is known as a month when love begins anew, in part to to the widespread celebration of Valentine's Day. In some parts of Europe, there was a belief that February 14th was the day that birds and animals began their annual hunt for a mate. Valentine's Day is named for the Christian priest who defied Emperor Claudius II's edict banning young soldiers from marrying. In secret, Valentine "tied the knot" for many young couples. Eventually, he was captured and executed on Feb. 14, 269 C.E. Before his death, he smuggled a message to a girl he had befriended while imprisoned -- the first Valentine's Day card.

Serpents in the Spring


Although Imbolc isn't even mentioned in non-Gaelic Celtic traditions, it's still a time rich in folklore and history. According to the Carmina Gadelica, the Celts celebrated an early version of Groundhog Day on Imbolc too – only with a serpent, singing this poem:

Thig an nathair as an toll
(The serpent will come from the hole)
la donn Bride
(on the brown day of Bride (Brighid)
Ged robh tri traighean dh’an
(though there may be three feet of snow)
Air leachd an lair
(On the surface of the ground.)


Among agricultural societies, this time of year was marked by the preparation for the spring lambing, after which the ewes would lactate (hence the term "ewe's milk" as "Oimelc"). At Neolithic sites in Ireland, underground chambers align perfectly with the rising sun on Imbolc.

The Goddess Brighid


Like many Pagan holidays, Imbolc has a Celtic connection as well, although it wasn’t celebrated in non-Gaelic Celtic societies. The Irish goddess Brighid is the keeper of the sacred flame, the guardian of home and hearth. To honor her, purification and cleaning are a wonderful way to get ready for the coming of Spring. In addition to fire, she is a goddess connected to inspiration and creativity.

Brighid is known as one of the Celtic "triune" goddesses -- meaning that she is one and three simultaneously. The early Celts celebrated a purification festival by honoring Brighid, or Brid, whose name meant "bright one." In some parts of the Scottish Highlands, Brighid was viewed in her aspect as crone as Cailleach Bheur, a woman with mystical powers who was older than the land itself. Brighid was also a warlike figure, Brigantia, in the Brigantes tribe near Yorkshire, England. The Christian St. Brigid was the daughter of a Pictish slave who was baptized by St. Patrick, and founded a community of nuns at Kildare, Ireland.

In modern Wicca and Paganism, Brighid is viewed as the maiden aspect of themaiden/mother/crone cycle. She walks the earth on the eve of her day, and before going to bed each member of the household should leave a piece of clothing outside for Brighid to bless. Smoor your fire as the last thing you do that night, and rake the ashes smooth. When you get up in the morning, look for a mark on the ashes, a sign that Brighid has passed that way in the night or morning. The clothes are brought inside, and now have powers of healing and protection thanks to Brighid.

So pagans make it true, make it real, and always make it magickal everyday!

