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My Path is that of the Divine Fool.

For those who need further understanding:

"The fool provides entertainment. But if we look a little deeper it is often more than entertainment. The fool gets to tell the truth, the hard truths that might cause trouble if anyone else tells them. The fool can get away with telling the hardest truths just because he is a fool. He speaks in jest and we laugh. He speaks in parables and we struggle to understand. He can speak harsh truths and we must listen because he is entertaining in his difference. We must listen because he is crazy and cannot be held responsible for what he says. The fool plays and everybody knows that play is not serious so he can accomplish the difficult, controversial issues in play....Throughout human history the persona of the fool and his mythological equivalent, the trickster, has played an essential role, the role of change. Just as the fool can force change in social situations with his license, his mythological counterpart, the trickster, is the central force of change in the world.

Scholars of mythology and some cultures portray the trickster as either a hero or as a destroyer, missing the essential relationship in the two elements. Change is not evil. Even the destruction the trickster can bring is often necessary, just as the winter destroys the old so that there is room for the new growth that follows in the spring. The unity of Trickster with the Benefactor is present in many myths while others emphasize only one part of the duality. Nevertheless, the duality is not a paradox, but the binding of change....In the Hopi rituals, the sacred clowns are combination jester and shaman. They amuse audiences with their antics, intensify the rituals by offering a contrast between the sublime and the ridiculous, and, like the Morris fool, they control inappropriate behavior and may make the misbehaver the butt of a joke. The fool is the one that is allowed to make fun of anyone from observer to priest.

The fool and the Mudhead clown keep the rituals alive and fresh and they keep them from becoming boring. They add the catalyst that causes the desired reaction to proceed. They have been described as the leavening for the seriousness of the ritual...." quoted from http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:mZqvjJtk4wQJ:www.mythandimage.com/fool.

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Fjalar Odinsson
Fjalar Odinsson

Welcome to the family you have an interesting take on the fool, it kinda reminds me of the fool of the tarot I like to see the fool as also the start at a journey with the mindset of a child or fool. I look forward to reading more of your posts bb

~*~ Elder Airwolf LoP Ministry Founder/Owner~*~
~*~ Elder Airwolf LoP Ministry Founder/Owner~*~

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