Samhain Pumpkin Carving for Children

Pumpkin Invocation Carving for Children

Pumkin Carving seems to be a magickal time enjoy by everyone in the family. When you are ready to carve your holiday pumpkin. Gather the family around the table as you begin.

As you begin to cut open the top say;

Lord, protector bringer of life.
Dearest Lady, Mother of Earth and sky,
Open our hearts and our minds
as we carve our pumpkin upon this Sabbath night.

Now pull it open and say;

Lord and Lady of this night,
Take away all darkness from our lives
Show us the beauty within your light.

Now scoop out the yuckies and say;

Lord and Lady of the night,
Pull from us, all those things that bring us fright.

Carve out the eyes;

I seek thee open our eyes that we may see,
All the beautiful things given unto we.

Carve out the Nose:

Lord and Lady we call to thee so sweet,
Your fragrance of life we shall always seek.

Carve out the mouth;

Many new friends we hope to meet
and only kind words shall we speak.

As you place a candle inside the Jack O’ lantern; light it as you all together say;

Lord and Lady of this fall night
Bring unto us thy colors shining bright
Blessed be thy truths glowing light.

Pumpkin Spell; This is a good time to have everyone to write on a pieac of paper those things you hope for in the coming year. Then drop it into the pumpkin and put the lid on tight.

Blessed Samhain Everyone.
Lady Abigail
Copyright © 10272001