~Elder Airwolf~

Humbly serving my Goddess~


Kitchen Witchery: Common Herbs/Magickal Energy

Kitchen Witchery: Common Herbs/Magickal Energy

“Kitchen Witchery”:  Old garden variety witchcraft…the “green” witch; the wise-woman; the magickal herbalist; the mundane wife and woman of the house; the mysterious woman whose back porch is graced with cats, the unusual house down the block– where wild animals are inexplicably drawn; the garden that sprouts petunias, peonies, rosemary, and sage, along with nightshade, mugwort, and blessed thistle.  
“Kitchen Witchery”:  Old-fashioned witchery, the easy non-ritualistic, non-neo anything type of magick, that’s what this blog post is about.  It’s about the world of a real witch, not the flashy media type of witch, not the fashionable neo-pagan witch, but women who practice the Old Ways– women of all shapes and sizes and ages; magickal practices that are drawn out of a hat, worked up with simplicity, worked matter-of-factly.  This particular blog post is about the “green” aspect of Kitchen Witchery, the herbs– the flowers, the spices, and them thar’ weeds.  This blog post is going to contain a list of herbs that are used for both regular mundane culinary purposes, as well as witchcraft and magick.  Work with what you have, find magick in everyday items, and this most definitely includes plants, herbs for a wide variety of magickal intentions and good old honest spell-crafting.
 The following list of twenty herbs are herbs that I’ve personally used; and these herbs can be found in my own kitchen cupboards, flowerpots, or herb garden.
How do you use the Herbs?
Charms & Sachets: Herbs are added to mojo bags or tied up in small cloth bundles for numerous intentions and carried in a purse, stuffed in a pocket, tucked beneath a pillow, hidden in the attic, laid upon your altar, or kept in a special place connected to your intentions. The use of herbs in the practice of magic is only limited by your own imagination and ingenuity.
Incense: Herbs are ground and blended in numerous combinations to create an aromatic incense for rituals, specific intentions, or pure enjoyment. Witchcraft smells good– usually, this was one of my first impressions. But then you might find yourself creating concoctions that don’t smell so good, or are ‘unusual’ to say the least, and these concoctions will do their work, dance their dance, and you’ll love them just the same.
Baths & Washes: Herbs are dropped into bathwater in tea balls, bundles, or sprinkled liberally directly in your water for healings, cleansings, and numerous other intentions. I must warn you here that you should be knowledgeable about the herbs you are using, and don’t use anything that would be irritating to your skin: for instance, ‘hot’ herbs– like cayenne pepper, or stinging herbs– like nettles, would not add to a pleasant bathing experience. If you run across anything that you are personally sensitive too, I’m betting you’ll remember what it is and you won’t use it again.
Oils: This is my favorite use of herbs. They are used in the creation of magickal oils. The base you use for your oils may depend on your intentions– when making Black Cat Oil for protection, use castor oil; if you’re making it to draw romance into your life, use almond oil. Grape seed oil makes another wonderful base, though it’s a bit expensive. If you’re pinched for funds, you can use olive oil, or even a cheaper oil from the grocery store.
Teas: This is one of the most delightful ways to use herbs, by making a delicious old-fashioned pot of tea. And it’s in this type of use that you must be very cautious about what herbs you‘re using. Make darn sure that you are 100% positive that the herbs you’re adding to your pot of tea are edible and harmless.
Smoking: Shamans and spiritualists have smoked herbs for millennia for the purpose of vision questing, altering the sub-conscious mind, and opening oneself up to enlightenment. I have friends, dear witches– mothers, grandmothers, crones– who burn such herbs as mugwort before rituals or during divination sessions to benefit from the magic of the smoke. Native Americans may still legally use peyote, a very potent hallucinogen, during their spiritual rituals and vision quests.
thyme:  love, purification, courage, health, healing, sleep, psychic powers
sage:  purification, exorcism, protection, longevity
rosemary:  protection, love, lust, mental powers, exorcism, purification,healing, sleep, youth/beauty
coriander:  love, health, healing
cardamom:  lust, love
anise:  protection, purification, youth
fennel:  protection, healing, purification
marjoram: protection, love, health, happiness, money
ginger:  love, money, success, power
basil:  love, exorcism, wealth, protection
dill:  protection, money, lust, love
oregano:  exorcism, protection
allspice:  money, luck, healing
cinnamon:  spirituality, success, healing, power, psychic powers, lust, protection, love
cloves:  protection, exorcism, love, money
bay:  protection, psychic powers, healing, purification, strength
licorice root: lust, love, fidelity
cumin:  protection, fidelity, exorcism, protection against theft
garlic:  protection, purification, exorcism
mint:  money, good fortune, prosperity
The following are a few of my favorite ways to tease the magick from “The Green”.
You can carry a leaf of mint in your wallet, where your money lay, allowing it to soak up the energy for prosperity.  I carry a mojo bag in my purse containing mint, patchouli, a stone– aventurine, and a gold coin.
You can add a pinch of ginger to whatever spell you are doing in order to speed the magick up.  Think of it as the fast forward button of magickal herbs.
Sage is such a standard herb in the practice of witchcraft.  Use it for cleansing and purification by smudging with it.  The cleansing smoke of sage will clear the air of negative energy, unwanted entities, and any other spiritual/emotional/psychological ‘grime’.
You can write your wish on a whole bay leaf, wrap it in a small white cloth, and keep it carefully tucked away until your wish comes true…then burn it in the flame of a candle and scatter the ashes to the wind.
Rosemary is a cleansing herb, almost as popular as sage, but in a different way.  Where sage is mysterious and ancient and conjures up pictures of shamans and rituals, rosemary is the practical old washerwoman, down on her knees with her chapped red hands, scrubbing away the dirt.  And you will take advantage of this aspect of rosemary by adding a pinch of this herb to your wash water when mopping the floor.  You’ll be washing away much more than the physical dirt.
I think that one of the most popular uses for cloves is to shut the big fat mouth of an obnoxious gossip.  If it were me– and it may have been *smile*– I’d make a poppet of this offensive creature, as much to the likeness as possible, and I’d stuff it’s mouth *full* of cloves.
This herb wreaks of Love Energy, and you can sprinkle it, ever so subtly, into a cup of tea to serve to the one that you desire.  Before you hand this cup to the target, take a sip of tea yourself.
Use this herb for the smudging properties of the smoke.  Oregano will keep your in-laws away.  All you have to do is smudge their photo along with every single entrance into your home.  It works– believe me. 
These are just a few ideas for the magickal use our herbs.  I’m sure that the creative witches out there will come up with even more inventive ways of tapping into this natural magick.

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Witch Moll Dyer

Famous Witches - Moll Dyer (? - c.1697)


[Artists impression of the legend of Moll Dyer by Norma Durkin]
Artists impression of the legend of Moll Dyer by Norma Durkin (from

Moll Dyer was a legendary 17th Century resident of Leonardtown in St. Mary’s County, Maryland, who was accused of witchcraft and chased out of her home by the local townsfolk in the dead of a winter night. A road, a stream and a large rock all bear her name, and her story has inspired ghostly sightings and the plot of the 1999 film “The Blair Witch Project”.

No historical record has ever been found of Moll Dyer's existence, and not all stories agree on her origins. One popular story says she was an Irish noblewoman who came to the province of Maryland alone to escape a mysterious past, and settled in a cottage outside of what was then Seymortown (later called Leonardtown). Her isolated way of living and shadowed past, along with her reputation as a herbal healer, drew suspicion among the locals, who labelled her as a witch, and began blaming all the misfortunes and hardships in the town on her, despite her habit of giving cures to the townsfolk.

The winter of 1697 was particularly harsh, food was scarce and many people died. The townspeople suspected Dyer of cursing the town, and after an epidemic (possibly influenza) swept through the area, killing many locals, a vigilante group of townsfolk decided to get rid of her. They set fire her cottage in the middle of the coldest night of the winter and Dyer fled into the nearby woods. Exhausted and freezing, the story tells that she knelt down near a large rock, placed one hand on it and raised her other hand to call down a curse upon the land and her persecutors. She was found, frozen to death, some days later and, when her body was removed, her frozen hand and knee left permanent impressions in the rock as an everlasting reminder of her fate and hercurse.

The supposed boulder was moved to the front of the Leonardtown courthouse and, although the handprint is no longer clearly visible, people have reported feeling profoundly uncomfortable or beset by terrible aches and pains around it, and cameras have reportedly malfunctioned. On the coldest nights of the year, people have reported seeing a woman with long white hair and a white dress walking through the fields and woods near the town, accompanied by a white dog.

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For centuries Witches have grown there own herbs for magickal,
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In this class the witch will be learning about the Sacred Connection to Nature, Balancing Light & Shadow as well as some more on progressive spells and casting arts of the craft.

