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I am me, and all I try to be, I was raised Apostolic Pentecostal but never felt right and it felt fake. Life is full of interesting things and bad things but all things have their reason for being, respect that and Honor to the Goddess. ~Aph

.-~·*'˜¨¯`♫ Αφροδίτη ☪  `¯¨˜'*·~-.
.-~·*'˜¨¯`♫ Αφροδίτη ☪ `¯¨˜'*·~-.

Merry Meet All!!
Hope all have had a good couple of weeks been very busy with my new Job and discovering I met a crazy person that I realized I could not help, the Goddess and sticky one has protected me from a HUGE disaster of a relationship, This year is definably proving to be an awesome year with out a doubt!! Blessings to all and have a awesomely wonderful rest of the week!!
Blessed Be and Blessings ~Aph