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The next progressive class of Herbology 101

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Cloud Catcher and the Moon Woman


Ojibwa Tribe

Here is the myth of Endymion and Diana, as told on the shores of Saginaw Bay, in Michigan, by Indians who never heard of Greeks. Cloud Catcher, a handsome youth of the Ojibways, offended his family by refusing to fast during the ceremony of his coming of age, and was put out of the paternal wigwam. It was so fine a night that the sky served him as well as a roof, and he had a boy's confidence in his ability to make a living, and something of fame and fortune, maybe. He dropped upon a tuft of moss to plan for his future, and drowsily noted the rising of the moon in which he seemed to see a face. On awakening he found that it was not day, yet the darkness was half dispelled by light that rayed from a figure near him--the form of a lovely woman.

"Cloud Catcher, I have come for you," she said. And as she turned away he felt impelled to rise and follow. But, instead of walking, she began to move into the air with the flight of an eagle, and, endowed with a new power, he too ascended beside her. The earth was dim and vast below, stars blazed as they drew near them, yet the radiance of the woman seemed to dull their glory. Presently they passed through a gate of clouds and stood on a beautiful plain, with crystal ponds and brooks watering noble trees and leagues of flowery meadow; birds of brightest colors darted here and there, singing like flutes; the very stones were agate, jasper and chelcedony. An immense lodge stood on the plain, and within were embroideries and ornaments, couches of rich furs, pipes and arms cut from jasper and tipped with silver. While the young man was gazing around him with delight, the brother of his guide appeared and reproved her, advising her to send the youn man back to earth at once, but, she flatly refused to do so, he gave a pipe and bow and arrows to Cloud Catcher, as a token of his consent to their marriage, and wished them happiness, which, in fact, they had.

This brother, who was commanding, tall, and so dazzling in his gold and silver ornaments that one could hardly look upon him, was abroad all day, while his sister was absent for a part of the night. He permitted Cloud Catcher to go with him on one of his daily walks, and as they crossed the lovely Sky Land they glanced down through open valley bottoms on the green earth below. The rapid pace they struck gave to Cloud Catcher an appetite and he asked if there were no game. "Patience," counseled his companion. On arriving at a spot where a large hole had been broken through the sky they reclined on mats, and the tall man loosing one of his silver ornaments flung it into a group of children playing before a lodge. On of the little ones fell and was carried within, amid lamentations. Then the villagers left their sports and labors and looked up at the sky. The tall man cried, in a voice of thunder, "Offer a sacrafice and the child shall be well again." A white dog was killed, roasted, and in a twinkling it shot up the the feet of Cloud Catcher, who, being empty, attacked it voraciously.

Many such walks and feasts came after, and the sights of earth and taste of meat filled the mortal with longing to see his people again. He told his wife that he wanted to go back. She consented, after a time, saying, "Since you are better pleased with the cares, the ills, the labor, and the poverty of the world than with the comfort and abundance of Sky Land, you may return; but remember you are still my husband, and beware how you venture to take an earthly maiden for a wife."

She arose lightly, clasped Cloud Catcher by the wrist, and began to move with him through the air. The motion lulled him and he fell asleep, waking at the door of his father's lodge.

His relatives gathered and gave him welcome, and he learned that he had been in the sky for a year. He took the privatations of a hunter's and warrior's life less kindly than he though to, and after a time he enlivened its monotony by taking to wife a bright-eyed girl of his tribe. In four days she was dead. The lesson was unheeded and he married again. Shortly after, he stepped from his lodge one evening and never came back. The woods were filled with a strange radiance on that night, and it is asserted that Cloud Catcher was taken back to the lodge of the Sun and Moon, and is now content to live in heaven..




Real Name: Morrighan (original spelling)

Occupation: Queen of the Celtic Gods, goddess of war, death and procreation

Legal Status: Citizen of Avalon

Identity: The general populace of Earth is unaware of the existence of Morrigan except as a mythological character.

Other Aliases: Morrigu (alternate spelling), Morríghan ("Phantom Queen"), Mor-Ríoghain, Mor Righ Anu, The Morrigna ("Great Queens"), the Badhbh Chatha, ("Raven of the Battle"), "Washer at the Ford," "The Red," Great Queen, Phantom Queen, Mórrígan ("great queen"), Queen of Daemons, Great Queen, Phantom Queen, Black Raven of Death, Old Veiled One, "The Mare-Queen," Badhb/Bav ("raven"), Nemain ("frenzy"), Breng ("lie"), Meng ("guile"), Meabel ("disgrace") (avatars), Uar-gaeth-sceo Luachair-sceo, Faebor-beg-Beoil Cuimdiuir folt, Scenbgairit sceo Uath,

Place of Birth: Unknown, possibly somewhere in ancient Connacht in modern Ireland

Marital Status: Married

Known Relatives: Labraidh (possible father), Condatis (possible mother), The Dagda (husband), Mider, Bodb, Oghma (sons), Oenghus (step-son), Badb, Brigid, Epona (daughters), Llyr, Gwydion, Amaethon (brothers-in-law),Arianrhod, Penardun (deceased) (sisters-in-law), Manannan (son-in-law),

Group Affiliations: The Celtic Gods, The Morrighan, member of an unnamed cabal of underworld-gods

Base of Operations: Avalon and the Unius River in South West Ireland

First Appearance: (unidentified) Thor I #301, (actual) Doctor Strange III Annual 3, 

History: Morrigan is a member of the Tuatha de Danaan, an extra-dimensional race of beings who were worshipped as gods by the ancient Celtis and Gaels. The Danaans were eternal enemies of the Fomore, the primeval spirits of Ancient Eire. Not much is known about her origins which are often speculatory and contradictory. In one account, she was the mortal daughter of Ernmas, an ancient Irish king, the grandson of King Nuadhu, the son of the Dagda. Ernmas had three mortal daughters named Macha, Badb and Nemain who were known as the Morrighan, but it is uncertain if one of these figures is Morrighan or if they took her name from her. Due to her original status as a water-goddess, it is possible Morrigan is the daughter of the primeval Celtic water-gods Labraidh and Condatis, but this is uncertain. In several myths, she was worshipped as a triad of goddesses known as Meng, Meabel and Nemain, but these could be the original names of the daughters of Ernmas or aspects for one goddess or actually a triad of goddesses.  It is known that Morrigan is one of the most powerful gods of the Ancient Celts, and was often worshipped as both a mother-goddess and the goddess of war and death.

According to myths, Morrigan was approached as a mate by the Dagda, a chieftain of the Tuatha de Danaan, and seduced on the night of Samhain (November 1). Likely sought as an ally against the Fomore, Morrigan sired him gods who would help the Danaans rise up and overthrow the Fomore from Eire. She is said to have cast the spells which allowed the Danaans to slay King Indech of the Fomore.

After the Fomore were driven from Eire, Morrigan and the Tuatha de Danaan replaced the Fomore as Gods of Ireland. Morrigan is reported to have lured away the bull of a mortal woman named Odras. Odras then followed Morrígan back to Otherworld, the realm of the Celtic Gods, through a extra-dimensional link between worlds in the Cave of Cruachan. When Odras eventually fell asleep, Morrígan transformed her into a pool of water that dispensed prophecies to those who could find it.

In ancient times, Morrigan often appeared as a giantess on Earth, straddling the river Unius as she washed the armor of soldiers she predicted would die in war. She had a number of guises in her role as the triple-goddess. As Badhb, she surveyed the spoils of war in the form of a raven, but as Nemain, she was the terrifying incarnation of the bloodthirsty side of war. She glorified the defeat of the Fomore, and in the First Millennium BC, she appeared as a would-be mate to the demigod warrior Cu Chulainn, appearing to him from behind a number of aliases trying to get him to guess her true identity, but when he refused her, she cursed him to die very shortly after meeting her.

Worship of the Celtic Gods departed from Western Europe in the Fifth Century AD with the introduction of Christianity, and Morrigan departed from earth for the other-dimensional realm of Avalon. During the Third Host of the Celestial, the Dagda met with the god-kings of the Earth's other pantheons of gods to discuss the threat of the Celestials who demanded that the gods stop trafficking with mortals. The Celestials also revealed that they would return in a thousand years to judge over mankind's worthiness to survive. While this was occurring, Morrigan met with the wives of the god-kings, such as Frigga, wife of Odin, and Hera, wife of Zeus, to locate genetically pure examples of humanity to represent the potential of human beings. In Twelfth Century Ireland, Morrigan finally located a young girl named Bridget O'Hare and placed her in suspended animation watched over by several other goddesses until the Fourth Host of the Celestial occurred. As the Sea Witch, Bridget became a member of the Young Gods, and when the time came, Gaea, the divine ancestor of the gods of earth, presented the Young Gods to the Celestial as examples of the potential of human beings. Voting in favor of mankind, the Celestials departed earth with the Young Gods in company.

Morrigan and the Dagda later consented with Cernunnos, the stag-god, to grant the mortal Kyllian the power to serve as a representative of the Celtic God's power on Earth after they had been exiled from trafficking with mortals. Unable to truly understand what was happening to him, Kyllian sought help from Sorcerer Supreme Dr. Strange to understand what was happening to him. With a spell, Strange forced Morrigan, Cernunnos and the Dagda in the role as Taranis the Thunderer  to appear on earth to explain their roles in persecuting Kyllian. (In ancient myths, Taranis was actually the name the Celts had for Zeus, the god of the invading Romans. It is believed the Dagda used this name to appear in a role familiar to Kyllian.) Cernunnos explained that they had linked with Kyllian to preserve their link to earth and Ireland in particular so that Kyllian could continue their will on Earth. However, since then, Kyllian has fallen sway under the thrall of Mordred the Mystic, a druidic mystic. How this bodes for the rest of the Celtic gods is unrevealed.

In keeping with her more bloodthirsty attributes as a goddess of war and death, Morrigan later allowed herself to ally with certain underworld gods such as Baal, Izanami and Ahriman in order to tempt Superman into serving as their vessel of power on earth. In doing so, they bestowed godhood upon his wife, Lois Lane-Kent, in the form of a goddess of truth and integrity. With her godly powers, Lois saw through their lies and guises and unexpectedly revealed their true forms. Morrigan was once more forced to retreat from earth. Her current activities and whereabouts are unknown.

Height: Various, usually around 6' 5"
Weight: Unknown
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

Strength Level: Morrigan possesses superhuman strength enabling her to lift (press) at least 85 tons under optimal conditions.

Known Superhuman Powers: Morrigan possesses the conventional physical attributes of the Celtic gods. Like all Danaans, she is extremely long-lived. She is not immortal like the Olympian gods, but she uses mystical means to retain the look and appearance of a young woman. She cannot die by any conventional means; she is immune to all Earthly diseases and is resistant to conventional injury. If she were somehow wounded, her godly life force would enable her to recover with superhuman speed. It would take an injury of such magnitude that it dispersed a major portion of her bodily molecules to cause her a physical death. Even then, it might be possible for a god of significant power, such as the Dagda, Llyr or for a number of Celtic gods of equal power working together to revive her.

Morrigan also possesses superhuman strength and her Danaan metabolism provides her with far greater than human endurance in all physical activities. (Danaan flesh and bone is about three times as dense as similar human tissue, contributing to the superhuman strength and weight of the Celtic gods.)

Morrigan possibly has more mystical powers than any other Celtic goddess, with the possible exception of the Dagda. She is possible equal in power to other gods such as Odin and Zeus. Her prophetic and clairvoyant senses allow her to perceive and predict the deaths of warriors about to go into war. She can also sense the glow of death around a person about to die. She can appear as a giantess on earth, anywhere between fifty to a hundred feet in height and command the forces of storm. She can create clouds of solid particles to stand upon in the Earth's atmosphere. She can also take on an immaterial form composed of clouds and astral matter to project her image on earth and create hand and arm-shaped matter to impose her will. She can summon and create ravens of various size at will. She can also cast spells and hexes, erect and propel blasts of energy and concussive force. 

As the triple-goddess, Morrigan has a host of other forms and guises, each of which with its own powers and attributes. As Badhb, she can fly through the air with two massive black feathered wings from her back and project a loud shrill cry capable of stirring fear in her opponents. As Nemain, she is in her most bloodthirsty form and virtually unstoppable. In this form, she is virtually inexhaustible and her godly attributes render her immune to all forms of injury. One of her major forms is as a caillech (an old woman) wrapped in a cape of black raven feathers. Another role of the Morrigan is associated with the hunting falcon, which is a rare and special role for her. Instead of a raven who guides the soul at birth or death, she becomes that falcon that guides the healer or mage in initiation. She can also take on a variety of animal forms, each representing an attribute of her worship, such as a crow, an eel, a wolf or a cow.

It has also been suggested that Morrigan sometimes feasts on the astral energies ("souls") of persons slain in combat. It is unknown if she requires these energies to survive or whether she uses them in the precision of her spells. As a true god, she would not be as powerful in the modern age as she was in the past while she had active worshippers.

Pets: Morrigan is often surrounded by a flurry of ravens.

Comments: This bio includes Morrigan as she has appeared in the Marvel and DC Universes.

In "Hercules: the Legendary Journeys," Morrigan was played by Tamara Gorski, but this character was more of a demigoddess rather than an all-powerful triple goddess.

Clarifications: Morrigan is not to be confused with:

Macha I, daughter of Partholón, the leader of the first settlement of Ireland after the flood, c. 2680
Macha II, wife of Nemedh, the eponym of the Nemedian tribes, buried in Armagh, c. 2550 BC
Macha III, daughter of Aed Ernmas, Queen of Connacht, c. 1870
Macha (Medb) IV, Queen of Ulster, daughter of Aed Ruad (Red Hugh), r. 672-660 BC
Macha V, daughter of Sainrith mac Imbaith, wife of Cruinniuc, contemporary of Cu Chulainn, c. First Century BC
Maev, aka Titania, Queen of the Faeries, daughter of Mider, @ "A Mid-Summer Night's Dream" by William Shakespeare
Morgan Le Fay, Queen of Gorre, eternal nemesis of Queen Arthur, @ Spider-Woman I #1
Morgen, druidic-goddess, Chooser of the Slain, daughter of Arawn, c. 5th Century AD
Morrigan, alleged mortal daughter of Cernunnos, @ Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Episode: "Render Into Caesar"


Feminine Element North Green Rules Spells dealing with fertility, jobs, money, business, health, ecology, and stability.

AIR: Masculine East Yellow Rules spells dealing with memory, tests, intellects, divination, psychic powers, and travel.

FIRE: South Red Rules spells dealing with success, sex, banishing, illness, protection, legal matters, strength, energy, health.

WATER: Feminine West Blue Rules spells dealing with love, friendship, meditation, healing, dreams, childbirth, clairvoyance, and purification.



Activator: Mistle toe, Mandrake, Dragon's Blood

Banishing: Black Willow, Hellebore

Beauty: Catnip, Ginseng, Maidenhair, Yerba Santa

Courage: Cohosh, Mullen, Thyme, Yarrow

Divination: Broom, Dandelion, Hibiscus, Meadowsweet, Orris, Pomegranate, Mugwort, Dragon's Blood, Black Willow

Employment: Devil's Shoestring, Lucky Hand, Pecan

Friendship: Lemongrass, Sweetpea, Passionflower

Happiness: Catnip, Hawthorn, High John the Conqueror, Lavender, Meadowsweet, Morning Glory, St. John, Witch grass

Healing: Adders Tongue, Bay, Blackberry, Burdock, Cedar, Fennel, Garlic, Hops, Horehound, Life Everlasting, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Vervain

Health: Caraway, Galangal, Juniper, Marjoram, Nutmeg, Rue Sassafras, Tansy

Love: Apple, Basil, Betony, Chamomile, Coltsfoot, Copal Damania, Gardenia, Jasmine, Verbena, Meadowsweet, Moonwort, Poppy, Raspberry, Rose, Violet Mental

Ability: Eyebright, Horehound, Mustard Seed, Periwinkle

Protection: Acacia, Ash, Broom, Datura, Dogwood, Elder, Foxglove, Rowan Psychic

Ability: Borage, Honeysuckle (see divination)

Purification: Sage, Benzoin, Copailm Iris, Thistle, Vervain, Yucca

Sleep: Agimony, Chamomile, Hops, Lavender, Passionflower, Pepper, Valerian

Spirituality: Frankincense, Gardenia, heather, Sandalwood

Strength: Carnation, Mulberry, Pennyroyal, Oak, Saffron

Success: Cinnamon, Patchouli, Chamomile, High John the Conqueror Root

Wisdom: Bodhi, Iris, Sage, Yew

Goddess: Willow, Moonwort, Hawthorn God: Holly, Mandrake, Buckthorne



Daily Forecast for January 26th, 2014

Sunday 26th January 2014

Moon enters Sagittarius approx 4am GMT - 5am Europe - 9:30am India - 1pm Sydney Australia - [and 11pm Saturday night USA EST]

Moon 4° Sagittarius squares Neptune 4° Pisces

Moon 6° Sagittarius sextiles Sun 6° Aquarius

Moon 9° Sagittarius trines Uranus 9° Aries

Sky maps of the current heaven above us with exact situation and positions of the Moon, stars, constellations and planets. The images present the names of the planets, stars, constellations and directions of the world.

It is visible on the maps, the current constellation the Moon passes through and groups made by planets, the Moon and the constellations. If the Moon is visible from the current location, it is present on the images with it's current lunar phase and position on the sky.

The dates and time of the sky maps are given in UTC (Universal Coordinated Time).

On the first map North direction is downside.

When the Moon is in Aquarius, the interest towards everything new, unconventional increases, and your head is congested with original ideas. In these days you are selfish, blunt, but never refuse help.

Indulge in science and intellectual work, and also work, connected with society (psychology, sociology, astrology) and the new social tendencies.

The period is good for the people, working with electricity, electronics, with new technology, for the inventors, astrologists.

When the Moon is in Aquarius, the friends become more important that the relatives. Sympathy, affection and care towards the people reach a way beyond the family.

The "Moon in Aquarius" time is favorable for activities and sport, that strengthen the cardio-vascular system.

Be careful when handling electrical appliances.

It's not recommended surgical intervention in the area of veins, joints, eyes.

Last Quarter (waning/90-45 degrees)

January 26, 2014 — The time of reaping is at hand. There is a feeling of completion infused into the atmosphere during the Last Quarter Moon. The opportunity opens to recognize how far you’ve come in various parts of your life. This is not a good time for new beginnings, but rather a reflective period suited to evaluating how you have been using your time and what has been accomplished. Issues of authority may arise. This Moon phase supports taking responsibility for actively tying up the loose ends of projects that are already underway.

Sunday 26th January 2014 - Moon enters Sagittarius

Unexpected GOOD surprises - creating warmth, love and laughter ...

It will feel like a "DIVINE SWITCH ON" - as Moon in Sagittarius will facilitate Sun in Aquarius, Mercury in Aquarius, Uranus in Aries and Mars in Libra into action - it doesn't matter that the angles are not precise - because the moment Moon enters Sagittarius - all these planets areSWITCHED ON and moved into action - which will create a HUGE amount of activity - especially communications that will create unexpected positive surprises and NEW beginnings - especially as ENDINGS are defined.

For the lunar cycle prior to the New Moon in 30th January 2014 - will not define anything NEW - it will define a NEW way of looking at life - especially as drop-dead endings are made, done and completed. Hence NEW beginnings are actually created by agreeing to define an END the old ways and "signing" agreements to END the old.

Moon in Sagittarius will make you - want to be positive and pursue a positive life - hence suddenly you'll wake up and realize that continuing the same-old boring ways - is useless to your progress. It will make you feel - time to make a positive change. Hence, people won't make decisions because they are FORCED to and PUSHED to - but will make decisions because they WANT a POSITIVE life and DESIRE to let go of anything that is negative in their lives. So these same people who have created stagnation in other people's lives - will now be the ones - to LET GO - because destiny has decided to make them realize NOW is the time to LET GO and LIVE LIFE !


Moon enters Sagittarius approx 4am GMT - 5am Europe - 9:30am India - 1pm Sydney Australia - [and 11pm Saturday night USA EST] - what unfolds during Moon in Sagittarius will be illogical, inexplicable and yet very real - as destiny defines now is the TIME.

Moon 4° Sagittarius squares Neptune 4° Pisces creates a sudden and abrupt END to something you believed in - like a child waking up and becoming disinterested in a "toy" - you will become switched OFF to something that's now meaningless in your life because it doesn't excite you anymore.

Moon 6° Sagittarius sextiles Sun 6° Aquarius defines Sunday as EXCITING through communications and conversations - and it will WARM you inside to make you LOVE everything and everyone in your life - anything you dislike you won't even see nor think about - the Aquarian energies DETACH you from wanting anything negative - so you don't care - not interested - switched off to all and everything negative - which then OPENS your aura up to unexpected SURPRISES ....

Moon 9° Sagittarius trines Uranus 9° Aries creates an UNEXPECTED surprise - it will happen anytime during Moon in Sagittarius and depends on your own astrological chart - but there will be INTENSE POSITIVE BOOST for EVERYONE - which will make everyone feel excited and liberated.

Today's Horoscopes:

Aries Horoscope


(Mar 21 – Apr 19)

You might be whistling a happy tune this morning, but stress could have you singing the blues later in the day. Stick with a rational plan now because your feelings might mislead you, tempting you to ignore the problems you must face. Don't sidestep a serious issue by taking the easy way out. The power of positive thinking is extremely useful, but only to a point. Shutting out the truth won't resolve your anxiety about the future. Follow your logic without taking things too far.

Taurus Horoscope


(Apr 20 – May 20)

You may profess your desire for love, but you might not be ready to follow up your words with whatever's necessary to create a lasting relationship. You want to look good in your partner's eyes and you could even be successful at magically pulling a rabbit out of a hat today. But it's not wise to push your luck, or you can find yourself overextended with no direct way home. Ironically, slowing down and taking a less flashy approach is a quicker route to intimacy.

Gemini Horoscope


(May 21 – Jun 20)

A friend could act as a catalyst in your life today as he or she reminds you that you can do almost anything that you set your mind on. However, you might be tempted to downplay a professional opportunity by rushing into something completely different to avoid disappointing someone else. Acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses and remember that there's no need to make any excuses to justify your choices. Believing in yourself is the first step to success.

Cancer Horoscope


(Jun 21 – Jul 22)

You may be more adventurous today, opening doors you might otherwise walk by without even stopping. At first, your excitement is empowering and you feel radiantly alive. But don't worry if you have second thoughts about your burst of bravado. Instead of suppressing your feelings, lean boldly into the unknown. Your uncertainty could transform into a beautiful agent for change if you just give it a chance.

Leo Horoscope


(Jul 23 – Aug 22)

Easygoing play can suddenly turn serious today, but a simple mood change is not a good enough reason to pull away from someone you love. However, if you were previously too pushy, other significant issues come into view now, prompting you to shut down emotionally. Don't let your fears interfere with your plans. If you can remember to listen to your heart, there could be good news waiting at your doorstep when you return.

Virgo Horoscope


(Aug 23 – Sep 22)

Your personal life has merged with your professional world, but you still may attempt to limit your energy to what's going on between you and a co-worker or friend. Your life might seem a touch out of control; everywhere you turn more information is streaming in and your senses are temporarily overwhelmed by the noise. Step back from all the commotion; reclaiming your objectivity now is a smart way to restore your vitality and reestablish harmony in your life.

Libra Horoscope


(Sep 23 – Oct 22)

You're feeling quite animated today, especially if you enjoy what you are doing. Thankfully, you don't have to fake a good time since things are actually falling into place on their own. Nevertheless, you might be asked to expend a little extra effort to kick off something new. Luckily, you should be able to deliver the goods, so don't give up if you run into a problem. Persistence is your key now and its positive impact cannot be denied.

Scorpio Horoscope


(Oct 23 – Nov 21)

Your window of opportunity may be closing soon, so don't waste any time today. Look into your recent past to see what you've already accomplished and make a list of everything that still needs to be done. Concentrate on finishing up as many old projects now as possible; don't wait for a better time because this might be your best shot. Take advantage of the cosmic energy while you have the planets working in your favor.

Sagittarius Horoscope


(Nov 22 – Dec 21)

If someone asks you how you are doing today, you naturally want to tell your whole story. Although you may be the straightforward type, it's wise to remember that some things are best kept to yourself. Proceed with caution because your powers of discrimination are not very sharp now. You can't rely on your own judgment because your sense of proportion is temporarily bent out of shape. Say as little as possible until your clarity returns; it's better to be safe than sorry.

Capricorn Horoscope


(Dec 22 – Jan 19)

You tend to oversimplify nearly everything today, and might even underestimate the time and money necessary to finish a long-term project. Nevertheless, it's crucial to set aside your logical reasons that have prevented you from completing a job. There's no need to fuss over a deadline that will likely be missed anyway. Making up lost time is easier than it sounds. The time for procrastination is over; just roll up your sleeves and get busy.

Aquarius Horoscope


(Jan 20 – Feb 18)

Your horizons are widening now, allowing you to peer far into the future and giving you additional room to stretch your mind into many alternative scenarios. Nevertheless, this shift could leave you with a false sense of exhilaration. Tread carefully; it's challenging to get along without the support of your peers today. However, your own positive attitude makes the biggest difference, so remain as confident as you can while you continue to test your wings.

Pisces Horoscope


(Feb 19 – Mar 20)

Your idealistic dreams about your career trajectory can be temporarily derailed today as someone directly questions your capabilities. Fortunately, you're wise enough to steer the conversation in the right direction. But you must be careful because your imagination may trick you into creating a plan so outrageous that it becomes unwieldy. Pay extra attention to the fine line that distinguishes reality from fantasy to achieve the best results.

Today's Tarot: 

The Hierophant

Traditionally known as the Hierophant, this card refers to a Master and the learning of practical lessons from the study of Natural Law. This energy of this card points to some agent or resource that can reveal the secrets of life, the cycles of the moon and tides, the links between human beings and the heavens. 

Because monasteries were the only places a person could learn to read and write in the middle ages, a Hierophant was one to whom a student would petition for entry. He was the one to set the curriculum for the neophyte's course of study. 

Often pictured with the right hand raised in blessing, the Hierophant is linked with the ancient lineage of Melchezidek, initiator of the Hebrew priestly tradition, the one who passes on the teachings. All shamans of any tradition draw upon this archetype.

Today's Rune:  [Kenaz] Kenaz: (K: Beacon or torch.) Vision, revelation, knowledge, creativity, inspiration, technical ability. Vital fire of life, harnessed power, fire of transformation and regeneration. Power to create your own reality, the power of light. Open to new strength, energy, and power now. Passion, sexual love. Kenaz Reversed or Merkstave: Disease, breakup, instability, lack of creativity. Nakedness, exposure, loss of illusion and false hope.

Today's I Ching:

49: Revolutionary Change

According to Chinese symbolism, the juxtaposed elements of this hexagram are fire under water. Fire evaporates water, and water puts out fire. Change can cause conflict; conflict brings about change. This hexagram refers to that time in the cycle of human affairs when things need stirring up, and when the hint of dramatic change is in the air. 

In order to succeed, revolutionary change must be in alignment with certain unchanging laws. The process must begin at the right moment, gather support from a broad base of people, be guided by sincere and capable leadership and — most important of all — must address a real need. The strength of the forces of change will always be in proportion to the urgency of the need being championed. This is true whether the revolution is in government, in business, in education or in one's personal affairs. 

Revolutionary change points to a time when chaos arises from order. It is important to realize that not all order is good, not all chaos bad. Chaos, in fact, is an integral part of the way of things — as any parent (and modern science) will confirm. Have the courage to radically change and renew the way you present yourself. In this way, you can summon chaos to your cause, and you will unleash a new power on your behalf. If engaging in a negotiation, change the rules; if composing a piece of music, add the unexpected; if courting a lover, dare to be unconventional. 

In periods of drought, even wild storms are preferable to yet another sunny day.

Today's Spirit Animal Oracle:

That Which is Behind You
Ancient culture associate Magpies with excellent fortune—so it looks like you’ve got something really terrific coming into your life today. However, you may need to search a little to understand the true gift that’s being presented. Pay attention to omens, messages, the clouds, feathers, bird song—your fortune is hidden in those subtle messages. Opportunity is knocking at your door—will you answer? 


Your Current Place
  Green Man 
Green Man peers out of the foliage to remind you that not all of life's mysteries have logical solutions. Be open to magical opportunities, spirit allies, and unconventional paths. Get out into the wilderness, ground yourself in meditation, and listen for Green Man's wisdom. You may just catch sight of him eyeing you in his leafy camouflage. 


That Which is before You
Phew! Everyone knows Skunk's power—that's why people (and other animals) get out of his way! If you're lacking self-esteem, Skunk is there to help. You are worthy of a happy life—and if someone is making you miserable, look to Skunk as a confidence builder. Remember, though, Skunk doesn't have to spray to be powerful—his reputation precedes him! And, like Skunk, you don't need to spray either-but you do need to stand your ground calmly, and with Skunk's confidence.

~Elder Airwolf~

The Charge of the God

The Charge of the God is a newer more recent addition to Wiccan ritual but not to our Old Way's Traditions. No one charge has risen above the others yet to gain popularity so you will hear many different ones based solely on which God and which attributes of the God the Wiccan wants to invoke at a given ritual. I am pleased that the Wiccan Tradition is now embracing the Old Ways.

Listen to the words of the Great Father, who of old was called Osiris, Adonis, Zeus, Thor, Pan, Cernunnos, Herne, Lugh and by may other names:

"My Law is Harmony with all things. Mine is the secret that opens the gates of life and mine is the dish of salt of the earth that is the body of Cernunnos that is the eternal circle of rebirth. I give the knowledge of life everlasting, and beyond death I give the promise of regeneration and renewal. I am the sacrifice, the father of all things, and my protection blankets the earth."

Hear the words of the dancing God, the music of whose laughter stirs the winds, whose voice calls the seasons:

"I who am the Lord of the Hunt and the Power of the Light, sun among the clouds and the secret of the flame, I call upon your bodies to arise and come unto me. For I am the flesh of the earth and all it's beings. Through me all things must die and with me are reborn. Let my worship be in the body that sings, for behold all acts of willing sacrifice are my rituals. Let there be desire and fear, anger and weakness, joy and peace, awe and longing within you. For these too are part of the mysteries found within yourself, within me, all beginnings have endings, and all endings have beginnings."

So Mote It BE!

Listen to the words of the Horned God, The Guardian of all things wild and free, and Keeper of the Gates of Death, whose Call all must answer:

"I am the fire within your heart... The yearning of your Soul. I am the Hunter of Knowledge and the Seeker of the Holy Quest; I who stand in the darkness of light; I am He whom you have called Death. I am the Consort and Mate of Her we adore, call forth to me.

Heed my call beloved ones, come unto me and learn the secrets of death and peace. I am the corn at harvest and the fruit on the trees. I am He who leads you home. Scourge and Flame, Blade and Blood these are mine and gifts to thee.

Call unto me in the forest wild and on hilltop bare and seek me in the Darkness Bright. I who have been called; Pan, Herne, Osiris , and Hades, speak to thee in thy search. Come dance and sing; come live and smile, for behold: this is my worship.

You are my children and I am thy Father. On swift night wings it is I who lay you at the Mother's feet to be reborn and to return again.

Thou who thinks to seek me, know that I am the untamed wind, the fury of storm and passion in your Soul. Seek me with pride and humility, but seek me best with love and strength.

For this is my path, and I love not the weak and fearful. Hear my call on long Winter nights and we shall stand together guarding Her Earth as She sleeps."

I am the radiant King of the Heavens,
flooding the Earth with warmth and encouraging the hidden
seed of creation to burst forth into manifestation.

I lift my shining spear to light the lives of all beings
and daily pour forth my golden rays upon the Earth,
putting to flight the powers of darkness.

I am the spirit of all beasts wild and free.
I run with the stag and soar as a sacred falcon against
the shimmering sky.

The ancient woods and wild places emanate my powers,
the birds of the air sing of my sanctity.

I am the harvest, offering up grain and fruits beneath
the sickle of time so that all may be nourished.
For without planting there can be no harvest;
without winter there can be no spring.

I am the thousand named Son of creation.
Know that by all names I am the same.

The spirit of the horned stag in the wild, the endless harvest.
See in the yearly cycle of festivals my birth, death and
rebirth and know that such is the destiny of all creation..

I am the spark of life, the radiant Sun, the giver of peace and rest.
I send my rays of blessings to warm the hearts and strengthen the minds of all.

I am the fire within your heart, the yearning hunger within your soul. I am the Horned God, the hunter of beasts and pursuer of the fare of knowledge. I take up the sacred quest and see it to the end. I, who stands within the darkness of light, am He who you call death. But I am also the spark of life, the joy of existence, the mirth in laughter, the shine across thine eyes. I am the consort, mate, and son of She whom we adore. I am the fruit upon the trees, the grain at harvest, He who offers himself up so others may live. I am He who leads you home. Strength and flame, heart and humor, life and death, these are my gifts unto thee. Call upon me in the forest wild and on the hilltop bare and seek me in darkness bright.

I am He who has been called Pan, Herne, Dianus, Osiris, Apollo, Lugh, Dionysus, and by many other names: and I call to thee. Come, dance and sing with the Lord of the Winds; come, laugh and love with the SunKing, for these are my worship. On gliding night wings it is I who lay you at the Mothers feet to be reborn and return again. I too lay within her womb, planted in summer seed to live on after my wintery death. I am the untamed wind, the raging river, the ocean crashing on the rocks, the fury of the storm and the passion in your heart. Seek me with courage or you will be swept away in your seeking.

Seek me with pride and humility, but seek me best of all with love and strength for this is my path. Walk it with purpose and dance boldly. Hear my call on long nights and we shall stand together as one.